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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1882.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January No day A committee of members of Convocation appointed to consider Pitt-Rivers' offer produced report for Hebdomadal Council in January 1882. The committee included Professors Acland, Smith, Prestwich, Westwood, Moseley and Mr Pelham. Their report has estimates of space and costs from Gilbert R. Redgrave attached. The terms of agreement proposed by the Committee of Convocation began with the statement that ‘in the event of the acceptance of the Collection the University shall build a separate annex to the present University Museum to receive the Collection.’  Fran Larson pers comm. ?Based on University Gazette?
January 24 Pitt-Rivers elected President for 1882 at AGM of Anthropological Institute Peter Rivière, JAI 11 (1882): 487-509; Athenaeum2833 (Feb 11 1882)
February 22 Anna Tylor and Mrs Pitt-Rivers meet in London University of California Tylor papers
April No day  Delegates of University Museum meet to consider Pitt-Rivers' offer, at request of Hebdomadal Council Fran Larson, pers comm. OUMNH, minutes of the meetings of Delegates, 1867-1888, 1882.7
May by Detailed proposal for anthropology to be a Final Honour School subject circulating Acland d.92 fols 38-39 Bodleian library Acland papers
May 10 & 21 Pitt-Rivers starts negotiations with University of Oxford about donating founding collection / J.O. Westwood starts formal negotations with Pitt-Rivers about transferring South Kensington Museum's [SKM] Pitt-Rivers collection to Oxford Pitt-Rivers to Acland, 10 May 1882, Bodleian Library, Acland papers, MS Acland d. 92, fols. 79-90 / P-R to Acland, 21 May 1882, Bodleian Library, Acland papers, MS. Acland d.92, fols.75-76 / Larson, 2007: 89 / UM C/3/3.
May 30 Notice of forthcoming decree to be brought before University Convocation recommending acceptance of Pitt-Rivers' collection and provision of building to house it, proposed by Council appointed to consider offer of collection. Note appended includes description of collection, estimate of related building needs, and letters from Franks, John Evans and Tylor to support acceptance University Gazette; PRM papers PRM Box 1, 1-33: 7
May No day University Statute specifies that 'the Linacre Professor is Curator of the Ethnological Collections at the University Museum' Fran Larson pers comm.; see letter from Hatchett Jackson to Price, 3 May 1890, PRM foundation volume
June 1 Report of discussion at Oxford concerning Pitt-Rivers' collection  The Times 1 June 1882
September 24 Tylor writes to Pitt-Rivers saying that he hopes the suggestion that the Pitt-Rivers collection will come to Oxford will strengthen proposal (originally by Rolleston) to establish a Readership in Anthropology, he is likely to lecture at Oxford and he hopes these will lead to 'some permanent appointment' S&SWM Pitt-Rivers papers L8 
October No day 

Balfour matriculates at Trinity College, University of Oxford

Relational Museum website 
November No day Meeting of Oxford University Hebdomadal Council: proposed official University deputation to consult with Pitt-Rivers. Deputation consisted of Friedrich Max Müller, Archibald Henry Sayce, Canon Stubbs (possibly Canon William Stubbs, the historian and later (1888) Bishop of Oxford?), Acland, Westwood, Prestwich, Moseley, Mervyn Herbert Nevil Story Maskelyne, Professor of Mineralogy Oxford, Mr Pelham and the Keeper (Henry Smith) Larson, 2007: 92; OUMNH, minutes of the meetings of Delegates, 1867-1888, 1882.12
November No day J.O. Westwood writes to E.B. Tylor to invite him to lecture on anthropology at the University of Oxford at the invitation of the Vice Chancellor and dons University of California Santa Barbara Tylor papers
November No day  Notice of ethnographic objects on show in OUMNH before PRM established, for example human remains and objects from Ancon, Peru 'Oxford University Gazette' vol.XIII no.436, 28 November 1882
Unspecified Tylor gives 2 public lectures on anthropology at Oxford Relational Museum website
Unspecified Linacre Professor of Human Anatomy [H.N. Moseley] decreed responsible for anatomical and ethnographic specimens belonging to University Relational Museum website
Unspecified University of Oxford's Junior Scientific Club founded Fran Larson pers comm.
Unspecified The Tylors holiday in Cornwall Megan Price pers comm.
Unspecified Tylor gives lecture to Royal Institution on the History of Custom and Belief Megan Price pers comm.


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