Report of the Curator of the Pitt-Rivers Museum, 1920.
Progress has been made in working off the arrears of Museum work due to the War, but these arrears have involved a considerable strain upon the Museum staff. The extensive series of magical appliances, talismans, amulets, &c., has been partly revised, and the specimens have been relabelled where necessary. A number of series in the Lower Gallery underwent rearrangement and new groups were incorporated. In the Top Gallery progress was made in rearranging the series of weapons in the wall-cases, but a great deal remains to be done. The Neolithic series was partly regrouped, and this work is still in progress. In the Court one case was entirely rearranged, and several minor additions were made to the exhibited series. The card-catalogue has been continued by Miss Blackman. Mr. G.R. Carline has continued his work as Assistant Curator throughout the year. Several new drawer-cabinets have been added in the Lower Gallery, giving additional exhibition space, and a cabinet was purchased for the series of Rosaries, which has been rearranged.
Considerable use has been made of the Museum for instruction of school-children, and, at the request of the Board of Education, facilities were given to a number of teachers in public elementary schools. Assistance was given to several persons engaged in research work, and also to officials in the Colonial Service.
The Curator has given the usual courses of lectures and demonstrations to students for the Diploma in Anthropology.
Accessions to the Museum have been extensive and important. Of special interest is the collection of Melanesian objects generously presented by the Rev. R.H. Codrington, D.D., the result of many years of missionary work and anthropological study. The first instalments of the collection made by the Rev. John Roscoe in East Central Africa during the Mackie Ethnological Expedition were received. Great interest attaches to this collection,practically the whole of which has been given to Oxford. Mr. Louis C.G. Clarke has again proved a generous donor of specimens. Mr. J.P. Mills has placed on loan a valuable collection of specimens from the Naga Hills, Assam, supplementing the very important collection presented by Mr. J.H. Hutton.
The Montgomerie Bell archaeological collection was purchased, and enriches the Museum, especially with a very fine series of Oxfordshire specimens, which it was important to keep in the county; the remainder of this collection is of considerable interest.
A full list of accessions is appended.

Pair of snow-shoes, Canada. Presented by the Rev. Finlay Sanderson. Wooden "bull-roarer" used by boys as a toy, Clanfield, S.W. Oxon. Presented by D.J. Arkell. Iron ore, metallic iron and slag obtained from it by smelting, and standard iron ingot forged by native blacksmith from the same, Kibban; and a drum, Wamba, N. Nigeria. Presented by H.F. Mathews, C.S. 39 perforated quartz pebbles, 4 drilled stone beads, and stone polisher, Togoland. Presented by Capt. R.S. Rattray, M.B.E. 4 potsherds, ? Bronze-age, Whitepark Bay, Co. Antrim; flint axe-blade, Eriswell, Suffolk; naturally-perforated flint disk, Swanscombe, Kent; core (livre de beurre), Pressigny, and used flake of Pressigny flint, La Claisiere, Pressigny, France ; flint flake, Holbaek, Denmark; quartz implement, Orange, Virginia, U.S.A.; gambling-counter of the Casino, Dieppe, used as currency (I franc) during the War, 5 currency notes issued after the War from Rouen, Paris, and Dieppe, and French ditto issued during the War; winnowing-basket, Abbeville, France; skeleton fiddle with lettered finger-board, ? Flemish; pair of carved human figures, Yoruba; cross-bow, Ba-Fahn type, Gaboon, W. Africa ; pair of woman's gold ear-plugs, Zanzibar; Galla syrinx, and basketry flask, Jiren, Gallaland, E.Africa; sling, Somaliland; silver ear-scoop,Addis Abeba, Abyssinia; stone-ware