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1998.271.11 Staff  Students1998.271.11 Staff and Students, Balfour on left, Arthur Thompson in middle and R.R. Marett on rightThis is a list of articles on matters of interest to those studying the development of museum anthropology at the University of Oxford

Pre 1880

An early Oxford Anthropological Society

Prehistory of the Pitt Rivers Museum (up to the establishment of the Museum)[draft produced during the ESRC funded Relational Museum research project 2002-2006]

History of the Zoological Collections [OUMNH]: Acland and Rolleston

Natural Science School Notice 1872

Displays of ethnographic objects at the Oxford University Museum before 1884:

1887.1.589 and Cranial displays

E.H. Man Nicobar Island figure

Christ Church College collection of artefacts from Cook's first voyage

Series of letters about missionary ethnographic collections in OUMNH

Early anthropological donations to the University of Oxford

1880-1920 articles

The early years of the Pitt Rivers Museum (roughly 1890-1920)[draft produced during the ESRC funded Relational Museum research project 2002-2006]

Notes and Queries and the Pitt Rivers Museum

The University of Oxford's Archaeological (and other) Collections [Ovenell]

Walter Baldwin Spencer and the Natural Science education at the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford Diploma in Anthropology

Students who registered for the Diploma in Anthropology from 1907 to 1920

Members of the Oxford University Anthropological Society 1909-1920

Anthropological Institute Members 1900-1901

Post 1920 articles

History of the Pitt Rivers Museum (post 1920 to 1945)[draft produced during the ESRC funded Relational Museum research project 2002-2006]

Diploma Students from 1921-1945 [Chris Wingfield]

General articles


The Royal Anthropological Institute in 1900-1901 [Peter Rivière]

Oxford University in the Nineteenth Century

The Pitt Rivers Museum building, a conservation report

Anthropology, Ethnography, Ethnology:

An early Oxford Anthropological Society

Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers' take on Anthropology and Ethnology

The Pitt Rivers Museum and Ethnology, Ethnography and Anthropology

Balfour's views on the founding collection of Pitt-Rivers, in the light of Ethnology and Anthropology

Marett on Oxford Anthropology

Blackwood, Ethnology and Folklore

Penniman's 100 years of anthropology

Frances Larson: Anthropological Landscaping: General Pitt Rivers, the Ashmolean, the University Museum and the shaping of an Oxford discipline (of anthropology)

Physical Anthropology at Oxford: Beatrice Blackwood, Dudley Buxton and Otmoor

Teaching at the Pitt Rivers Museum:

Teaching at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Beatrice Blackwood and Teaching Anthropology [Frances Larson]

Technology and the Pitt Rivers Museum:

The study of technologies and materials at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Occasional Papers on Technologies

Teaching technological techniques at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Tylor and Technology

Balfour and Technology

Balfour and Stone Tool Technology; Balfour and Australian stone technology; Balfour, Westlake and Tasmanian stone technology

Weapons Technology: Pitt-Rivers and Balfour

Balfour and fire-making technologies


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