Report of the Pitt-Rivers Museum 1921

Considerable alterations were carried out in the Lower Gallery, which has had to be closed to the public for a time. A large range of new wall-cases was erected on the N. side, and this involved moving a number of table-cases, cabinets &c., further along the gallery and to a great extent reorganising several series. This work was still proceeding at the end of the year. The series of ceremonial weapons and tools has been rearranged in one of the wall-cases; the specimens are now protected from damage, and the labels have been renewed where necessary. Another new wall-case contains a portion of the collection of objects acquired from the pastoral peoples of E. Central Africa, collected by the Rev. J. Roscoe during the Mackie Ethnological Expedition. A further wall-case is used for exhibiting a part of the series of fishing appliances which badly required protection under glass. Many other important rearrangements have been carried out in the same gallery.

A number of specimen cabinets have been added in various parts of the building, thus adding to the space available for exhibited and research series.

The upper portion of the Museum House was assigned to the Museum, but occupation and fitting up of the premises for use was unfortunately delayed and the building could not be brought into use during 1921.

Mr G.R. Carline has continued to act as assistant to the Curator and has largely been engaged in labelling and cataloguing. The existing card-catalogues have been brought up to date.

The allocation to the Pitt Rivers Museum from the Government Emergency Grant was less by £150 than the sum granted last year.

The usual courses of lectures to Anthropological Diploma Students were given by the Curator throughout the year, and several special lectures in the Museum and elsewhere, including the “Huxley Memorial Lecture” in London.

Increasing use has been made of the Museum by local schools, numerous classes of school children having been held in the building. Parties of school teachers were also taken round the Museum, and the teaching capabilities of the exhibits were explained to them by the Curator, on behalf of the Board of Education. Researchers continue to make considerable use of the valuable material in the Museum.

Accessions have been numerous and in many cases of great importance. Special reference may be made to the collection made during the Mackie expedition by the Rev. John Roscoe, whose object was to study the culture of the pastoral peoples of Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankole and other parts of E. Central Africa. This collection is a valuable and instructive acquisition and has been presented by Mr Roscoe. Mrs C.F. Wood generously presented a considerable number of specimens collected by her husband, chiefly in the S. Pacific between the years 1867 and 1873. Many of the objects are now of great rarity and of much value to the Museum. Mr. L.C.G. Clarke has again proved a generous donor, chiefly of archaeological specimens. The Ancient Peruvian collection has been enriched by donations from Dr. H.O. Forbes and by the fine series of pottery vessels given by Mr. J.H. Spottiswoode. The collection from the Naga Hills (chiefly from the Lhota tribe) deposited by Mr. J.P. Mills is also noteworthy.

A full list of accessions is appended.

Wooden tumbler-lock from Arab house, Medeuine, Tunisia. Presented by Dr. T. Ashby and Mrs. and Miss Hosali. Combined bone snuff-spoon and comb, Kaffir, Natal; dagger, Ovampo, SW. Africa; 3 wooden sword-clubs, Queensland; Neolithic celt and side-scraper of flint, hafted in model handles to illustrate Neolithic method. Presented by H. Balfour, M.A. Railway token used as currency, Paris. Presented by F.A. Bather, D.Sc., F.R.S. Bamboo whistle and 2 bamboo flutes used by beggars, wooden hollow gong, and Il pigeon-whistles, Peking, China, Presented by H. Beasley. Caul of a child born in Oxford about 1830, P. Manning Coll. Presented by Bodley's Librarian. Fakir's piked staff for self-torture, India; string-work loop worn on elbow, 2 string-work waist ornaments worn by women, 2 string belts which are tightened in times of hunger, and string-work pubic tassel, Port Darwin, N. Australia. Presented by C.S. Bompas. Sword with " kopis " blade, Persian or Turkish. Presented by H.B. Bompas, M.A. Very fine Mangaian ceremonial adze, Hervey Is. Presented by Miss A.C. Breton. Maori woman's skirt of Phormium tenax, New Zealand. Presented by Mrs. Staples-Brown. 