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This is a table showing all the known Diploma students who studied between 1907 and 1920. Note that the names were taken from the Register of the Diploma Students held by the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology. This table was first prepared by Chris Wingfield during the ESRC funded Relational Museum project, and has had additional biographical information (and some corrections to names) added by Alison Petch during September 2012 and further updated in November 1915. If you have any more information about these students please send it to us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note that in the table below Michaelmas Term has been abbreviated to MT, Hilary Term to HT and Trinity Term to TT. See here for a glossary of University of Oxford student related terms.

Name College Start date Qualifications Biographical notes & subsequent career Award Donor to Pitt Rivers Museum?
Barbara Whitchurch Freire-Marreco Lady Margaret Hall then Somerville College MT 1907 Hons. Mods (1st Class) HT Later Aitken. 1879-1967. See here Diploma with distinction TT 1908 Yes
Francis Howe Seymour Knowles (Sir) Oriel, as Commoner MT 1907 Completed BA course 1904-1907 (3rd) 1886-1953. See here Not known Yes
James Arthur Harley Jesus MT 1907 LL.B. 1902, BA 1906, Harvard University. Admitted B. Litt. Student in Theology, Oxford, October 1907 1873-1943 or after 1950. See here Diploma TT 1909 Yes
Frédéric Charles Joseph Marius Barbeau Oriel MT 1907 Degrees in Lit. Hum., Science and Law, Laval University Quebec, Canada. 1883-1968 or 1969. See here. Rhodes Scholar Diploma TT 1910 No
Wilson Dallam Wallis Wadham 1908 BA with distinction in Philosophy, Psychology, Law from Dickinson College, Maryland, USA 1886-1970. Rhodes Scholar. The title of his BSc. thesis was: ‘The conditions psychological and sociological of the development of the individual amongst peoples of rudimentary culture’ (Gazette 1908–9: 687–8). [PR] Geological Survey of Canada, Anthropological Dept. Professor of Anthropology, University of Minnesota. Author of numerous books about North American peoples. Diploma TT 1910 No
Diamond Jenness Balliol MT 1908 MA (1st), University of New Zealand 1886-1969. Chief Anthropological Division, Canadian National Museum, Ottawa. Numerous works on Inuit. Fieldwork in New Guinea, & among Inuit. Jenness material in the University of Oxford archives (DC 1/3/1-2). Diploma TT 1910 Yes
Solomon Lee Van Meter Exeter HT 1909 Not known 1888-1937. See here. Transylvania and Iowa University Inventor of the pack parachute and ejector seat Not known No
Robert Sutherland Rattray Exeter 1909

1. Leaving Certificate, Scottish Education Dept. 2. Government certificates for proficiency in Nyanja and Hausa languages. 3. His book Chi-Nyanja Tales.

BSc. DSc.

1881-1938. Assistant Commissioner and District Commissioner, Gold Coast. Government Anthropologist in Ashanti. Publications: Ashanti Proverbs; Ashanti; Ashanti Art & Religion; Ashanti Laws and Constitution. Killed in gliding accident. Diploma June 1914 Yes
Edward Gabriel Piotrowski None. Collection. MT 1909 Not known Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Henry Percival James St Johns 1910 Not known ?-1912. Assistant Commissioner, Southern Nigeria. Killed by locals in the execution of his duty in Nigeria on 12 August 1912, see "The Murders in Southern Nigeria", Glasgow Herald, 14 August 1911, p. 9 Not known No
Oscar Ferris Watkins All Souls 1910


1877-1943. Research work submitted at time of examination – ‘Report on Land Tenure in British East Africa’. Worked in Transvaal Civil Service and British East Africa Protectorate Service. Deputy Chief Native Commissioner. Assistant District Commissioner, British East Africa. Diploma with distinction 1913 Yes
Paul Dominic Wilmot Lincoln MT 1910 Oxford Sen. Latin + Greek (in March) = Responsions. ?-1918. Rhodes Scholar. On St. George's College War Memorial, Harare, Zimbabwe. ref. South African Roll of Honour 1914-1918, see here. Killed in action 25 April 1918. Certificate Physical Anthropology TT 1911, Diploma TT 1912 No
Grover Cleveland Huckaby Wadham MT 1910 Status of Junior Student Possibly 1884-1971. 1908 Rhodes Scholar. Director Welfare Department, Magistrates' Court, New York Not known No
Earnest Albert Hooton University MT 1910 Status of Junior Student 1887-1954. 1910 Rhodes Scholar. Professor of Physical Anthropology, University of Harvard. Wrote Up from the Ape. Hooton gave instruction in physical anthropology in the year he was working for his Diploma and B.Litt. Diploma with Distinction TT 1912 No
Phillip Higham Queen's, as Commoner MT 1910 BA (2nd) History Dates and biography unknown Diploma TT 1911 No
Dorothea Adelaide Lawry Pugh[e] Jones Somerville MT 1910 BA (2nd Class Hons. History, 1900 1875-1955. Worked in South Africa as teacher, may also have written handbook on history of Wales. Awarded a prize at the Royal National Eisteddfod in Merthyr Tydfil in 1901. [Thanks to John Jenkins for this information] Not known No
Paul Hunter Doré Dodge Not a member of University HT 1911 LL.D., B.Phil. University of Chicago, USA Dates and biography unknown Certificate Cultural Anthropology (Social). TT 1911 No
Martha Fleming Not known HT 1911 Not known ?-1925. Assistant Professor of Education, University of Chicago, USA. Not known No
Edward Kirkby Not a member of University, at Ruskin College HT 1911 Specially recommended as of industry and ability Dates unknown. Failed in Certification. Examination Cultural Anthropology (Social) TT 1911 Not known No
Albert Guy Pawson Christ Church HT 1911 BA (2nd) History. Was taking the special course in Anthropology arranged for Sudan Probationers. 1888-1986. Sudan Probationer. Administrator, Sudan Political Service see here. Cricketer, see here Certificate I Cultural Anthropology (Social.) HT 1911 No
George Lewis Monk Corpus Christi HT 1911 MA (3rd) Lit. Hum. Dates unknown. Assistant Commissioner, Northern Nigeria. [Took Course by permission of Colonial Office in lieu of Course at Imperial Institute] Certificate in Cultural Anthropology (Social), HT 1911 Yes
Leonard Halford Dudley Buxton Exeter, as Open Class Scholar) HT 1911 BA Hon. Class. Mods. (3rd) 1889-1939. See here Certificate Cultural Anthropology. (Social) TT 1911. Diploma with Distinction Yes
Melville William Hilton-Simpson Exeter, as Commoner MT 1911 Responsions etc. Also for his exploration in Africa 1881-1938. Between 1903 and 1906 he travelled in the 'Barbary States' and the Sahara, and accompanied Emil Torday on his expedition to the Kasai Basin in then Belgian Congo to collect ethnographic objects for the British Museum. In November 1913 he was 'granted status of research-student carrying out scientific work under the auspices of the Committee for Anthropology'. From 1912 with his wife he carried out prolonged fieldwork among the Berber in southern Algeria. He served in the British Army in the first world war retiring with the rank of captain. [Taken from his Who was Who entry and the Diploma register] Not known Yes
Mary Czaplicka also known as Marie Antoinette or Marya Antonina   Somerville MT 1911 Teacher's Certificate for geography, Librarian; Secretary of Geographical Section Warsaw 1884-1921. See here Diploma TT 1912 Yes
Anna Fischer Not known MT 1911 Ph.D, University of Prague Dates and biography unknown Certificate in Cultural Anthropology. June 1914.  
