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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1883.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January 1 Pitt-Rivers takes up duties as Inspector of Ancient Monuments Thompson, 1977: 64, 73, 125; Chapman 1981 Chapter 7
January 19 Special report to the Hebdomadal Council from Committee of members of Convocation submitted. Recommends acceptance and sets out terms PRM papers PRM ms collections [foundation volume]
January 23 Pitt-Rivers elected vice president of Anthropological Institute Peter Rivière
January No day Hebdomadal Council of University of Oxford considers financial aspects of accepting Pitt-Rivers collection Larson, 2007: 92; University archives HC/1/2/3 and UM/C/3/3
February 4 & 5 Tylor writes to Pitt-Rivers about his lectures at Oxford; Pitt-Rivers responds S&SWM Pitt-Rivers papers L79, 80, 83; L106 [response]
February 6 Information circulated about the Pitt-Rivers collection for Convocation University Gazette
February 14 EB Tylor and Anna Tylor travel to Oxford, visited HN Moseley in evening, attended dinner party with Vice Chancellor, Bonamy Price and Monier Williams University of California, Tylor papers
February 15 Tylor and wife meet with Max Müller and wife in morning University of California, Tylor papers
February 15, 21

Tylor lectures on Pitt-Rivers' collection at Oxford in the 'Museum Lecture-Room' (presumably in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History), he cannot show any artefacts because they are still in London.

1. Evolution and anthropology [included: barrow-builders of England, races of Fiji, craniology, grammar, hair and race, pigmentation, Type and environment, development of culture, ages of stone and metal, survivals, dreams, offerings to the dead, geography of negro and negrito, types of white race, influence of Egypt] 2. Borrowing of culture [included: Eskimo, degeneration of culture, Veddas, evolution of culture, sign language, Magic, divining-rod, worm knot, astrology, Anglo-Israelites, Claims of anthropology, the Pitt Rivers collection]

Chapman, 1981: 480, 2000: 501; Stocking 1987: 264; Science vol 1 no. 18 June 8 1883 p. 525; ?Alison Brown pers comm.
February 20 Tylors travel back to Oxford from London whence they went on 16 February University of California, Tylor papers
February 21-22 Tylors visit Max Müllers, Mrs Moseley and others University of California, Tylor papers
February No day

Correspondence between Tylor and Pitt-Rivers and PRM founding collection


Pitt Rivers in London to Tylor, 5 February 1883, S&SW Museum Pitt-Rivers papers L.106, Chapman, 1981: 480
February 22 Tylor receives proposal of a post at Oxford, as Keeper of OUMNH, described by Tylor himself as a 'sinecure' (Henry Smith, the previous keeper having died in the same month) Megan Price pers comm.; Larson, 2007
March 7 Proposal to take founding collection carried in Convocation despite opposition on financial grounds The Times 8 March 1883
March 10 Tylor unanimously elected as Keeper at OUMNH and one of the Delegates of the Museum, Tylor learns news by telegram University of California, Tylor papers; University Archives, MU1/2/4, University Museum Delegates Minute Book, p. 2; Megan Price pers comm.
March 30 Tylors visit Oxford, spend afternoon in Museum House (their future home in Oxford) University of California, Tylor papers
May by 30 Arrangements are made at South Kensington Museum to inventory the Pitt-Rivers collection there at request of the solicitors of Pitt-Rivers who had understood that there was already one S&SWM Pitt-Rivers papers P.132 This inventory has never been identified
June 1 Tylors travel to Oxford, meet Acland and Jowett (who they might have been staying with), the Moseleys come to dinner University of California Tylor papers
June 2 Pitt-Rivers and wife stay with Tylors (at Jowett's?, see above)  in Oxford University of California Tylor papers
June 5 Convocation sanctions Deed Source to be confirmed
June 30 Deane writes to William Gamlen, Secretary of University, saying plans of new Pitt-Rivers Collection building were available University archives UC/FF/60/2/1
July 2-3 Tylors travel to Oxford, arranging Museum House University of California Tylor papers
July 6 Morrell & Sons write to William Gamlen stating that the matter of executing the Deed of Gift is standing over while a catalogue of the collection is being completed and printed University archives UC/FF/60/2/1 
July 24 Howard MacGarvey (Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer, plumber, iron and brass founder) writes to Deane, referring to plans for heating the 'new anthropological museum and laboratories' and enclosing a plan University archives, UC/FF/60/1
July 27 Morrell and Son confirm to Gamlen that Pitt-Rivers has declined to execute the deed of gift until the University has inserted his conditions University archives, UC/FF/60/2/1
August 3-4 Tylors travel to Oxford to arrange Museum House University of California Tylor papers
September 19 Tylors travel to Oxford, they stay at Kings Arms until 22nd when Museum House is open University of California Tylor papers
September 22 Tylor moves into Museum House with wife Relational Museum website; Megan Price pers comm.
October No day Tylor takes up post as Keeper of OUMNH Larson, 2007: 92
November 6 / 20 Readership in Anthropology created by University of Oxford decree, on 6th the Gazette records the decreen and on the 10th it records it has been carried Larson, 2007: 93; University Gazette, vol. XIV November 6, 1883: 89; University Gazette, vol. XIV November 20, 1883: 128
December 11 Tylor appointed as Reader in Anthropology Larson, 2007: 93, University Gazette, vol. XIV December 11, 1883: 192

The Tylors holiday in Switzerland

Megan Price pers comm.


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