33 pygmy and other flint implements, March Hill, Marsden, 6 very small flint implements, Cupwith Hill, Marsden, and flint flake, Dean Clough, Saddleworth, Yorkshire. Presented by Capt. F. Buckley. Stone celt, Puso Puso, near Asiakwa, 2 stone celts used as protection against thieves, Lower Insuta, Obuasi, and 3 fragments of ancient pottery, Gold Coast; head of iron toggle-harpoon, Eskimo; Apache stone arrow-shaft straightener, Santa Fe, New Mexico; 2 spindle-whorls and hook of red-deer's antler, from Lake Dwelling, L. Neuchatel; 4 glazed tiles from a Buddhist temple at Maymyo, Upper Burma; fish-hook shank, Tonga; and an old iron knife. Presented by A.J. de Havilland Bushnell. Spindle with stone whorl, Sierra Leone; chert flake, Santa Verna, Gozo, Malta; 34 Neolithic potsherds, 18 Bronze Age ditto, cutting-edge of small Neolithic celt, Neolithic scraper, 2 sling stones, pottery loom-weight … &c., collected at Hal Tarxien, Hal Saflieni, Hagiar Kim, Bahria, &c., in Malta; pivot-base of potter's-wheel, Birchircara, "quill” of loom-shuttle, Musta, modern hand-made pot, pottery cooking-stove, lime-stone model of charcoal cooking-stove, pottery money-box, pottery saucer-lamp, &c., Modern Malta. Presented by L.H.D. Buxton, M.A. 2 slings, Builsa Tribe, Northern Territory, and 12 quartz implements from near Navaro, Gold Coast. Presented by A.W. Cardinall. Tramway ticket, Marseille, and 2 Paris tram-tokens used as currency; currency-note and 2 pieces of local currency, Amiens; currency-note, Evreux, France; l0-pfennig piece local currency, Altenburg, 9 currency-notes, Cologne, Magdeburg, Lubeck, Buxtehude, Harburg, &c., Germany; string made from paper, Denmark. "Hand of Fatima" amulet, Mohammedan; 2 glass "eye" amulets, Jerusalem; wooden coffin for mummied snake, Ancient Egyptian. Pottery pipe-bowl, Mapanza, north of Choma, Northern Rhodesia; bone comb, Chinyanya, Likoma I., 2 grass armlets worn by children, and canoe-bailer, Likoma I., L. Nyasa; horn ring, Kota Kota, and brass finger-ring, Lake Nyasa; 2 transverse flutes, buzzing musical instrument with vibrating membrane, Likwenu, N. of Zomba, Shire Highlands, 2 models of fish-traps, wooden peg-top, pipe-bowl, snuff bottle, packet of khol and brass instrument for applying it to the eyes, 2 hair bracelets, 7 grass armlets worn by children, 2 brass wire armlets, armlet carved from elephant foot, and armlet of white metal, Nyasaland; penannular armlet, ?Nyasa; cake of native tobacco, Central Africa. Iron knife and grass used by mat- and basket-makers, "chew-stick" tooth-brush, armlet, hinged bracelet (Indian type), and "earth-cake" containing bhang, Zanzibar; spiral armlet, and 5 graduated metal lip-studs, Makonde women, North of Rovuma R.; pump-drill, fire-making stick, wooden spoon, 3 wire bracelets, 2 combs, wooden dance mask, ditto showing wearing of lip-stud, wooden lip-stud, large wooden model knife used in games, toy gun, 2 carved wooden birds, and reed side-flute, Yao, Makonde, &c., Luatala, between Masasi and Rovuma R., E. Africa. Presented by G.R. Carline. Model of a gufa (boat) used on the Tigris and Euphrates, goat-skin used inflated as support in crossing rivers, sling for scaring birds, Mesopotamia; double musical pipe, circular hide shield, dagger hammer used also as weapon, and 2 ball-headed clubs, Arab, Mesopotamia. Presented by Lord Carmichael. Number of flint and chert implements (scrapers, burins, saws, knives, &c.), mostly Neolithic and some possibly Aurignacian, from near Nordrach-upon-Mendip, Somerset. Presented by Rev. F.H. Carr. Carved fetish figure, Jarawa tribe, Bauchi Plateau, N. Nigeria. Presented by Miss Chitty. Tram token, 2 gilt tokens, Paris, token, Bayonne, 2 French postage-stamps mounted, and 4 Italian ditto, Casciana, Italy, all used as temporary or local currency. Axe-blade, leaf-shaped blade, celt, 2 arrow-heads, and 8 spindle-whorls, all of stone, Aberdeenshire; stone axe-hammer, Bellaghy, Co. Antrim, and stone arrow-head, N. Ireland; jadeite celt, I. Of Melos; EUROPE. Fragments of stained and embroidered leather, Tell-el-Amarna, Egypt (Ancient); 9 stone celts, Libyan Desert; fan, E. Sudan type; heavy chopping-knife, Galla, near Lake Zwai, and 2 daggers, Somali, E. Africa; iron