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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place between 1830 and 1839.

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Year Specific Date Event Source of Information Notes
1832 2 October Edward Burnett Tylor born DNB entry  
1832 Unspecified British Association for the Advancement of Science [BAAS] meeting held in Oxford. Buckland was President Vernon, 1909: 39  
1832 Unspecified Because of overcrowding at Ashmolean, Geological and Physical Apparatus Collection was moved to the Clarendon Building Davies and Hull 1975 Zoological Collections  
1833 Unspecified Buckland and Rigaud move to Clarendon Building. Increase in space for display. Palaeontology and mineralogical collections are moved to Clarendon Buildings under supervision  ?Davies and Hull 1975 Zoological Collections  
1834 Unspecified Henry Acland matriculates at Christ Church  DNB entry  
1836 Unspecified First printed catalogue of Oxford collections; includes ethnographic objects in the second part. This part was probably prepared by Kirtland, assistant keeper at the Ashmolean Museum Macgregor, 2000; Ovenell 1986: 204  
1838 Unspecified  Acland visits Troas 3 times
DNB entry  
1838 Unspecified  Acland publishes The Plains of Troy DNB entry  
1838 May  Oxford Architectural and Historical Society formed Ovenell papers Ashmolean Museum RFO/A/3/11 Printed pamphlet 2 page 26 account by JH Parker of the history of the society  
1839 10 May Site on Beaumont Street purchased for Taylor Institute and Art Gallery    


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