vessel (? bomb for " Greek-fire") from refuse-heap at Fostat, Egypt; Tibetan prayer-wheel; bamboo head-rest, Fiji Islands ; 2 combs, Samoan type; gourd cup for maté, S. America; 2 animal-headed feet broken from pottery vessels, ? Costa Rica. Ancient Peruvian flat box-like rattle of reed-stems similar to Central African specimens, Nasca; pottery trumpet (Chimu type), strip of tapestry and fringed tapestry tunic-boarder (Chimu), Truxillo; and tapestry bag from grave, Chencay PERU. Objects from ancient sites around Manta, Manabi District, Ecuador, viz.:300 spindle-whorls, 80 printing stamps, 2 disks, small black-ware vessel, Il whistles in human and animal form, 42 human heads from figurines, &c., 13 ditto and I figurine showing ear-lobe dilation and the wearing of nose-ornaments, 22 portions of figurines, 21 figurines in animal form, and mould for casting a figurine in pottery, &c., all these of pottery. Presented by Louis C.G. Clarke, M.A. Combined percussion-gun and dao, Hsam Tao District, Chinese Shan States. Presented by W.A. Robertson. Suit of Japanese armour on native-made lay figure, and Malay kris with sheath. Presented by Mrs. A.N. Leeds. Black stone box carved with totemic designs, modern Haida work, N.W. America. Presented by Comr. A.C. Bell, R N. Pottery bowl found with others surrounding an iron-age stone burial-cist at Raigir, Haidarabad State, India. Presented by E.S. Hunt. A 3-stringed lute, Hausa; 2-stringed lute, Gwari country; and zither of parallel reed-stems, Bauchi, N. Nigeria. Musical instrument of sansa type, near Fumban (BaFum), and ditto from BaNyo, Cameroons. Presented by E.L. Mort. Partly-finished ring of cone-shell and borer of flint with which it was being ground out by a native at a village near Danae Harbour, Guadalcanar, Solomon Islands, I905. Presented by Sir Everard im Thurn, K.C.M.G. Corn-flail used for threshing on Hinnings House Farm, Ravenglass, Cumberland. Presented by Wm.H. Walker. Corn-flail used on Burnthwaite Farm, Wasdale, Cumberland. Presented by Wm. Russell. Musical instrument of sansa type with body of tortoise-carapace, Belgian Congo. Presented by H.C. Beasley. Complete suit of armour, man's complete costume, 6 costume figures, pair of small model clog-sandals, elaborate household shrine with figures in lacquered chest, case of writing materials, inro or drug-box, 6 coins (of gold, silver, &c.), and 2 government currency-notes for small amounts, Japan; 2 Uriya palm-leaf books, Madras Presidency. Presented by E. Sidney Hartland, M.A., F.S.A. Specimens collected in Melanesia, viz.: 2 walking-sticks, bark-cloth beater, coconut-shell vessel, 3 bamboo lime-boxes, 2 necklets, 2 shells perforated for stringing, 2 coconut-shell trinket-boxes, nut ditto, 2 fine paddles, nut-shell humming-top, rare toy of strung shell beads, and whale ivory charm to attach to a shield, Ysabel Island; stone adze-blade, and lime-gourd with spatula, Savo Island; paddle, large obsolete club from a shrine at Olevuga, white shell-bead money, red shell ditto, wooden ear-plug, syrinx of 10 pipes, and ditto with double row of pipes, Florida Island; dance club, 2 glaives, flying-fish trimmer, and I 2 combs, Malaita Island; large rare Tridacna-shell pounder and bark-cloth beater, fish-hook lure, Tridacna-shell ring, armlet of shell beads on string frame-work, wooden ear-plug, carved human figure, inlaid coconut-shell bowl, and ditto water-flask, Ulawa Island; stone-bladed adze, fine necklet of shell beads, ear-ornament made of strings of shells, worn by a widow, shell nose-bar, pearl-shell nose-pendant, inlaid coconut-shell trinket-box in form of a bonito, 2 inlaid coconut-shell spoon-cups, inlaid wooden carving of a man on a canoe, and 2 inlaid wooden food-bowls, San Cristoval Island; 2 clubs, ?Guadalcanar Island; 2 pump-drills, I9 shell and turtle-shell lures and fish-hook lures, fishing-net, 2 shell coconut-scrapers, 2 shell spoons, 6 