gong used ill dances, Baoule Dist., Ivory Coast, W. Africa; aluminium penis-cover made in England for trade with S. African natives; AFRICA. Bronze celt, S. Siberian type; silver chatelaine from a Lepcha woman, Sikkin1; oboe for temple use, Tibet; pounding and grinding stone, Kabrai, N.W. Provinces, India; 2 slate blades, bronze arrow-head, and bronze pellet-bell, Corea; ASIA. 57 stone implements, TASMANIA. Green-stone celt, Alaska, bone awl and bone knife, Eskimo, N. Alaska. Double-ended dagger, ?Haida, slate-stone pipe, and 2 whistles, Haida, Queen Charlotte I., stone celt, Queen Charlotte Sound, ditto and stone adze, Vancouver, stone celt, Clinton, and 2 green-stone celts, British Columbia; stone celt, Tobique R., New Brunswick; ditto, Mississagua R., and portion of elaborately painted deer-skin coat, Algonquin, Ontario; CANADA. 4 Forehead bands for carrying loads, Skokomish, Washington Territory; flint arrow-head, California; chert spear-head, New York State; stone arrow-head, Maryland; 2 quartzite ditto, Virginia; "banner-stone", Michigan; slate-stone plaque, Vincennes, Indiana; ditto, Grove Port, and stone spear or knife blade, Ohio; ditto, Cooke Co., E. Tennessee; ditto, Pittsfield, and 2 stone arrow-heads, Illinois; 3 spear-heads, and 6 arrow-heads, Georgia; 3 stone arrow-heads, Missouri; Mexican chocolate-stirrer, and chert arrow-head, San Antonio, chert blade, Lake Medina, and jasper arrow-head, near Adamana, Texas; Pueblo adze, and rough wooden plough, Laguna, and pottery jug, San Ildefonso, New Mexico; early pottery bowl and jar, Casa Grande Ruins, 8 chert arrow-heads, and Hopi rattle, flute, and rabbit-stick, Arizona; U.S.A. Obsidian lip-stud, and bronze pellet-bell, Ancient Mexico, obsidian arrow-head, Jalisco, Mexico; sand-stone celt, Bermuda; pair of skin gloves, and pipe-tomahawk, N. American Indian; 2 " banner-stones ", 4 arrow-heads, and chert borer, NORTH AMERICA. Pair of saddle-bags, and belt with prophylactic designs, NW. Guatemala, 10 ground stone celts, San Miguel, S. Guatemala, fore-head band for carrying loads, City of Guatemala, ancient pottery vessel, Quiche, Chilean silver coin surcharged "Guatemala", cloth embroidered with figures of birds, small stone celt, and spindle-whorl, Guatemala; 13 ancient pottery figurines and parts of pots, and small double pot, San Salvador; stone head of bark-cloth beater, Nicoya, Costa Rica; CENTRAL AMERICA. 2 stone celts, Jamaica; I ditto, Haiti, 2 ditto, Porto Rico; 3 wax "ex voto" figures, Antigua; stone celt, and stone axe-blade, Guadeloupe; ditto, ditto, St. Vincent; shell adze-blade, and green-stone celt, Barbadoes; stone axe-blade, Grenada; and 2 stone celts, WEST INDIES. Very rare wooden club with celt inserted to form an axe, British Guiana; stone axe-blade, Brazil; perforated ditto, Ecuador type; pottery human figurine, Ancon, and stone celt, Cuzco, Peru; modern sling, La Paz, nolivia; vulcanite token used as currency, Chile; silver "bombilla" for "mate" drinking, Argentina; S. AMERICA. Presented by Louis C.G. Clarke, M.A. 6 chert and jasper arrow-heads found near Adamana, Texas. Presented by L.C.G. Clarke and J. St. Maur Ramsden. Malay fire-piston made by a Patani Malay of Batu Kurau, Perak. Presented by Ivor H.N. Evans, B.A. Baker's tally, Rethondes, Aisne, France; flint flake, and 2 flint blades, Wady el Sheikh, E. Desert, Egypt; stringwork bag, Ucayali R., Upper Amazon, and modern wooden spoon, Lima, Peru. Specimens from his Ancient Peruvian Collection, viz.: wooden spade, sling, 5 wooden spindles, several thread-winders and tapestry-needles, thread on winder and thread on reeds, spindle and pottery whorl, weaving sticks(?), loom-"sword", needle, 4 thorn pins, engraved bamboo tube, pot, woven bag containing coca-leaves, notched-flute of reed, &c., Nasca; club-headed staff, piece of tapestry cloth, 2 figures of cloth (? dolls), Tamboinga; sling, wooden digging implement (?), vegetable-fibre cord, potsherd, fragment of cloth, Candivilla, Chillon Valley; pebble pottery-smoother (? Huacho; bronze depilating-tweezers, beads and string of beads, 9 shell pendants, Chillon Valley; bronze mace-head, carved wooden beam of weighing-balance, bronze depilating-tweezers, Encalada; stone pestle, Huarmey; 3 pottery vessels, Chimbote, Ferroc Bay; small notched-flute of bone, Neveria; sling, 3 hanks of cord, 3 varieties of cordage, ball of