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The Times (London, England), Wednesday, May 23, 1877; pg. 11; Issue 28949

University Intelligence

Oxford, May 22.

In Easter Term, 1873, a Committee of the Hebdomadal Council was appointed to consider the questions connected with the extension and better endowment of the Professoriate; since that time it and subsequent Committees have elicited from Boards and individual Professors a considerable body of opinions, upon which the Council has based a statement of the requirements of the University both as to buildings and teachers. This, together with the replies of Boards and Professors upon which it was based, is now printed for the use of members of Convocation. The statement, it is premised, not having been submitted to Convocation, has no other authority than that of the Hebdomadal Council. After enumerating the steps already taken to meet the wants of the University in respect of its institutions by an expenditure upon the Bodleian, the Botanic Gardens, the Museum, ad the new Schools, the Council observe that various delegacies, that of the unattached students in particular, stand in need of enlarged accommodation. They recommend the establishment of a Museum of Classical Archaeology, the addition to the University Museum of a Museum of Anthropology, as well as of several physical and chymical laboratories. They would have also lecture-rooms provided for Professors, from eight to ten rooms capable of holding an audience of 60, from 16 to 20 private rooms, one large lecture-room for an audience of 150, and the rearrangement of the Sheldonian Theatre for the accommodation of large audiences. ...

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