Katherine Scoresby-Routledge Somerville MT 1911 BA (2nd) History (1895) 1866-1935. Author of The Mystery of Easter Island, With a Prehistoric People, The Akikuyu (with husband) Died 18 December 1936. Entered for, but did not take, examination TT 1912 Not known Yes
Osbert Guy Stanhope Crawford Keble MT 1911 BA 1886-1957. See here. Ordinance Survey, Southampton, Archaeology Officer. Wellcome Expedition to Sudan. Author of The Andover District, Essex from the Air Diploma TT 1912 Yes
Charles William Berry Littlejohn New MT 1911 BA (1st), Physiology 1911 1889-1960. Rhodes Scholar. Born in New Zealand. Rower who competed for Great Britain in the 1912 Olympics. See here Served in the first world war. Eventually ranked temporary Brigadier in the Australian forces [Theodore Williams Scholar in Human Anatomy, 1912] Diploma with Distinction TT 1912 No
Henry Kenneth Fry Balliol MT 1911 BSc Melbourne, BSc Oxford 1912 1886-1959. Rhodes Scholar. See here Diploma with Distinction TT 1912 Yes
Martino de Zilva Wickremasinghe Jesus HT 1912 Hon. MA, University 1865-1937. Archaeologist. Lecturer in Tamil & Telgu, Ceylon. See here Not known No
Vasile George Ispir Not known HT 1912 Licentiate in Theology, University of Bucharest. 1886-1947. Professor of Theology. Educated at Bucharest, Berlin and Oxford. Research work submitted at time of examination Notes & Essays relating to comparative religion. Varatec, Neamtu, Roumania. Professor of Theology Diploma, 1913 No
Margaret Brackenbury Crook Oxford Home Students HT 1912 London Intermediate with Latin Prize 1886-1972. University of London B.A. Later Minister of the Unitarian and Liberal Christian Churches Associate professor, Smith College, USA. See here Certificate in Social Anthropology, 1913. Diploma with distinction June 1914 No
Mary Poyntz Oxford Home Students HT 1912 Research Scholar, Columbia University, USA [Entered for, but did not take, examination TT 1912] Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Leonard Fielding Nalder Corpus Christi HT 1912 BA (2nd), History 1910 1888-1958. Sudan Probationer. Colonial Governor, Sudan Certificate with Distinction in Cultural Anthropology. (Social) TT 1912 No
Llewellyn Arthur Hugh-Jones St John's HT 1912 BA (2nd) Lit. Hum. 1911 1888-1970. Egyptian Probationer. Worked in the British administration of Egypt, Ministry of Finance, Cairo, Egypt, Governor of Faiyum Certificate in Cultural Anthropology (Social), TT 1912 No
Donald Victor Newhall Lincoln HT 1912 Responsions. L Pass Mods. 1889 or 1890- ?. Research work submitted at time of examination 'Maps, notes, essays.' Portrait Painter based in USA Diploma 1913 No
Hubert Frank Mathews Jesus HT 1912 BA (2nd) Math. Mods, 1907, 3rd Physics 1909 1885-1964. Assistant Commissioner, Northern Nigeria. [Took course by permission of Colonial Office in lieu of Government Course] See here Certificate in Cultural Anthropology (Social) TT 1912. Diploma with Distinction June 18, 1925 Yes
Cyril Henry Fiennes Clinton Davenport Not known 1912 P. Mods c1888-1912, died during the Long Vacation. Not known Yes
Hannah Byrne Somerville MT 1912 BA (1st). Geology. 1909 Dates unknown. Gazetteer of Native Tribes of Australia (not published) Diploma with Distinction 1913 No
Winifred Susan Blackman Not known MT 1912 Recommended as industrious and intelligent student by Dr Seligman 1872-1950. See here Diploma. June 1915. Yes
Hugh Kingsley Ward New MT 1912 Unknown 1887-1972. Rhodes Scholar Bacteriologist. Educated University of Sydney [MB] taught at Oxford, Harvard and Sydney Diploma 1913. No
Wilfred Dyson Hambly Jesus MT 1912 BA (1st) 1886-1962. Research work submitted at time of examination 'Various notebooks in physical, technological, and social anthropology' Special Essay on tattooing. Curator of African Ethnology and Archaeology, Field Museum of Natural history, Chicago. The History of Tattooing & its Significance. African Anthropology, Ethnology of Africa, Ovimbundu (Angola). Diploma 1913 No
Alan Herbert Coltart Exeter MT 1912 MA 1885-? by 1937. Biography unknown. There is the Coltart Scholarship in Anthropology at Exeter College in his memory that is dated to 1937. He matriculated in 1903. Diploma June 1914 Yes
George Reginald Carline Exeter MT 1912 Strongly recommended as promising student by Dr. Bradley, etc. See here Diploma June 1914 Yes
Alexander Traies Schofield Exeter MT 1912 P. Mods ?1892-1918. Served in Kent Cyclist Battalion. Died 10 November 1918, of wounds from France Not known No
Donald Hugh Wippell Exeter HT 1913 BA 1909 1887-1969. After graduating he served in the first world war for a time and then he helped to run the family firm, J. Wippell & Co Ltd of Exeter and London, Manufacturers of Church Furniture and Clerical outfitters. Not known No
Joseph Henry Powell Hertford HT 1913 P. Mods Dates unknown. Research work submitted at time of examination 'Paper om Hookswinging in India.' Clergyman, Vicar of Christ Church, Nailsea, Bristol Certificate in Social Anthropology, 1913. No
Bernard Tomkin Holden Not known HT 1913 BA Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Horace Bidwell English Pembroke, as Rhodes Scholar HT 1913 Status of Junior Student 1892-1961. Psychologist and author Certificate in Social Anthropology, 1913 No
Llewellyn or Llewelyn Slingsby Bethell University HT 1913 BA (3rd). Lit. Hum. 1889-1971. Possibly Lt. in Nigeria Regiment and served in first world war. Author of a book about living and working in Tasmania. Published a book of poems in 1920 and lived in Hove, Sussex at some point Not known No