fine string, cords of plaited fibre, loop of plaited cord, ornamental terminal of sling or carrying-cord, spun yarn, coloured hair and wool thread, 5 thread winders, spindle and tapestry-needles, 3 pottery spindle-whorls, needle, portion of shell for pottery making (?), 2 pots, 5 potsherds, pot figure of a llama, 2 pottery figurines, pottery doll, 3 pieces of network, 2 network bags, 2 basketry bags, 2 woven bags for coca-leaves, 20 pieces of cloth and numerous fragments, pottery whistle, pottery model of a maize-head, locks of human hair, reed cross wound with cotton threads, &c., Ancon, Peru. Presented by Dr. H.O. Forbes. Flint implement, Boar's Hill, near Oxford. Presented by Rev. L.W. Grensted. Objects from the Oxford Excavations in Nubia, 1913, viz.:4 pottery bowls, 5 sherds, fragments of Ethiopian coarse red pottery, 3 iron lance-heads, tanged and barbed chalcedony arrow-head, child's bronze armlet, 2 small bronze rings, 2 ivory armlets, series of uzat (" Eyes of Horus ") in faience, stone, and silver, series of single and double "eye" beads in faience, faience eye symbol, series of cowrie shells and imitations in faience, stone, and silver, 12 miniature cowries in faience, 7 faience scarab-seals, 39 faience pendants in various forms, 3 alabaster pendants in form of flies, 2 silver pendants in form of Bes, faience necklet, numerous beads chiefly of faience but including ostrich egg-shell, bronze, silver, jasper, agate, carnelian, other stones, and a seed, pieces of galena used ? as a pigment, pottery crucible for copper-smelting, &c., from the Cemetery, Temple, Treasury, and Town-site at Sanam, Dongola, Nubia, 700-500 B.C. Presented by F.Ll. Griffith, M.A. Part of lower jaw-bone and 2 fingers excised by native surgeon, Menaa, spring for widening surgical incision, wooden circumcision instrument, Shawia, Djemora, 2 potsherds, Shawia, Beni Ferah, coiled basket, Shawia, Menaa, and silver pendant hand amulet, Shawia, Aures Mts.; 4 cauteries used by Shawia surgeons of Djemora, Menaa, and El Kantara, small wooden door-lock, Arab, El Kantara, Algeria. 4 currency-notes, Paris, French Army Treasury, and Constantine, Algeria. Presented by M.W. Hilton-Simpson, B.Litt. Paris omnibus token used as currency during the War. Presented by Edwin Hollis. 19 pottery figurines and parts of figures, Ancient Cyprus. Presented by G.D. Hornblower. Coffee-making outfit, viz.: carrying-bag, basket for coffee-pot, pottery coffee-pot, wooden ditto, ring-pad, pestle and mortar, dish for charcoal fire, and fan for blowing up the charcoal fire, E. Sudan. Presented by Mrs. G.D. Hornblower. Iron spear-head, ? East Central Africa. Presented by Rev. Ethelbert Horne. Hindu horoscope, N. India; large cloth with anthropomorphic designs, Rengma, Naga Hills, and wooden oboe, Kachari, Assam. Presented by J.H. Hutton, M.A., I.C.S. Pair of XVIII century percussion pistols made by W. Hole, Bristol, with barrel-spanner, powder-and-bullet flask, box of percussion-caps, and 3 bullet moulds. Presented by W. Hatchett Jackson, M.A. Eskinio man's clothing, viz.: seal-skin coat, 2 cariboo-skin coats, ditto cap, 2 pairs of skin outer socks, seal-skin shoes, and cariboo-skin gloves, made by the Copper Eskimos of Dolphin and Union Strait, Coronation Gulf, Arctic Canada. Presented by D. Jenness, M.A. 2 flint implements, Grimes Graves, Norfolk. Presented by Rev. H.O. Kendall, M.A. Lip-plug worn by women, N.konde Plateau, N. of Rovuma R, E. Africa. Presented by W.A. Lamborn. Fan of peacock's feathers, and knife, Cochin, Madras; 2 arrow-heads, and 70 flint implements, Mendip Hills, Somerset. Presented by A.W. Lawrence. Conventionalized bronze figurine, N. Syria; string of shell-bead money, Malaita, teeth of dolphins used as currency, Guadalcanar, 2 pendant crosses of turtle-shell made by Christian native, Savo, and part of necklet of Pteropus canine teeth and fish vertebrae, Solomon Islands; 2 ear-rings of turtle-shell worn by men, Santa Cruz Islands; wig-curler, and parts of 3 Bellarmine pots, Oxford; 2 cock-fighting spurs. Presented by Mrs. and Dr. T. Lawrence. Nearly complete skeleton of a native woman of Mt. Windsor, NE. Queensland. Presented by Dr. Guy L'Estrange. Chert arrow-head from Heights of Chubut, Porto Madred, and 2 ditto, St. Julian, S. of Rio Negro, Patagonia. Presented by W.R. Lively. Old pottery sherd, 3 blankets, and rattle, New Mexico; Navajo blanket, Arizona, New Mexico; Winnebago bag of pounded cedar-bark, Wisconsin Nebraska, U.S.A.; and old Dutch wooden pipe-case, Holland. Presented by S. K. Lothrop. Tobacco-pipe, double jew's-harp,knife,spear-head, bag, cloth, and coiled basket, Taiyal, Formosa. Presented by Mrs. McGovern.  