valves of Meleagrina-shells used as knives, scrapers, &c., 3 netted bags, coconut-shell vessel, ditto cup, 18 shell armlets, 2 turtle-shell armlets, pair of child's grass-work armlets, 2 armlets of fibre-work patterned with shell beads, 2 necklets of shell beads and Gorgonia-stem, 3 necklets of teeth and beads, 2 brow-ornaments of Tridacna-shell with fretted turtle-shell overlay, 2 cone-shell pendants, Tridacna pearl, shell nose-bar, 2 nose-bars of grass-work over wood, 3 shell ornaments worn in the tip of the nose, inlaid carved wooden food bowl, and coconut-shell vessel, SOLOMON ISLANDS. 2 bows, 3I arrows, dance club, shell-bladed adze, trimmer for catching flying-fish, 2 coconut-scrapers of Nautilus shell, 2 wooden head-rests, 4 mats, 3 mat-work baskets or bags, 3 lime-gourds, 3 betelnut mortars, 3 loom-woven men's dresses, 2 girdles of shell beads, 4 Tridacna-shell breast ornaments, 4 turtle-shell nose-rings, turtle-shell nose-pendant, carved wooden food-bowl, toy canoe, and charm worn on finger of bow-hand by archers, SANTA CRUZ ISI.ANDS. 2 pudding knives, Vava; bow, 30 arrows, heavy wooden staff, shell-bladed adze, 2 Tridacna-sllell adze-blades, turtle-shell spatula, 3 palm-leaf baskets, 2 wooden food-bowls, 5 narrow mat-work dresses for women, comb, and 2 nose-bars, Torres Islands; mat-work basket, ?Torres Islands; arrow, 2 engraved ditto also used as currency, Tridacnashell adze-blade, and water-gourd in carrier, Santa Maria Island; shark-skin almond-grater, bamboo knife, piece of flaked obsidian, 4 wooden pudding-knives, 6 wicker baskets used as food-dishes, 12 mat-work baskets, mat-work satchel, 2 kava-dishes, shell-bead money, strings of Coix seeds used as money, a string of feathers used as necklet, anklet, and currency, ditto (Santa Maria and Meralava Islands), bag for currency strings, 7 engraved bamboo nose-bars, and charm stone for good crops, Banks Islands; 3 engraved cane walking- sticks, Aurora Island; arrow, fighting-club, shell-bladed adze, stone adze-blade, 4 mat-work dresses for men, narrow ditto for woman, and boar's tusk armlet (?), Aoba (Lepers') Island; transverse flute, Pentecost Island; stone-bladcd axe, mat-work man's dress, shell-bead armlet, and end-flute, NEW HEBRIDES ISLAND. 2 narrow mat-work dresses for women, ? New Hebrides. Throwing club ula, and stone-bladed adze, Fiji Islands; 3 mats, Melanesia; stone adze-blade, ?Melanesia; and piece of bark cloth made in Pitcairn Island by Dolly Young. Presented by the Rev. R.H. Codrington, D.D. Coconut water-ladle, 2 wooden spoons, wooden spoon with additional coconut-shell bowl, sample of bhang, 3 ear-plugs, 2 incense bowls placed on graves in Mohammedan cemetery, and pottery pipe-bowl used as incense cup to place in a tomb in Parsi cemetery on the anniversary of a death, Zanzibar; cupping-horn, Msalabani, Magila, Usambara; wooden spoon, and Achatina-shell amulet against the Evil-eye, Korogwe, Usambara, E. Africa; Makonde woman's lip-stud, and ditto lip- or ear-ornament, North of Rovuma R., E. Africa; pair of wooden clog-sandals, Lake Nyasa; model of kinu mortar, and snuff-gourd, Nyasaland; flat box-like rattle of split reed-stems used to attract small game animals, Mapanza; "porridge"- stirrer, and snuff-gourd, Chilikwa, N. Rhodesia; wooden ladle, and scoop, Central Africa; 2 wooden spoons, and facetted club, Africa; arrow, Solomon Islands; 3 arrows, Santa Cruz Islands; 2 clubs, New Hebrides; spear, New Britain; spear, Japan; large-bladed arrow, ?Chota Nagpur, Central India; fork, XVIIIth cent., 2 pairs of early spectacles, and pair of eye-glasses, English; Roman Catholic rosary of Coix lachrymama seeds. Woman's and child's clog-shoes, flour-ladle, 3 wooden spoons, 5 peasants' clasp-knives, pestle-and-mortar for grinding salt, and child's pottery money-box, Omegna, Lake Orta; wax votive-offering, Varallo; wooden clog-shoe, Novara ; reliquary, and cow-horn snuff-box, Bergamo; XVIIth cent fork, wooden clog-shoe, leather ditto, and 2 rosaries, Venice; 2 stamps used in N. Italy for small change, and 2 tram-tokens used for small change, Milan, N. Italy; &c. Presented by G.R. Carline. 