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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1877.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January 30 Pitt-Rivers chairs AGM of Anthropological Institute, elected vice-president Peter Rivière   
January No day Tylor lectures at London Institute Relational Museum timelines; Megan Price pers comm.  
May 22 Hebdomadal Council committee recommends 'the addition to the University Museum of a Museum of Anthropology’, probably involving the movement of ethnographic material from the Ashmolean (which eventually happened during 1886). 'University Intelligence' The Times 22 May 1877; Dan Hicks  
[Long Vacation] Unspecified George Rowell begins a catalogue of the Ashmolean Collection, including objects later transferred to the PRM. Rowell says in a letter of July 1879 that he began this work with cataloguing the African collections (most of which are now in the PRM) Printed pamphlet published by Rowell of his account of the preparation of the catalogue, Ovenell papers Ashmolean Museum RFO/A/3/11   
[Summer] Unspecified Moseley travels to North America DNB entry  
July 17-23 Pitt-Rivers digging with George Rolleston in Sigwell, Somerset Thompson, 1977: 57, 124; Bowden, 1991: 84  
August 18-21 BAAS meeting at Plymouth, Pitt-Rivers attends part of meeting The Times 18 August 1877; Manchester Guardian 18 and 21 August 1877  
September around 2 Pitt-Rivers excavating Mount Caburn, Newhaven, Ranscombe, Sussex. With Rolleston, John Evans and Francis Galton at Mount Caburn Thompson, 1977: 125, dates PRM accession book, The Times 18 September 1877  
Unspecified   Pitt-Rivers retires on General's half pay Thompson, 1977: 125; Chapman, 1981: Chapter 6 However, similar event also timed for 1882
Unspecified   Second edition of catalogue of Pitt-Rivers collection at Bethnal Green published Gray, 1901: xi  
Unspecified  [Winter of 1877-78] Rowell sets into type part of his catalogue of the Ashmolean collections, which would prove controversial. He claims to have sent these 'slips' to A.W. Franks, John Lubbock and the Professor of Anglo-Saxon for comment. Rowell printed pamphlet, Ovenell papers, Ashmolean Museum RFO/A/3/11  


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