Sample of bones, &c., excavated from the "Rodent" layer, St. Brelade's Cave, Jersey. Presented by R.R. Marett, M.A., D.Sc. Girl's silver pubic ornament, Tidong tribe, Labuk R., Brit. North Borneo. Presented by C.D. Martyn. Nose-flute, 2 musical-bows, 2 jew's-harps, and hand fire drill, Vonum tribes, Central Formosa. Presented by Prof. A. Matsumura. Model of Malecite birch-bark canoe, Eastern Algonquins of E. Canada. Presented by W.H. Mechling. Fish-hook holder of palm-leaf with I4 fish-hooks, ?Society Islands. Presented by J.P. Mills, B.A., I.C.S. 12 very roughly-made flint implements, Cromer, Norfolk. Presented by J. Reid Moir. Old Welsh harp. Presented by J.G. Morley. Specimens collected in E. Central Africa, viz.: tobacco-pouch of skin, wooden case for beer tubes, black pottery flask for honey-mead, pottery censer for fumigating skin clothing, wooden milk vessel, Ba-Tutsi; 2 sets-of cords plaited by Ba-Twa and used by Ba-Hutu women as belts; fringed ornament of fibre used as a towel, Kiziba, E. Lake Victoria; wood for making incense, Kiziba and Ruanda; fruit-shell rattle, and a gourd rattle used in initiation ceremonies, gourd, wicker tray and double-mouthed pottery vessel, all three for mead, and used in the same ceremonies, 3 coiled baskets, Ruanda; rope sling for carrying gourds, Banya-Ruanda; iron-bladed adze, Kinya-Ruanda; 2 armlets used as currency, British Ruanda; iron spear-head used in rain-making rites, Ba-Hororo, SW. Edward Nyanza; iron-bladed adze, British Rukiga (Kigesi); and lump of metallic iron used as currency 3 Rukiga. Presented by Capt. J.E. Philipps, M.C. Specimens collected during the latter part of the Mackie Ethnological Expedition to E. Central Africa, viz.: Large wooden smith's bellows, 3 old royal spears, 3 wooden dishes, 2 wooden milk pots in process of manufacture, finished milk pot of wood, wooden water pot and wooden pail for watering cattle, 2 wooden wash-hand basins, very large pipe, 2 rattles, rain-maker's outfit, rain-maker's whistle and "medicine", amulet of strung wood, 2 pregnancy amulets, and sacred wand, ANKOLE. Dagger, 7 royal spears, cane-work shield, 2 hide ditto, royal sword, lion skin as used with the royal sword, royal sceptre, 2 samples of iron-ore, piece of native metallic iron, iron axe-blade and 2 iron hoe-blades to show process of manufacture, royal meat and vegetable dish, soup dish and ladle, large stool used as throne by Kabarega, cow-skin as that on which the stool was placed, rush bag, rush mat, basket frame on which bark-cloth is put for fumigation, very large old pottery beer pot, 2 wooden rollers for imprinting pattern on pottery, potter's shaping tool, black pottery milk pot, royal ditto, 2 sacred wooden milk pots, furnace for fumigating the latter, 5 royal milk mats, objects connected with giving the king milk in the Royal Milk-pot Ceremony, 3 rolls of vegetable fibre, princess's string-work belt and necklace of glass beads, 2 penannular bracelets, skin dance-belt, wooden drum, 2 royal ditto, 4 wooden royal "bugles" only used for dances, iron cow-bell, dance rattle, 2 magical rings placed on road at Kigorobye, gourd pot of "medicine", 2 royal horn "fetishes", 2 "fetishes" covered with cowries worn over shoulders by king when bathing, " fetish " put to the king's forehead each morning to bring blessing to the pregnant, cow's horn into which the king spits before bathing, rain-maker's outfit, king's rain-maker's outfit, king's set of objects for ceremonies of celebrating twin-birth, BUNYORO. 2 crocodile eggs as used to hold the poison which the kings of Ankole and Bunyoro took to end their lives. Quiver containing fire-stick, cattle-bleeding arrow and 5 poisoned arrows, Sabei Tribe, Mt. Elgon; zither played by girls, and quartz pendant worn through the lower lip by women, Ba-Geshu, Mt. Elgon. Presented by Rev. J Roscoe, M.A. Trap for catching gazelles, &c, Air, Southern Sahara, NW. of L. Chad. Presented by Lord Rothschild. Basket for carrying fire-sticks, &c., W. Australia. Presented by Rev. Finlay Sanderson. Head-rest for sticking in soft ground, and iron ring worn on finger for gashing enemy's face, Turkana, L. Rudolph, E. Central Africa. Presented by C.G. Seligman, M.D, F.R S. Stone fishing-line sinker (?), 5 ground stone adze-blades, 3 quartzite flakes and a spall, and 4 pieces of cut and shaped bird bones, Otago District, New Zealand. Presented by H.D. Skinner. 