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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1898.

Readers are reminded that this table is a work in progress and may be amended or added to at any time.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January No day  Tylor lectures on Ancient and barbaric stages of culture compared with advanced civilization in Hilary Term Alison Brown pers comm.  
April No day  Tylor lectures on Anthropology of ancient civilized nations in Trinity Term Alison Brown pers comm.  
April 24 Tylors and Pitt-Rivers at University lecture University of California Tylor papers  
May 23 Pitt-Rivers states Oxford was never right place for founding collection L2096 S&SWM Pitt-Rivers Papers   
July by Tylor receives proof copy of Spencer and Gillen's Native Tribes of Central Australia Ackerman 1987: 160; Mulvaney et al, 1997: 233  
September 28  Balfour writes to W.B. Spencer on letter paper headed with a printed heading 'Ethnographical Department / (Pitt Rivers Collection) / University Museum, Oxford' PRM ms collections Spencer papers Box 4 Balfour letter 5  
September No day  Tylor writes to R.H. Hall of Hudson Bay Company to discuss possibility of acquiring a totem pole for Pitt Rivers Museum PRM ms collections Tylor papers H3  
October No day  J.T. Long, museum assistant since Museum opened, resigns to work in the Anatomical Department University Gazette 19 June 1900 p 694 Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report  1898-9  
October 3 Balfour writes to Vice-Chancellor applying for renewal of grant for PRM. Draws attention to the many improvements at museum since last grant 7 years before. He asks for increase in grant to £200 p.a. as he cannot keep trained assistants on the wages he can pay PRM ms collections PRM papers Box 1 Foundation of PRM  
October 6 Vice-Chancellor writes to Balfour to inform he that he has passed his letter of 3.10.1898 to his successor elect with a plea that the work of the museum should not be hampered for lack of funds PRM ms collections PRM papers Box 1 Foundation of PRM  
October 25 Notice of 2 decrees, that a grant for the museum be awarded for a further 7 years until 31.12.1905 and that the grant of £150 p.a. be authorised for maintenance as before University Gazette  
October 27 Letter from Balfour to Vice-Chancellor expressing hope that the passing of the 2 decrees will not proclude raising of grant later and repeating his problems of staff retention. Ask for the appointment of a committee to look into arrangements at other museums PRM ms collections PRM papers Box 1 Foundation of PRM  
October 27 Letter from Vice-Chancellor to Balfour informing him that the question of the grant will come before Hebdomadal Council next term PRM ms collections PRM papers Box 1 Foundation of PRM  
October No day  Tylor lectures on Development of culture - arts of life in Michaelmas Term Alison Brown pers comm.  
November 1 Notice that 2 above decrees passed in Congregation University Gazette; PRM ms collections PRM papers Box 1 Foundation of PRM   
Unspecified   Tylor reappointed Reader in Social Anthropology for further five years Relational Museum timelines  
Unspecified   Tylor starts process of acquiring totem poles for Pitt Rivers Museum Relational Museum timelines  
Unspecified   Balfour writes to friend Baldwin Spencer that he is trying to build up the Museum's photographic collections Relational Museum timelines  
Unspecified   Writing and publication of annual report for 1898 delayed by Balfour's illness in 1899 Annual Report 1898-9  
Unspecified   The Tylors travel to Switzerland Megan Price pers comm.  


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