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This page gives links to a series of tables, one for each capital letter of the surname of the person concerned. The people listed on these tables are people connected with the collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum. Please select one of the tables below to explore what biographical information is currently available:

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The data available in the tables linked to above was prepared during 2 previous research projects: the ESCR funded Relational Museum project (2002-2006) and the Leverhulme Trust funded Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project (2009-2012). Entries which were compiled during the Relational Museum project are so marked, and the ones relating to the Rethinking project are not, making them easy to identify.

The Relational Museum data related to all the people connected with the global collections up to 1945 and the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers data related to people connected to the founding collection of the museum, donated by Augustus Pitt-Rivers. During these two research projects, the slightly different research focus meant that different sorts of data was retrieved which is why the entries differ in detail. We hope to add additional information for the existing people listed in the tables and add other peoples' data from collections donated post 1945 which are not listed currently. Note for example that those entries generated during the Relational Museum project do not tend to give biographical details, and also list how the individual person was linked to the Museum collections (as maker, collector, owner or donor) and from which continent their objects came, and to other institutions to which they are associated. Over time data will be updated, edited and enhanced so that eventually it should contain some of the biographical information (that we know) about each of the many people associated with the founding collection and the Pitt Rivers Museum collections in general. To find information about people from 1884 to 2007 associated with the English collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum see here.

Please note therefore that people connected to objects donated after 1945 are not included in the tables at the present time and the tables do not show a comprehensive list of all the people associated with the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Please take this data as work in progress, it is not a finished product. Over time we hope to add additional data so that the tables are updated, enhanced and improved.

To find out more information about the key men and women associated with the museum please see here.

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