89 pottery vessels and 3 figurines, Ancient Peru, probably Truxillo district. Presented by J.H. Spottiswoode. Used and unused crucibles, iron tongs, and wooden fire-stirrer used in modern brass-casting, iron knife, and iron comb, Benin; I0 specimens illustrating bronze-casting by the cire perdue process at the present day in the neighbourhood of Benin, W. Africa. Presented by P. Amaury Talbot. Bag of woven grass cloth, and plaited grass penis-cover, Verri Pagans, Yola Prov., 2 iron throwing-knives, Yola Prov., coiled basket, Pagan natives, Muri Prov., and iron horse-bit, Fulani, N. Nigeria. Presented by Capt F.W. Taylor. Set of 5 gilt buttons, Tibet; and granite implement (?Head of a blunt spear), Musiguassu R. San Paolo, Brazil. Presented by Mrs. F.W. Thomas. Pouch with looped handle of date-palm spathe, Basra, Persian Gulf. Presented by R. Campbell Thompson, M.A. 114 tracings of Bushman paintings and engravings. Presented by Mrs. M. Helen Tongue. Specimens from the collection of the late Sir E. B. Tylor, viz.: old Persian composite bow, 13 arrows, quiver, bow-case and 2 bow-strings, collected by Col. Sir R. Murdoch Smith; 7 casts from impressions of Assyrian cylinder-seals; imitation silver dollars for burning at funerals, &c, Hangchow, China; 3 cake-like figures of Burmese Elephant god; 2 partly carved mandrake-roots, Asia Minor, ASIA. Calabar-beans for poison ordeal, W. Africa; 2 casts from Predynastic stone palette, Egypt; 2 Arab reed writing-pens, Algeria; head-rest of Kaffir-chief, Natal, AFRICA. Pair of cock-fighting spurs, 7 Mexico; obsidian flake and scraper, Mexico; pottery tobacco-pipe, Canada; 2 circular shields covered with painted deer-skin used in dances, Navajo, Arizona; jingle of deer-hoofs, and 2 deer-skin pouches, ?Arizona; 15 early currency-notes 1763-1776, NORTH AMERICA. Engraved spoon and 2 needle-cases of reindeer horn, Lapp, Finmarken; carved saddle, Norway; 4 rosaries of leather, Greek Church, Russia; amulet figure of St. Antony of Padua, Padua, and 5 silver cimaruta amulets, Naples, Italy; 5 specimens of “worm-knot", Ireland; model of a coracle as used on R. Dee, N. Wales, pair of mole's feet carried as cure for toothache, Wheaton Aston, Staffordshire; onion and another object stuck with pins, both used in sympathetic magic, Somersetshire; and a " cramp-bone " carried as prophylactic against cramp, S. England. Presented by Miss D. Tylor and the late Lady Tylor's executors. Piece of painted bark-cloth, Fiji; and 58 photographs of Natives, scenery, &c., in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and New Zealand. Presented by Prof. S.H. Vines, M.A., F.R.S. Cast of artificially-shaped wooden point found with "Mesvinian" flint implements in the Elephas antiquus bed at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex Presented by S. Hazzledine Warren. Hammer-stone, iron-slag from old native smelting, and stone on which celts were ground, Obuasi, 4 Ashanti gold weights, Oboum and Konongo, brass box for presenting measured gold-dust as tribute to a chief, Oboum; human head of cast brass to commemorate killing a man, Jarman, Ashanti; 14 stone celts, Ashanti and Gold Coast; 4 bauxite beads from the Kwahu Plateau, and 19 beads traded by Hausas Gold Coast. Presented by Captain R. P. Wild. The Collection of the late C.F. Wood, made about 50 years ago, viz: paddle, ?Buka; bamboo lime-box, Ysabel; shell nose-bar, Malaita; club, 3 glaive-clubs, 3 small ditto carried in dances, bow, 17 arrows, wicker-work shield, 2 paddles, 24 stone adze-blades, iron adze-blades, stone implement ? for scraping, 7 shell food-scrapers, stone ditto of same shape, food-rasp of wooden board with inserted pegs, food-mortar, mortar for ?betel-nut, wooden food-bowl, 7 fish-hooks, gourd for powdered lime with palm-wood lime-lifter, bamboo lime-box, receptacle of nutshell, depilating-forceps(a bivalve shell), 2 women's waist-fringes, pair of armlets and anklets of plaited grass, 2 armlets or anklets of plaited vegetable strips, 7 shell armlets, 7 armlets of beads on string-work, 