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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1881.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January 11 Pitt-Rivers elected President of Anthropological Institute Peter Rivière  
January ? JH Parker, Keeper of Ashmolean, publishes new printed pamphlet of correspondence relating to his dispute with George Rowell (which began over the Rowell catalogue) and also about the objects found in an outhouse of the Ashmolean Museum. Like Rowell's printed pamphlet before this purports to publish all the relevant correspondence between the two men. The introduction suggests Parker may have intended it for consideration by the Visitors of the Ashmolean. Ovenell papers, Ashmolean Museum RFO/A/3/11 printed pamphlet 3  
January before 22 / 22 Evans writes an account of finding the objects in the Ashmolean Museum outhouse including a list of the actual objects found in the Oxford Times. Rowell replies on the 22 January Ovenell papers, Ashmolean Museum RFO/A/3/11 printed pamphlet 3  
January 25 Tylor gives Address to Anthropological Institute in which he mentions Pitt-Rivers' collection Megan Price pers. comm.  
February - March   Pitt-Rivers takes Thomas Cook holiday in Egypt Thompson, 1977: 125; Bowden, 1991: 90. Dates from PRM accession book and Bowden  
March No day Greville Chester publishes pamphlet 'Notes on the Present and Future of the Archaeological Collections belonging to the University of Oxford' Ovenell, 1986: 243-4  
March 30 HN Moseley writes to AW Franks telling him the Pitt-Rivers' collection has been offered to the University of Oxford, asks for letter about value of collection for Council PRM papers [foundation volume] Box 1  
April 6 Pitt-Rivers elected to Athenaeum club.    
April No day Hebdomadal Council due to consider proposal that University of Oxford take Pitt-Rivers' collection Source unconfirmed  
June 3 Letter from SKM authorities to Pitt-Rivers turning down his offer of the collection to SKM S&SWM Pitt-Rivers papers P136a; Report they considered in making decision S&SWM PR papers P136a  
June 16 Death of George Rolleston DNB entry  
August 1 Report of committee concerning Pitt-Rivers' request for his collection to be housed permanently at South Kensington Museum; letter from Pitt-Rivers to Daily News about decision The Times 1 August 1881   
August 9 Report of Parliamentary debate about Pitt-Rivers' request for his collection to be housed permanently at South Kensington Museum The Times 9 August 1881  
August 31 Report that Pitt-Rivers has appointed a Curator for his collection in a later letter from GF Duncombe of SKM to Pitt-Rivers
S&SWM Pitt-Rivers papers P131
Autumn   SKM informs Pitt-Rivers that they will no longer accept items on loan Larson, 2007: 88  
September 3 BAAS meeting at York, Pitt-Rivers attends The Times 3 September 1881  
December 14 Pitt-Rivers appoints and pays for curator of collection, still on display at SKM S&SW Museum Pitt-Rivers manuscript collections P 131, letter from G.F. Duncombe to Pitt Rivers dated 14.12.1881  
Unspecified   Tylor publishes Anthropology: an Introduction to the Study of Man and Civilization DNB entry  
Unspecified   Tylor lectures at London Institute Relational Museum timeline  
Unspecified   Moseley appointed as Linacre professor of human and comparative anatomy at Oxford and fellow of Merton College DNB entry  
Unspecified   Moseley resigns job as assistant registrar University of London DNB entry  
Unspecified   Moseley elected as fellow of the Royal Geographical Society DNB entry  
Unspecified   The Tylors visit Greece including Corfu, Italy, France and Ireland Megan Price pers comm.   
Unspecified   Tylor gives talk to London Institute on Problems in the history of Civilization    


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