Percy Ball Magdalen HT 1913 BA Dates and biography unknown. Exhibitioner at Magdalen 1909-1913. Certificate in Social Anthropology, 1913 No
Robert Vickers Bardsley Merton HT 1913 BA 1890-1952. Sudan Probationer. Entered but did not take examination, 1913. Served in the Sudan Political Service from 1913 to 1932 latterly as Governor Blue Nile Province 1928-1932. English cricketer who played a total of 31 first-class matches for Oxford University Lancashire County Cricket Club and Free Foresters between 1910 and 1922. See here. See Images of Empire, Photographic Sources for the British in Sudan Daly and Hogan 2005 Not known No
Alexander Evelyn Cardew Balliol HT 1913 BA 1889-1972. Biography unknown. Educated at Repton School, he was a cricketer at school and has a Wisden obituary Not known No
William Inkersale Cheesman Wadham HT 1913 BA 1889-1969. Educated at Merchant Taylor's school. Played rugby in Varsity matches in 1910-1911. Played rugby for England in four matches in 1913. A schoolmaster, served in the Sudan Civil Service. Linked to Seligman, ?archaeologist. Taught at Marlborough College and Pembroke House School in Kenya. [Thanks to John Jenkins for this information] Not known Yes
Henry David Crook Craig Lincoln HT 1913 Not known ?-1924? Biography unknown. Reported to have died 1924 Certificate in Social Anthropology, 1913. No
James Elmslie Henderson Magdalen HT 1913 Not known Dates and biography unknown. Served in the Royal Field Artillery during the first world war Not known No
George Colby Hawkins Borley Balliol HT 1913 Not known 1891 or 1893-?after 1939. Educated University College, Reading. Awarded Stanhope History Essay 1912. Not known No
Samuel George Hans Bürger New HT 1913 Not known Dates and biography unknown. Possibly 1891-1959, born Old Trafford, Manchester. Not known No
Angus Graham New HT 1913 Not known 1892-1979. Royal Commission Ancient Historic Monuments (Scotland). Forester Not known Yes
Percy Robert Diggle University 1913 BA 1887-1977. Educated at Marlborough College and University College. Played rugby in Varsity matches against Cambridge in 1908-1909. Entered but did not take examination, 1913. In Nigerian Civil Service from 1911-1928 and during First World War served with Nigerian Land Contingent. Assistant District Commissioner, West Africa. He was later Managing Director of Stead McAlpine & Co, in Carlisle. JP for Carlisle and Commissioner of Income Tax. [Thanks to John Jenkis for this information] Not known No
Edgar Stanley Pembleton Christ Church 1913 BA 1888-? Entered but did not take examination, 1913. Served in Colonial Administrative Service, Nigeria Not known Yes
Edward Elvell Potter Christ Church 1913 BA Dates unknown. Assistant District Commissioner, West Africa. Not known No
Edwin Cross Not known 1913 Not known Dates unknown. Treasury Dept., Southern Nigeria. Not known No
Mura Frances Bayly Oxford Home Students 1913 Leaving certificate, Scottish Education Department, recommended by Cornell University as intelligent student who has done field work in the Pacific Dates unknown. Member of American Geographical Society. Worked in New Zealand. Born in South Africa and educated in England, France, Germany, and Austria. In the 1910s Bayly traveled throughout Indonesia and the Pacific islands. She became well known in New York as a lecturer on Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, and the Pacific islands, and in 1911 she was elected as a fellow of the American Geographical Society. Bayly published stories of her travels in American, European, and other periodicals, and she designed her own silk clothing. During her travels she focused on clothing design and the acquisition of textiles. See here Diploma 1914 No
Frederick John Richards Exeter TT 1913 MA Dates unknown. Educated at Merchant Taylors School worked for Indian Civil Service from 1898 served in Madras as magistrate. Author of various publications on Dravidians. Collected archaeological specimens in India. Later appointed Honorary Lecturer in Indian archaeology at University College, London (Allchin 1957: 322). Not known Yes
Paul Shuffrey Lincoln TT 1913 BA 1889-1955. Assistant District Commissioner, Sierra Leone. Editor and publisher Not known No
harles Kingsley Meek Brasenose 1913, rejoined course in TT 1920 after war BA 1885-1965. Anthropologist and colonial administrator. Assistant District Commissioner, West Africa. District Officer Census Commissioner, Nigeria, 1921. The Northern Tribes of Nigeria, 1925 A Sudanese Kingdom, 1931, Law & Authority in a Nigerian Tribe, 1937. D.Sc. Nigerian Administrative Service 1912-33, Resident. 1925-1933 was Government Anthropologist. He was appointed to a lectureship at Oxford in 1947 to teach colonial cadets. He did not stay long and was replaced by Mary Douglas in 1950. Not known Yes
Boris de Chrustchoff Lincoln MT 1913 Not known 1892-1969. Worked as bookseller, dealer and collector Not known Yes
Vivian Spencer Lord Not known MT 1913 Responsions: seeking appointment in West Africa 1890- ?.  biography unknown Not known No
Joseph William Horne Magdalen MT 1913 BA Dates and biography unknown. Seeking appointment in West Africa Not known No
Arthur Edward Sanders Exeter MT 1913 Qualified for BA degree ?-1916, died whilst on active service, biography unknown. See here Not known No
Oliver Cromwell Carmichael Wadham MT 1913 Rhodes Scholar. Responsions. MA Alabama University 1891-1966. Rhodes Scholar. High School Principal and later Chanceller of Vanderbilt University, USA. See here Diploma 1917 No