2 belts of similar work, string of beads used for ornament and currency, necklet of coix Lacryma seeds, dance ornament of split nutshells, 4 necklets of dogs' canine teeth, necklet of dolphins' teeth, 3 shell necklets, 8 shell disks and plaques engraved with figures of frigate-birds, &c., pearl-shell crescent for hanging from neck, 4 turtle-shell nose-clips, 2 inlaid wooden ear-studs, and 5 combs, San Cristoval; 2 lime-lifting sticks, and necklet of teeth and beads, ?San Cristoval; 2 combs, and necklet of dolphins' teeth and trade beads, SOLOMON ISLANDS. Stone axe or adze-blade, 11 clubs, 4 bows, 22 arrows, 3 bamboo combs, 2 wooden combs, 4 hair-pins, and double hairpin, Eromanga; stone axe or adze-blade, Dillon's Bay, Eromanga; wooden club with arm-sling, Malekula; 4 locks of hair served round with narrow strips, Futuna (or ?Tanna), NEW HEBRIDES. 2 engraved cypraea shells, which are ?penis-covers from Admiralty Islands. Cannibal-fork, Levuka, 7 clubs, 3 stone adze-blades, 2 chief's necklets of sperm-whales' teeth, 4 neck pendants of ditto, sheet of painted bark-cloth, Fiji; 8 teeth of killer-whale (?), for stringing as an ornament, ? Fiji. Large fish-hook, Tonga. Long spear with sting-ray points, very old and kept in "temple", 3 clubs, 3 tridacna-shell balls formerly used as throwing-weapons but later used for pounding food, 10 adze-blades of stone and shell, ROTUMA. Pair of fine string-work ornaments, 19 plaques of red shell perforated ? to form armlets, 2 old fish-hook shanks formerly used as currency, necklet of beads, 4 shell adze-blades, 3 sashes of woven banana-fibre, 2 bark-cloth girdles, 2 coronets of bands of bark covered with beads, Ponape; 4 bark-cloth wooden mallets, ? Ponape; 13 shell adze-blades, I ditto hafted, shell food-scraper, 2 stone bread-fruit pounders, 2 wooden food-pounders, carved bench for laying the warp for weaving, decorated basket containing weaving materials and objects, large weaving "sword", woven sash and parts of 2 others, II shell armlets, 7 turtle-shell pendants worn suspended from neck, 3 turtle-shell pendant ornaments (?), Ualan; wooden canoe-bailer, bamboo lime-holder, 2 plaited cases for tobacco and betel-nut, CAROLINE ISLANDS. Pillow, 6 pearl-shell fish-hooks, 6 unmounted pearl-shell shanks for similar fish-hooks, fisherman's basket containing fishing-line, fish-hook shanks and points, file, &c., 2 mats, 2 portions of similar mats, 3 strings of beads probably both for ornament and currency, string of disk-beads of red shell, Mille; and large fan of plaited palm leaf, ? MARSHALL ISLANDS. Stalagmite shank for fish-hook, fish-hook with similar shank, 4 necklets of disk-beads, Ocean Island; and long two-edged sword set with sharks' teeth, Kingsmill Islands. Fish-hook and line, 3 fans (Samoan type), and 2 old shell adze-blades, Nukufetau, Ellice Islands. Basalt mere, nephrite adze-blade, and basalt chisel, New Zealand. Spear-thrower (W. Australian type), 3 clubs, and 2 boomerangs (Queensland type), AUSTRALIA. 3 stone adze-blades, Perak. Club, and throwing-club, Palestine. Bronze statuette of ? Ram-headed god, ditto of Osiris, 6 miniature ditto and 2 heads of larger ditto, 5 ushabtiu (2 Luxor, 1 Medum), 4 small pottery human figures, pendant of 2 bronze figurines, 2I figurines of glazed-ware and stone, 14 examples of the symbolic "eye of Horus", 5 scarab plaques (Abydos), 11 scarab seals, 5 scaraboid seals, pottery head of negroid man (Tell-el-Amarna), wooden face from mummy-coffin, human ear carved in wood, part of plaque with relief figures, carnelian pendant, 9 pendants for necklets, several beads of crystal, glass, &c., and very small alabaster vase, ANCIENT EGYPTIAN. Black pottery foot-rasp, 4 coffee-cups, cup-holder, pipe-bowl, and 5 silver finger-rings, Modern Egyptian. Wooden spoon, ?Greece; carved wooden fork and 2 spoons, S. Norway, pair of white woollen embroidered gloves, ?S. Norway; small model of wooden plough, Russia, &c.; 349 photograph plates, 154 photographs, and 128 stereoscopic slides, mainly of the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. Presented by Mrs. C.F. Wood. Double coco-nut grater, staff with amulets, and' spear, Bondeland, Tanganyika Terr., E. Africa. Presented by Rev. Archdeacon H.W. Woodward. Chert spear-head, N. America; pottery lamp, Sinai; and Dervish padded headgear, Omdurman. Presented by Rollo Worthington.

