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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1884.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January No day Tylor begins appointment as first Reader in Anthropology Relational Museum website; University Gazette, vol. XIV November 6, 1883: 192
January 28 First anthropological lecture given by Tylor at OUMNH; first of series Development of Civilization - Arts of Life [Included: Flint instruments and uses, practical illustrations]. Anna Tylor describes it in diary as 'quite good & well attended' University of California, Tylor papers; Relational Museum website; Alison Brown pers comm. It is thought Henry Balfour attended the lectures
March 7 Convocation formally accepts Pitt-Rivers collection University Gazette 13 May 1884
April No day Trinity Term lectures given by Tylor: Development of Arts and Sciences [Included: Gesture language, gesture and voice, interjectional and onomatopaeic language, study of language in relation to anthropology, art of counting] Alison Brown pers. comm.
May 13 Notice of affixing of University Seal in Convocation on May 20 to Deed of Gift and Declaration of Trust, gives full text of terms agreed and added notice that a lecturer would be appointed to teach anthropology University Gazette
May 20 Deed of gift signed by University of Oxford and Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers Larson, 2007: 93; Deed of gift, University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/2
May 24 TN Deane writes to Gamlen that the plans of the 'anthropological museum' will be sent and gives estimates, Symm & Co are to be contracted for building work  UC/FF/60/2/2
June 17 Arthur Evans appointed Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum Larson, 2007: 94; Ovenell, 1986: 250
June 10 Symm and Co. appointed to build extension for PRM, works starts Spring 1885 Larson 2007:94; University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/1; University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/2
July 4 Moseley and Franks agree value of Pitt-Rivers collection in Oxford of £10,000 University Archives UC/FF/60/2/1
?From June or July - September No days Tylor and Moseley travel to North America for BAAS meeting in Montreal, and travel together to SW USA afterwards. Moseley is president of section D Relational Museum website; DNB entry; Chapman, 1981: 487
August - September No day Tylor appointed first president of BAAS anthropological section Relational Museum website
October No day Michaelmas Term lectures by Tylor: Intellectual development of Mankind [Included: Pueblo Indians and culture, Ethnology of North America, writing]
November No day Plans for extension of OUMNH to house Pitt-Rivers collection completed Chapman, 1981: 487 see also 1885/1 History of OUMNH 1874-1902 Box 2 HW Acland correspondence
November 12 Report of the Committee on the Pitt-Rivers Museum submitted to Hebdomadal Council refers to reduction of original tenders by changing structure of roof and galleries and reducing length of building by 14 feet University Archives UC/FF/60/1
November 20 Arthur Evans gives lecture 'The Ashmolean Museum as a home for archaeology in Oxford'  Evans, 1884. 
November 24 Meeting of ?Delegates of Museum agrees to submit to council a decree to expend additional sum of £1600 on the Pitt-Rivers Collection building University Gazette 2 December 1884
November No day Marett wins senior exhibition at Balliol College, Oxford DNB entry
December 2 Decree submitted by Delegates of Museum and agreed by Council  for additional expenditure on fittings and removal expenses University Gazette; PRM Box 1 36-41
Unspecified Museum of Indian Institute established at University of Oxford Relational Museum website
Unspecified Arthur Evans proposes that all of the Ashmolean's ethnological holdings be transferred to Pitt-Rivers Collection Macgregor, 1997: 607
Unspecified J.T. Long appointed as first assistant at Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford [PRM] Relational Museum website
Unspecified Edward Evans, Ashmolean Museum begins to prepare list of ethnographic objects at the Ashmolean Museum that will transfer to the Pitt Rivers Collection Macgregor, 2000: 256


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