Tracy Barrett Kittredge Exeter MT 1913 BA and Fellow, University of California, USA 1891-1957. American. Served in both world wars in the American navy. Passed by Committee of Anthropology 17 October 1913. US Relief Commissioner in Europe. International Red Cross in Paris. See here Diploma with Distinction. June 1914 Yes
Richard Harvey Simpson Brasenose MT 1913 BA Indiana and MA Harvard University, USA 1913 Rhodes Scholar. American. Passed by Committee of Anthropology 17 October 1913. Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Michael William Maxwell Windle Exeter MT 1913 2nd Class Honour Class. Mods 1892-1915. Lieutenant in the Devonshire Regiment during first world war. He was killed and his body was never found. See here Certificate in Cultural Anthropology. June 1914. No
Alexander Bainbridge Craddock Exeter MT 1913 3rd class Hons Mods 1893-1962. Served in the Indian Army, Army Equipment Branch Not known No
Jervoise Graham Tayler New MT 1913 1st Class Hons. Mods. 1892-1915. Killed in action 15 May 1915 during first world war, served in 2nd battalion Leicestershire Regiment see here Certificate in Cultural Anthropology 1914 No
Robert Ewart Fausset Corpus Christi MT 1913 Not known Dates and biography unknown Not known No
James Guthrie Monteath Wadham MT 1913 Not known 1890-?. Born Edinburgh see here. Sudan Probationer. Possibly working for Unemployment Assistance Board in 1938 and Governor of Greenock Prison by 1947 Certificate in Cultural Anthropology. June 1914. No
John Alexander Reid Brasenose MT 1913 Not known Sudan Probationer. Dates and biography unknown. In 1933 Governor, White Nile Province, Sudan. In 1947 he may have been Principal Information Officer, Benghazi. Certificate in Cultural Anthropology. June 1914. No
Edgar Richard Burgess Magdalen MT 1913 Not known 1891-1952. Sudan Probationer. Educated at Eton, rower and represented Great Britain at 1912 Olympics (winning a gold medal). Member of the Inner Temple and served with Sudan Political Service. Fellow of the Zoological Society. See here Not known No
William Jacob Bryan Christ Church MT 1913 Not known 1889-1916. Sudan Probationer. Born in Ireland. He served with the 15th Royal Fusiliers, he never served overseas, the regiment appears to have been a reserve one. He died in Colorado from an illness, possibly TB. See here Not known No
Arthur Selborne Jelf Exeter MT 1913 MA (Malay States) 1876-1947. Colonial Secretary, Jamaica, Malaysia and Singapore. See here Not known No
Clement A. Miles Exeter MT 1913 Not known Dates and biography unknown. Probably author of Christmas in Ritual and Tradition (1923) Not known No
Percy Otto St Clair Wilbraham Perryman Balliol MT 1913 BA Status 1885 or 1886-1932. Assistant Commissioner Uganda Protectorate from 1908. Not known Yes
Henry Noel Kempthorne Not known MT 1913 Not known ?circa 1872-1923. Captain in the Army reserve of officers in 1911 [London Gazette 3.11.11]. Special Service in British East Africa. In 1914 he became Deputy Director of Surveys, Trig. And Topo. in Kenya [The official gazette, 27.5.14. Not known Yes
John Turnbull Kemp Exeter HT 1914 P. Mods Colonial Office Candidate. Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Graham Fletcher Hodgson Not known HT 1914 Not known District Officer, (Southern) Nigeria. In 1910 he was Assistant District Commissioner Abak, southern Nigeria. Dates unknown Not known No
Arthur Hudson Stocks Oriel HT 1914 3rd class, Lit. Hum. 1889-1940, died on a ship hit by a U-boat, described as a civilian living in Freetown, Sierra Leone. In 1914 he went to Sierra Leone, and served in East Africa during the first world war. He served with the Colonial Services for 26 years and was Secretary for Protectorate Affairs in Sierra Leone. Not known No
Humphrey John Thewks Johnson Christ Church HT 1914 Matriculated October 1909, Pass mods A1, B3, B6 Dates and biography uncertain. It is possible he is author of the book ‘Anthropology and the Fall’ published in 1923 by Basil Blackwell. He may be this 'Mgr. Humphrey Johnson 1880-1958. Born in Derbyshire, educated at Eton and Christ Church. He was received into the Catholic Church in 1912 and studied for the priesthood at the Beds College in Rome. He wrote several books and reviews and was Women’s chaplain at Cambridge University college.' Certificate in Physical Anthropology with Distinction June 1915, Certificate in Ethnology & Sociology June 1915, Diploma with distinction. June 1916. No
David Hedog Jones Jesus 1914 MA c1875-1942. He served in the Grenadier Guards volunteer force in the first world war. The Register of Diploma students records he was Headmaster of the Boy's Secondary School, Granada, West Indies (Government Service). See here Not known No
Harry William Thomas Armstrong Jesus 1914 2nd class Hons. Mods. ?1892-1915. Served in the East Surrey Regiment died July 1915 on active service Not known No
Charles Sanford Ward Christ Church 1914 Responsions 1893-1916. Educated Eton and Christ Church, killed in active service in France. Not known No
