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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place between 1840 and 1849.

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Year Specific date Event Source of Information Notes
1840 Unspecified Acland graduates with BA DNB entry
1840 Unspecified Acland elected to All Souls fellowship and studies medicine at St George's Hospital, London DNB entry
1841 Unspecified Honours School of Natural Science first suggested by Dr Ogle, Clinical Professor [1830-1851] Regius Professor, in a letter to Warden of Wadham 'On the system of examinations as pursued in Oxford, with suggestions for remodelling the Examination Statutes'. Vernon 1909: 28
1844 14 November Henry Nottidge Moseley born DNB entry
1845 Unspecified University Galleries opened in Beaumont Street to display University of Oxford's fine art collections Relational Museum timeline
1845 Unspecified Henry Acland appointed as Dr Lee's Readership in Anatomy at Christ Church, he worked in college's Anatomy Museum [Note: Vernon 1909 gives date as 1847] Learning More on Oxford University Museum of Natural History [OUMNH] website - Museum Architecture; DNB entry
1846 Unspecified Acland completes medical degree DNB entry
1846 Unspecified Rolleston wins open scholarship to Pembroke College, Oxford DNB entry
1847 Unspecified BAAS meeting held in Oxford, Acland is secretary DNB entry; Vernon 1909: 39
1847 Unspecified At BAAS meeting Acland suggests 'that a new museum with lecture rooms and a library should be erected by the University for the teaching of Natural Science'. Immediatly after meeting a memorandum is circulated by Daubeny, Duncan, Acland and Walker to members of the University Davies and Hull, 1975 Zoological Collection; Vernon 1909: 40
1847 Unspecified Acland elected Fellow of the Royal Society DNB entry
1848 Unspecified Tylor begins work in family foundry DNB entry
1848 November Acland publishes 'Remarks on the Extension of Education in the University of Oxford' addressed to Revd William Jacobson, Regius Professor of Divinity, which proposed that all students should study science History of Oxford University 19th century part 1: 646
1848 Unspecified Daubeny publishes pamphlet 'Brief remarks on the correlation of the natural sciences' and contained a syllabus of scientific instruction for the general and special student, 'he laid down the principle that no student should be allowed to specialize in any one branch without showing an elementary knowledge of the primary sciences'. Walker also published a pamphlet on the same issue, 'A letter addressed to the Rev. the Vice Chancellor on Improvements in the Present Examination Statute and the Studies of the University'. Vernon, 1909: 47; History of Oxford University 19th century part 1: 646
1849 Unspecified Acland 'engineered a resolution to the effect that, in view of the entirely inadequate provision for the teaching of Natural Science, and the chaotic condition of the University’s scientific collections, a museum should be built to assemble “all the materials explanatory of the structure of the earth, and of the organic beings placed upon it’, together with teaching accommodation.' [Howell, 2000: 739] 
1849 1 May Convocation meeting discusses idea of establishing new museum. Meeting held at New College. Davies and Hull write: 'Those in favour of the proposal to build a new museum met at New College in May 1849 and an action committee was formed, M.H. Nevil Story-Maskelyne becoming the Secretary of this committee formed to promote the scheme for building a University Museum...''. Vernon says that the committee was made up of Dr Williams, Dr Jacobson, Acland, Daubeny, W.F. Donkin, Savilian Professor of Astronomy, Rev. Baden Powell, Savilian Professor of Geometry, Manuel Johnson, the Radcliffe Observer, Charles Marriot, A.P. Stanley and W. Thomson. Vernon also says that 'within a short time' the committee had grown to more than 60 people including Buckland, Bishop Wilberforce, Pusey etc. [Vernon-Harcourt 1910, 5] [Berry, 2003: 225]; Davies and Hull 1975 Zoological Collections; Vernon 1909: 49 et seq [may be what is being referred to in entry above too?] 
1849 19 June Meeting held in Sheldonian Theatre about the proposals for a new museum Vernon 1909: 51

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