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Date 1880 27th June
1st July
1881 30th March
Nature of Document
Letter: Gen. Pitt Rivers to A.W. Franks of the British Museum.
Letter: Gen. Pitt Rivers to A.W. Franks
Letter: Professor Moseley to A.W. Franks
Content of Document
Explains the special purpose and mode of arrangement of his collection and stresses that it would be a useful adjunct to those in the B.M. which cannot itself arrange its exhibits educationally. Asks for Franks’
support in setting it accepted.
Imposes two conditions: a) adequate space b) sole control with power to act during his
Turns down suggestion that his collection should remain at South Kensington but
be run administratively by the B.M. Say its proper place is Science and Arts Department of the B.M. and stresses its scientific character.
Again points out the necessity of keeping authority and the power of decision in
the hands of one man.
He would impose no stipulation as to conditions after his death.
Tells him that, on the suggestion of Professor Westwood, Professor of
Entomology at Oxford, Gen. Pitt Rivers has authorised him to offer the collection to the University of Oxford. He has done so and the matter will come before the Hebdomadal Council in the second or
third week of April.
Expresses his own high opinion of the collection and his conviction of its great value to Oxford both by reason of its anthropological importance and educational
value. Degrees in anthropology are to be initiated shortly and this opportunity of acquiring such material should be taken.

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