Waclaw de Rostkowski Marcon's Hall 1914 Chemistry, Zoology, Botany Prelims Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Arthur Maurice Hocart Exeter 1914 BA 1884-1939. Fieldwork in Fiji stayed on as headmaster. Curator of Antiquities, Ceylon; Professor of Sociology, Cairo. Kingship 1927, Progress of Man, Kings and Councillors. Hocart read Greats at Exeter, where presumably Marett was his tutor, and studied psychology with Wilde’s Reader in Mental Philosophy, William McDougall who had been a member of the Torres Straits expedition. On coming down, Hocart joined the Percy Sladen Trust Expedition to the Pacific, and when he enrolled on the Diploma course in 1914 he had completed six years of fieldwork. As a Diploma student, not only did he deliver a course of lectures on ‘Problems in Anthropology’ but also served as deputy Wilde’s Reader for a term while McDougall was away. Not known Yes
Charles Alexander Henderson Exeter 1914 BA 1882-1956. Indian Civil Service. In 1938 he was a member of the Board of Revenue, Madras. Not known No
John George Stevenson (Reverend) Exeter MT 1914 Queen's University of Belfast, BA (2nd), History, Law Dates and biography unknown Not known No
William Hubbs Mechling Not known MT 1914 MA Harvard University, BS MA University of Pennsylvania 1888-1953. Anthropologist and archaeologist. Worked at Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. Received his doctorate from Harvard in 1917 Diploma, June 1916 Yes
Walter Carl Barnes Lincoln MT 1914 Pass Mods A & B American Rhodes Scholar from 1913. Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Edwin Oliver James (Reverend) Exeter MT 1914 Priest's Orders (with Preliminary Exam including Latin and Greek), F.C.S. 1886-1972. Professor of History and Philosophy of Religion, University of London and Leeds Primitive Ritual & Belief 1916. Introduction to Anthropology 1919. The Stone Age 1927. The Beginnings of Man 1928. The Origins of Sacrifice 1933. The Old Testament in the light of Anthropology 1935. The Origins of Religion 1937 etc. At the end of his life he was Chaplain at All Souls. Certificate in physical Anthropology. June 1915. Diploma. June 1916. Yes
Thomas Humfrey Vines Jesus HT 1915 MA. (allowed for anthropological work done at Harvard University) Possibly 1864-1922. Also educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and Harvard. Headmaster in Sind, See here Diploma. June 1915. Yes
Constance Jenkinson (Mrs) Not known HT 1915 Admitted by committee on strength of modern languages etc. Dates and biography unknown. Died while preparing for B.Sc. In Magic and Medicine Diploma. June 1916 No
Philip Henry Brodie Worcester 1915 Qualified for BA (Pass) from University of Arkansas 1891-1975. 1913 Rhodes Scholar. He served in World War I and later taught classics at the Canterbury (preparatory) School in Connecticut to, among others, John Kennedy Diploma. June 1916. No
Joseph Fawcett Exeter (NB did not join course) TT 1915 MA, University of Durham Dates unknown. Clergyman Not known No
Madeleine Elise or Eliza Emily Holland (Mrs) Oxford Home Students MT 1915 South African University Intermediate Arts. 1874-1922. Nee Orpen. Died while working for B.Sc. on the Bantu. Poet. Married to Arthur Herbert Holland, she had one son. Her husband was personal secretary to Cecil Rhodes Certificate in Physical Anthropology, 1916. Diploma with Distinction, 1917. Yes
Madeleine [de] La Vie Platts (Mrs) Not known MT 1915 BA Trinity College, Dublin. Honours English Oxford. 1883-?. Born in Ireland, went to live in Oxford to live with an uncle on her mother’s death. She was educated at Dublin. In 1909 she met her husband W.A.F. Platts, an assistant District Commissioner in British East Africa. They married in 1910 and returned to Africa. [See ‘The Rulers of British Africa, 1870-1914’ by Lewis H. Gann, Peter Duignan Not known No
Marion Alice Nona Marshall St. Hugh’s MT 1915 Final Honours School of English Dates and biography unknown. Author of a book, ‘Hastings Saga’ (A history of the Wenham family) 1953. Not known No
Rosalind Louisa Beaufort Moss Oxford Home Students HT 1916 Oxford Senior Locals, Honours; Higher Cert. French (distinction) & German 1890-1990. Egyptologist and bibliographer. Excavated in Jersey with R.R. Marett. See here Diploma with Distinction, 1917. Yes
Cecilia Mostyn Field Somerville 1916 Cambridge Previous - Equivalent to Responsions 1896-after 1982. Probably daughter of Admiral Sir Arthur Mostyn Field, who commanded HMS Penguin, Dart and Egeria. Biography unknown Not known No
Edward Humphrey Lane Poole Balliol 1916 BA 1888- ? Educated, Rugby; Magdalen College School; Balliol 1908-12 (A.W.P.C., A.L.S.); 3rd Class Mods. 1910; 2nd Mod. History and B.A. 1912; Torpid; Eight. B.S.A. Co.’s service 1913; Colonial Civil Service from 1924; North Rhodesia, District Magistrate, 1926. (Rhodesian Service). Provincial Commissioner, Barotse Province, Northern Rhodesia November 1937. Commissioner Livingstone. Keeper of the Archives, Fellow of Magdalen College, and Lecturer in Diplomatic in the University of Oxford. Not known Yes
Vigo Auguste Demant Exeter 1916 (Manchester College), BSc. Durham University 1893-1983 Priest in London and Oxford, also social philosopher and theologian. Also educated at the Sorbonne and Armstrong College, Eventually Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at the University Oxford. See here.   Certificate in Physical Anthropology with Distinction 1917, Certificate in Cultural Anthropology 1917, Diploma in Technology (to complete Diploma Exam), 1920. Yes
Marguerite Muriel Culpeper Pollard Oxford Home Students 1916 Honour School of English, Diploma of Education 1879-1939. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, died in Oxford. Daughter of William Branch Pollard, Colonial Civil Engineer for British Guiana until he retired in 1880. Unmarried, author. B.A. B.Litt Diploma in 1917 Yes