Fijian club. (Cookson.) Wooden water-bowl, Victoria, Australia. (Lawrence.) 2 Ceremonial spears, Congo. (Partridge.) 44 stone arrow-heads, &c., Japan. (Sotheby.) Gong, and head-rest, Fiji; 2 model canoes, Gilbert Islands; 2 carved figures, New Georgia, Solomon Islands. (Stevens.) 3 pottery pipe-bowls, Mapanza, N. Rhodesia; 6 ditto, and 2 gourd water-pipes, Nyasa; pottery bowl, Kigongoi, and reed musical instrument, Luatala, Tanganyika Terr.; 3 pots, Pemba Island; and copper slave-anklet, Zanzibar. (Universities Mission to Central Africa.) 57 rough stone implements from Neolithic factory, Craig Lwyd, Penmaenmawr, Wales. (S. Hazzledine Warren.) Ceremonial mace, Malaita, Solomon Islands. (C.M. Woodford.)

Specimens collected in the Naga Hills, Assam, viz.: cross-bow, spindle-whorl, 2 wooden mallets for pottery-making, food-dish, basket, tobacco-pipe, cloth embroidered with anthropomorphic figures, warrior's cloth, dance "baldrick", cane helmet, dance chaplet, double "tail " for dances, 2 necklaces, collar of boars' tusks, pair of arm ornaments, pair of ear ditto, pair of ear pads, 2 jew's-harps, and 6 stone celts, Lhota; spear, raiding shield, string bag, basket for captured heads, and 2 hats, Phom; bark, bark thread on spindle, bark thread ready for weaving, and bag of bark thread, 2 baskets, tobacco-box, cloth, woman's skirt, woman's breast-cloth, woman's head-band, 5 hats, dance "tail", 2 necklets for boys, and man's neck ornament of brass in imitation of conch shell, Konyak; bamboo cup, man's cloth, boy's cloth, sash, 3 hats, German helmet made into a dance hat, and panji-basket dance "tail", Chang; pair of cane leggings, Chang and Aoshed; 3 bamboo cups, man's hair ornament, and man's hat, Chaokik; war-helmet, rich woman's skirt, chaplet, and man's necklace, Yachungrr; whetstone for dao, wooden pipe, and 2 women's metal wristlets, Kalyo-Kengyu; old man's dao-carrier, young man's ditto, boy's ditto, basket of bark, carved wooden head made as a substitute for a German head, for "gennas" for successful warriors on return of Naga Labour Corps from France, pipe, 9 pieces of iron currency, sash, 5 men's cloths, 2 girls' first skirts, and lo women's skirts, Ao; brass tobacco-box, 2 sashes, panji basket dance "tail", young woman's head-band, necklace, boy's toy " tail ", top spear and toy " cowrie apron " of wood, pair of man's ear-ornaments, and stone celt, Sema; 3 stone celts, Rengma; tassel, Tukomi Sangtam; chaplet worn by all Naga tribes near Mokokchung, Naga Hills. Knife, bamboo quiver and 27 arrows, Mishmi; knife, 2 drinking horns, brass pipe, tobacco-box, hair-ornament, ear-cleaner, and drum, Kuki, Assam; metal pipe from Abor Expedition of 1913, brought back by Ao Naga. Lent by J.P. Mills, BA., I.C.S.

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