4 fire-making appliances, Morehead R., W. Division, Gwoira and Maneao, Baniara Dist., N.E. Division, and Agemo tribe (Balatana), N.E. Division, Papua. Presented by H.E. The Hon. J.H.P. Murray, Lieut.-Governor of Papua. Decorated bag, Fort Rae, Great Slave Lake; quill-work belt, Fort Norman, Mackenzie R.; ditto, and fishing-line with hook, Mackenzie River Indians; lure-hook with baleen line,"Bad Eskimo", Mackenzie Bay, Canada. Presented by Miss Elizabeth Taylor. Pieces of twigs for cure of dysentery, Timne, Susu, and Mandingo; piece of bark for ditto, Susu; "medicine" to enable thief to steal with impunity, Timne, Yongroo, Bombala sub-district, sierra Leone; and stone with two holes, Sumbuya, Mende country, Sierra Leone. Presented by J. de Hart. Charm scroll of parchment inscribed in Amharic characters Abyssinia. Presented by Mrs. E.A.F. Hope. Maori carved wooden box; cuttle-fish lure, Tonga Islands; gourd cup and brass bombilla used in drinking maté, Chili; bronze Buddhistic figure, ? China; chop-sticks and knife in case, China; wooden spoon, ?Persia; double pottery vessel, Kabyle, Algeria; oil-lamp, Nimes, S. France; old sack-bottle, and Roman bowl, River Cherwell, Oxford From late Prof. H. N. Moseley's collection. Presented by Mrs. W.J. Sollas. 50 fragments of Neolithic pottery from megalithic temple sites, and 6 fragments of Brronze-age pottery, Hal Tarxien, Malta. Presented by Prof. T. Zammit, C.M.G., D.Sc. Small ground stone celt " thunderbolt ", Ofin R., Ashanti; ground stone celt, and hammer-stone, Obuasi, Gold Coast. Presented by A.J. de Havilland Bushnell. Phallic emblem worn by women in certain dances. - Nuba tribe, Talodi dist., S. Kordofan. Presented by T. Sheppard. Pottery water-cooler in form of a camel, French Somaliland; pottery vessel in form of a horse, Turkish; pottery mug, Modern Mexican. Presented by Miss E.C. Bell. 3 surgical instruments forming native surgeon's outfit, Ibo, Awgulu, S. Nigeria. Presented by P. Amaury Talbot. Adze-shaped, perforated pendant, Nicoya, Costa Rica; 18 fragments of pottery excavated by the Andover Pecos Expedition at Pecos, New Mexico. Presented by S.K. Lothrop. Cloth with conventional anthropomorphic designs in black wax, worn by a man who has taken a head, Rengma Naga of Themokedima village, Naga Hills. Presented by J.H. Hutton, I.C.S. Stabbing-knife made by " matutos" (up-country herdsmen), Pernambuco, Brazil. Presented by A.H. Frere. Sledge-runner of walrus-tusk, Western Eskimo; box-like rattle of reeds shaken to attract small game animals, N.E. Rhodesia; ditto, Nyasaland; 2 back-scratchers used by monks of Karyes, Mt. Athos; and 4 whistling arrows, China. Presented by H. Balfour, M.A. Female figure and female head of pottery, Cyprus; archer's bronze thumb-ring found in Egypt; bronze model of a steering-oar, and bronze object, possibly a harpoon-head, Ancient Egypt; tantur of silvered copper worn on the head by Druse women, Lebanon. Presented by G.D. Hornblower. String made from strips of long-fibre paper by Germans during the War. Presented by A.M. Blackman, M.A., D.Litt. Specimens collected during the Mackie Ethnological Expedition to E. Central Africa, viz.: charm to induce a cow to suckle her calf, 4 amulets to avert the Evil-eye, 2 spears, 2 Kiziba spears, staffwith iron spear point, bow with iron-bladed arrow, glaive-like knife, 2 dagger-shaped knives, chopping knife used for all purposes, lighter ditto carried by a chief, fire-drilling sticks, knife for dressing skins for clothing, 2 iron awls for stitching skins, 2 cases used by BaHima for storing sewing-needles, &c., 2 wooden stools, royal meat-dish of wood, similar royal food-dish of coiled basketry, gourd cup for feeding