Félicie Marshall (Mrs) Lady Margaret Hall 1916 Honour School of English. Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Margery Christina Huckett Lady Margaret Hall 1916 Hon. Class. Mods. 1894-? Born in Apia, Upolu, Samoa. Daughter of Walter Huckett, a missionary. Diploma in Anthropology, 1918 No
Beatrice Mary Blackwood Somerville MT 1916 Hon. Sch. Eng. Lit. 1912 1889-1975. See here Certificate in Cultural Anthropology. 1917. Diploma with Distinction 1918 Yes
Velizar Vladimivovitch Godjevatz New 1917 Serbian Govt. "Vishi Tetchajuis Ispit" Maturitatspuafung ?1898-1986 Later developed a duodecimal musical notation. Not known No
Helen de Guerry de Lauret Simpson Oxford Home Students TT 1917 B2 etc. 1897-1940. Australian writer. See here According to ADB she came to Oxford in September 1915 and read French 1916-7. In 1918 she joined the WRNS and decoded. She then returned to Oxford to study music in 1920, but she did not complete her degree. It seems likely that she did not stay on the Diploma course for long. Not known No
Robert de Jersey Fleming-Struthers Exeter MT 1917 MA, BSc. Dates and biography unknown. In 1909 he seems to have published a chemistry paper in the Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions 1909, 95 1777-1789. Joined Cavalry in 1913 Certificate in Cultural Anthropology (Social Anthropology) 1918 No
Kavalam Mathava Panikkar Christ Church MT 1917 Mod. Hist. Honours (1st Class), Oxford 1895-1963. First Editor of the Hindustan Times and worked in various States administrations, after independence worked as diplomat. After retiring he became Vice-Chancellor of several universities in India Certificate in Cultural (Social) Anthropology with Distinction, 1918. No
Basanta Kumar Mallik Exeter MT 1917 Law, Honours, Oxford. 1879-1958. Philosopher. Academic at Oxford, interested in conflict Certificate in Cultural (Social) Anthropology 1918. Certificate in Physical Anthropology, 1918. Diploma, 1919. No
Helen Juliet Rachel Fox Oxford Home Students MT 1917 Read Modern History School. Admitted by committee, 19 October 1917 1890-1980. Daughter of Samuel Middleton Fox. Married Roger Ernie Money-Kyrie, a noted psychoanalyst, in 1922. Diploma, 1918 No
Margaret Agnes Westlake St Hugh's MT 1917 Pass. Mods. 1896-? Daughter of Ernest Westlake, donor to Pitt Rivers Museum. Biography unknown Certificate in Physical Anthropology, 1918. Diploma, 1919. No
Dragutin Subotic St John's MT 1917 Ph.D. Munich. Serbian Refugee Student. Admitted October 1917. 1887-1952. Educated at the Universities of Belgrade & Munich. In 1916 came to live in Britain as the result of World War One. From 1916-1919 worked as a supervisor of Serbian students at Oxford University. In 1919 appointed lecturer in Serbo-Croat at School of Slavonic Studies, King's College London, remained in this post until retirement in 1942. He also worked for the Yugoslav Legation as a cultural attaché. Not known No
Marjory Sophie West St Hilda's MT 1917 Pan B.D., Lond. Dates unknown. Studied at Bedford College in 1905 in Classics [2nd class], possibly the first woman to gain the London BD, and a former Birkbeck Continuing Education lecturer in Biblical Studies Not known No
Vadaka Kurupath Raman Menon Hertford HT 1918 BA Dates unknown. From Cochin State, India. Listed in the Admissions Register for Lincoln Inn 1912, called 1917. Certificate in Cultural (Social) Anthropology, 1918 Yes
Wulfstan ?Natham Exeter HT 1918 Hon. Moderations (Classics) Dates and biography unknown Certificate in Cultural (Social) Anthropology, 1918 No
John Eric Langdon-Davies St John's HT 1918 Responsions  I excused Mods. 1897-1971 born in South Africa. He was called up in 1917 but refused to wear uniform, was jailed and discharged. He intended to continue studying at St John’s but he lost 2 scholarships due to his military views and his marriage in 1918. He therefore turned to the diploma in anthropology. He was a journalist, author and war correspondent. See here. Certificate in Cultural (Social) Anthropology 1918. Certificate in Physical Anthropology, 1918. No
Sidney Herbert Scott St John's TT 1918 B.Litt. Oxon, MA of Durham Dates unknown. Clergyman and author Not known No
Nina Margaret Ruffer Somerville TT 1918 Responsions French ?group 1897-1919. Died of Influenza August 1919 Not known Yes
Rachel Spenser Tidderman Oxford Home Students MT 1918 Higher Cert. (French). Cambridge Senior c 1897-?. Born in Glamorgan, living in Oxford in 1911. biography unknown Not known No
Constance Rina Langdon-Davies [Mrs] Somerville HT 1919 History Prelims 1898-1954 married to John Eric Langdon-Davies in 1918? Possibly artist, believer in Bahai faith. Not known No
Donald Swain Wintersgill Exeter HT 1919 Military Service ?1897-1982. Company director, Yorkshire Certificate in Cultural (Social) Anthropology, 1919 No
Louis Colville Gray Clarke Exeter HT 1919 BA, Cambridge (1881-1960). Educated privately and went up to Trinity Hall, Cambridge to read the history tripos, graduating in 1903. His wealthy family ensured that he could travel widely in Europe, Central and South America and Ethiopia whilst he was an undergraduate. He served during the first World War. He matriculated in the Diploma in Anthropology in 1919 at Exeter College. He also served as a volunteer in the Museum. In 1922 he was appointed Curator at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. In 1937 he was appointed as Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. He retired in 1946 but remained the honorary curator of prints. He had amassed a large art collection which he donated to the University of Cambridge. Not known Yes
