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British Library Tylor papers Add. 50254 f. 121

Letter from John Obidiah Westwood to Edward Burnett Tylor:

Oxford, Nov. 1882

Dear Sir,

We the undersigned being persuaded that it would be of much advantage and interest to the University that your views on Anthropological subjects should be brought forward here by yourself in person beg with the concurrence of the Vice-Chancellor to express a hope that it may suit your inclinations and convenience to deliver a series of lectures here during the ensuing term or the one following it.

Should you feel inclined to comply with our request [NEXT PAGE] arrangements will be made that a suitable lecture room shall be set apart for your use and that your lectures shall be duly announced in the University Gazette.

Trusting that we may receive at your convenience a favourable reply

We remain
dear Sir
Faithfully yours

[My thanks to Ollie Douglas and Chris Wingfield for pointing out this letter]

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