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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1906.

Readers are reminded that this table is a work in progress and may be amended or added to at any time.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January No day  Tylor lectures on Prehistoric man in Hilary Term Alison Brown pers comm
January No days For Hilary Term 1906 lectures and instruction, listed under seven headings, were available under ‘General Anthropology’ from Tylor himself. In ‘Physical Anthropology’, as well as Thomson, teaching was available from the Professor in Comparative Anatomy, the Professor of Physiology, and the Wilde Reader in Mental Philosophy, the last at the time being William McDougall who had been on the Torres Straits Expedition. ‘Geographical Distribution’ was taught by the Reader in Geography (Halford Mackinder), and ‘Prehistoric Archaeology’ was in the hands of, among others, the Professor of Geology and Palaeontology, [William Sollas (1849-1936), who had published a monograph on the cranial characteristics of Neanderthal man in 1907, and a later volume entitled Ancient hunters and their modern representatives.] the Keeper of the Ashmolean (the archaeologist Arthur Evans), the Reader in Egyptology, and John Myers. ‘Sociology’ was covered by Marett, the Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence, the Boden Professor of Sanskrit and others; ‘Philology’ by the Corpus Professor in Philology, the Jesus Professor in Celtic, and the Professor of Russian, who were joined a term later by the Professor in Chinese. Finally ‘Technology’ was taught by the Lincoln and Merton Professor of Classical Archaeology and, of course, Balfour Peter Rivière OUG 1905-6: 302-3
April No day  Tylor lectures on Race, language and civilization in Trinity Term Alison Brown pers comm
June 12 Date set for first examination in Anthropology, no one sits for it Peter Rivière
October No day  Tylor lectures on Early stages of art and knowledge in Michaelmas Term Alison Brown pers comm
Unspecified Application made for extension to working rooms for storage and sorting objects to 'relieve congestion'. A 'fuming-room' (for fumigation of specimens) was also applied for. Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report 1906
Unspecified Tylor appointed one of first examiners for Diploma in Anthropology, with Robert Ranulph Marett and Arthur Thomson Relational Museum timelines
Unspecified Displays worked on during the year: Ornamental / decorative art, deformation of body, weaving, stone implements, pottery, human form in art, Agriculture, shields / armour, boomerangs, fetish figures [sic], war trophies, headrests Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report 1906
Unspecified Barbara Freire-Marreco and C.M. Firth received instruction from Balfour in Prehistoric Archaeology. F.H.S. Knowles continues his boomerang studies Annual Report 1906
Unspecified Balfour reads paper on Zambesi Stone Implements to Ashmolean Society Fran Larson pers comm.


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