Arthur James Willis Exeter HT 1919 Military Service Dates and biography unknown Certificate in Cultural (Social) Anthropology, 1919 No
Henry Mullinor Morris Exeter HT 1919 Military Service Dates and biography unknown   No
Clifford Henry Benn Kitchin Exeter HT 1919 Military Service 1895-1967. Barrister and Novelist. See here Certificate in Cultural (Social) Anthropology, 1919 No
Eric John Horatio Edenborough Lincoln TT 1919 BA 1893-1965. Clerk, House of Commons 1921-1958. Not known No
Thomas Downing Kendrick Oriel TT 1919 Prel. Sci. 1895-1979. Keeper, Dept. British Mediaeval Antiquities, Director, British Museum. See here and here Diploma with Distinction TT 1920 No
Barry Lappage Garrard Exeter TT 1919 BA, London University Dates and biography unknown Research work submitted at time of examination :- (1) An Exercise in the Comparative Method: The principles of blood-letting among the English from the Earliest Times. (2) An Exercise in Ethnological Method: Distribution of race and culture in Melanesia. (3) An Analysis of the materials relating to the Distribution of Palaeolithic Man. Dates and biography unknown. In Royal Garrison Artillery in 1914 (Essex and Suffolk) Diploma in Anthropology, 1920 No
Edward Laurence Hyde Exeter TT 1919 Military Service Dates and biography unknown Certificate in Physical Anthropology, TT 1920, Diploma, 1921. No
William Walter Negley Merton HT 1919 Captain, Federal Artillery, US Army 1895-1932. Attended Phillips Exeter, and graduated from Yale in 1916. He joined the army in 1917 and enrolled in the first officers training camp at Camp Bullis, San Antonio. He spent time in France as a captain and staff munitions officer. Married Roxana Gage in 1924 and lived on a ranch in Fort Davis, Texas. He died of a burst appendix in 1932. See here Not known No
George Duncan Kirkpatrick Mansfield HT 1919 Chaplain, US Army Dates and biography unknown, presumably clergyman Not known No
Margaret Morgan Powell Oxford Home Students HT 1919 Diploma in Geography Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Alfred Clair Underwood Mansfield HT 1919 MA, Oxon. And B.D. London 1885-1948. Clergyman. Published book on Shintoism, India and religious matters Not known No
Gerald Legh Malins McElligott Hertford 1919 Military Service (Captain Special Reserve) 1897-1972. Born in Derbyshire, educated at Stoneyhurst, served in the Munster Fusiliers. After his service in France he was seconded to the Gold Coast Regiment (West African Frontier Force) and served in West Africa until the war ended when he joined the Colonial Service as a District Commissioner for about a year. In 1920 [sic] he went up to Oxford (Hertford College) and graduated B.A. in 1923 and then St Thomas’s where he qualified in 1926. Eventually Consultant venereologist at St Mary’s Hospital, London. Brit. J. vener. Dis. (1972) 48, 553 Not known No
Francis Edgar Williams Balliol MT 1919 BA (1st), Adelaide University 1893-1943. Government Anthropologist. Port Moresby, Papua. Orokaiva Magic, Orokaiva, Papuans of the Trans-Fly, many shorter reports. Killed in aeroplane accident, New Guinea. See here Diploma in Anthropology with Distinction, TT 1920 Yes
William Edward Morris Exeter MT 1919 Military Service in lieu of Responsions Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Louis Marie Riviére Not known MT 1919 Admitted under stat. Viii. Sect. Xvi. 3. Over 25 and of good character. Licencé a lettres, Université de Paris. Souvets Evangelique 1913. Dates and biography unknown Diploma in Anthropology TT 1920 No
José Maria Batista y Roca Exeter MT 1919 Licenciado en Filosofie, Universitad de Barcelona 1895-1978. Professor at Barcelona University interested in the anthropology of Catalonia. See here Diploma in Anthropology TT 1920 No
Robert Douglas Downes Corpus Christi MT 1919 MA 1878-1957. Known as Douglas. In 1896 he went to Corpus Christi to study classics and then history, after a year at Wycliffe Hall in 1900-1 he was ordained. From 1904-1914 he worked in India. He served as a chaplain in the war, and immediately after the war he worked as a student chaplain. IN 1931 he became a Franciscan friar. See here Not known No
Charles Woodehouse Williams Oriel MT 1919 Not known Sudan Probationer. Possibly 1899-1957. Joined staff of Gordon College in 1920. Assistant Director of Education 1937-1944 and Director 1944-1949. Sudan Political Service. See here Not known No
Ian Meredith Bruce-Gardyne Balliol MT 1919 BA 1895-1964. Sudan Probationer. Soldier and Sudan Political Officer, see here. Not known No
Brian Kennedy Cook Worcester MT 1919 Not known 1894-1945. Sudan Probationer. Served in the Sudan Political Service from 1920-1943. From 1943 worked for the British Council in UK and Italy see here Not known No
Gerard Bruce Crole University MT 1919 BA 1894-1965. Sudan Probationer. Studied for BA before 1914, joined Dragoon Guards in 1914 and later served in Royal Flying Corps where he was considered a flying ace. He played rugby for Scotland. He served in Sudan Political Service from 1920 to 1944, ending up as Deputy Governor, El Fasher, Darfur. He may also have been a solicitor or a schoolteacher! See here also see here and here Not known No
Douglas Newboldt Oriel MT 1919 Not known 1894-1945 Sudan Probationer. Entered Sudan Political Service in 1920, from 1932-28 he was Governor of Kordofan. From 1939 till death he was Civil Secretary of Sudan. See here Not known No
George Howells Jesus HT 1920 MA Christ's College, Cambridge; B.Litt., Oxford. It is probable that this is 1871-1955, Welsh academic and writer, principal of Serampore College from 1907-1932, see here, who studied at Jesus college and also at Ch.Ch. Cambridge Not known No
George Henry Green Exeter HT 1920 BSc. London Dates and biography unknown Certificate in Cultural Anthropology (Social Anthropology with Distinction, TT 1920) No
Brahmadeo Prasad Jamnar Jesus HT 1920 Responsions with added subject. Dates and biography unknown Not known No
John Wilfrid Walker Pembroke HT 1920 Hon. Mods. 2nd class. Dates and biography unknown Not known No
John Seaforth Marten-Harvey Christ Church HT 1920 Military Service (4.5 years) Possibly 1897-1975, if his full name was John (?Selwyn) Seaforth Elton Martin Harvey. Actor, stage name of Michael Martin-Harvey, he was the son of Sir John Martin-Harvey [also an actor, see here]. Certificate in Cultural (Social) Anthropology, June 1921. Certificate in Cultural (Technology) Anthropology, June 1922. Yes
Mario Pinto Levy Trinity HT 1920 Responsions Mods. Military Service According to here he served in the British Mission Portuguese Corps (British Army) during the first world war. Dates and other biography unknown but probably this person: … C'était un homme charmant, imperturbable et généreux. Descendant d'une famille anglaise enracinée au Portugal de longue date, il était un grand mutilé de la guerre de 1914-1918, ayant subi une fracture au crâne, sauvé par son ordonnance qui l'avait traîné à l'abri. Guéri, il s'occupa des plantations de cacao familiales à Madère et de la maison ancestrale à Lisbonne, au coeur de la capitale. ... À la deuxième guerre, il refusa de vendre son cacao aux Allemands, malgré des offres alléchantes. Après la débâcle de 1940 il mit sa maison à la disposition du consulat anglais pour y héberger ceux qui étaient en route pour reprendre le combat. ...’ [Note that website from which information was obtained has now disappeared] Not known No
Mary Angela Mond Lady Margaret Hall HT 1920 Responsions 1901-1937. Full name Mary Angela Willoughby Mond (later Hordern). Daughter of the Minister of Health, Alfred Moritz Mond, 1st Baron Melchett. Married Neville Arthur Pearson in 1922 and then Clifford Willoughby Peter Hordern in 1928. Not known No
William Montgomery McGovern Christ Church HT 1920 Ph.D. Tokyo (Anthropological Research Scholar to Japanese Government) 1897-1964. School of Oriental Studies, London Institution. Original work sent in at Examination - Native Tribes of Formosa, To Lhasa in Disguise Travelled extensively in Asia. Returned to USA as Assistant Curator of the Anthropology Department at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. In 1929 appointed Associate Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University; promoted to full professor 1936 held position until death. Described in Wikipedia as the inspiration for the character of Indiana Jones Not known No
Eion Pelly Donaldson Oriel TT 1920 Lit. Hum (Shortened Course) 1896-1963. Soldier, colonial administrator and civil servant, India Office. See here Not known No
Aylam Subramanier Panchabagesa Ayyar Not known MT 1920 Hist. Previous Dates and biography unknown Not known No
Kumara Padma Sivasankara Menon Christ Church MT 1920 Hist. Previous 1898-1982. Diplomat in Indian Civil Service. See here Not known No
Francis Bacon Lothrop Trinity MT 1920 3 years course at Harvard, including Anthropology 1898-1986. Seems to have lived in Massachusetts, USA. He rowed for Oxford in the 1921 Boat Race. See here for a biography of his brother (Samuel, a Latin American archaeologist). Diploma in anthropology, June 1921. No
Ruth Wedgwood Doggett Lady Margaret Hall MT 1920 BA,  Harvard USA 1896-1968. She studied at Berkeley, and then graduated from Radcliffe, she taught economics. Her obituary in Renaissance Quarterly says she studied for a Diploma in Economics during her year at Oxford. Married Clarence Kennedy in 1921 in London. She became Professor at Smith College and distinguished historian of Italian renaissance art. Not known No
Janet Blair McGovern Oxford Home Students MT 1920 B. Litt. Shorten College, Georgia, USA Janet Blair Montgomery McGovern 1879-1938. Mother of William Montgomery McGovern and wife of Felix Daniel McGovern, an army officer. They travelled a great deal. Author of two books. See here Diploma in Anthropology, June 1921 Yes
Isabel Marjorie Russell Oxford Home Students MT 1920 War service plus good school report. Admitted by Committee, October 1920 ?1896-1978 Possibly celebrated horticulturalist, rare plant specialist and second wife of Ellery Sedgwick see here Diploma in Anthropology, June 1921 No
Edward Joseph Anthony Richardson Loughrey Queen's MT 1920 Military Service excusing Responsions. Dates and biography unknown. Served with Royal Innis Fusiliers and Royal Garrison Artillery during first world war. He is possibly the Edward Loughrey mentioned here. Not known No
Alice Margaret Stevenson Somerville MT 1920 MA Oxon. MA D.Sc. Dublin 1875-1957. Author of several books including four about India. Alice Margaret Sinclair Stevenson MA Oxon SED Dublin buried at Dean's Grange Cemetery, Co. Dublin. Wife? of Reverend John Sinclair Stevenson (Irish Presbyterian Mission to Western India). See here Not known No

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