a baby with milk, wooden milk vessel with string-work carrying sling, wooden pot for butter, larger ditto used by women, pottery furnace-flask for burning grass to smoke milk vessels, 2 wooden spoons, wooden fork, native-made rope, tobacco-pipe, cake of tobacco, skin of the Red Duiker used as mat, zither used by women of the pastoral clans, wooden comb, perfumed butter for anointing royal personages, ox-horn containing ditto, gourd rattle used by a medicine-man when exorcizing spirits, and beadwork fillet worn by ditto when seeking an oracle, ANKOLE. Razor used in head-shaving, 3 royal manicure knives, 2 kisembo or coffee bel'ries done up in special wrapper for ceremonial presentation, white goat-skin dressed and worn by "princes" and "princesses", 3 string-work slings for carrying milk-pots, 3 pieces of bark-cloth, wooden spoon, wooden vegetable dish, basketry stand for milk vessel, 2 armlets of twisted iron, copper and brass beads, royal needle for bleeding on the forehead and scarifying, case for coffee-berries for hanging on the sceptre of a "princess", ditto used by a chief, prepared skin of a young lion for covering the throne of the "king", string-work bag, 2 valves of shells used in royal enclosure for eating vegetables, 2 forks (brass and iron) for feeding the "king" ceremonially, stone for giving silvery black lustre to pottery, 3 cauterizing-irons for blistering to cure headache, iron lever for extracting five lower teeth at puberty, string of seed beads, royal necklet of trade beads, brass armlet of the early "kings", amulet worn by a sterile woman to promote fecundity, fine string, and fibre from which it is made, for use in making neck amulets; fibre used for cleaning and whitening the fibre used in making amulets, red ochre for smearing on a priest's face during ceremonies, and Kigezi wooden cup for giving milk to children, 2 armlets of black hair worn by "princesses", bundle of fibres used as decoration for sceptre of "king's” sister, BUNYORO (KIKALI). Knife used as razor and as bleeding lancet, Kigezi district, S.W. Uganda. Presented by the Rev. John Roscoe, M.A. 3 mummied kittens, head of mummied cat, hand of human mummy, bronze Osiris figure, part of bronze ornament, and 3 strings of beads, Beni Hassan, Egypt. Presented by Dr. F.D. Drewitt. Wooden notched-flute used by men in the "goat dance", Jarawa Pagan tribes, N. Nigeria. Presented by G.P. Wilkinson. Wooden notched-flute, Gold Coast (inland). Presented by C.G. Seligman, M.D., F.R.S. Collection of flint and chert implements, &c., from various sites near Saddleuorth, Yorks., viz.: I04 "pygmy" implements, fragments of "pygmy" implements, worked chert flakes found with "pygmy " implements, flint and chert implements, 2 arrow-heads, fine flake-knife, 8 flakes of flint and 1 of chert, ? chisel made from flint flake, borer (?), part of a "fabricator", 10 scrapers, fluted core, 2 spalls, 2 pieces of red pigment, pieces of sandstone as found at bottom of gray sand layer, and lump of sand compacted by pressure, crystals found only in the gray sand. Presented by Capt. F. Buckley. Flint-lock blunderbuss and saddle, Algeria. Specimens collected in Algeria during 1919-1920, viz.: copper water-clock for timing water supply during irrigation of fields, specimen showing process of knitting with wooden needles, stick used in circumcision, sheep's gall-bladder hung as an amulet in M'baraka's house, and chameleon's head worn as an amulet, Shawia, Beni Ferah, Aures Mts.; silver and copper ear-scoops, Beni Ferah, Aures Mts.; gypsum used for painting pottery by the Chebla Shawia, Aures; Shawia iron ring-brooch, Menaa, Aures; splint for broken arm, cautery for abscesses, 2 trepanning-drills, Shawia, Aures; beetles used medicinally, Shawia, El Kantara; inscribed vertebra of a horse worn against fever, inscribed portion of a pelvic bone of a horse used in medical-magic, pot placed outside a village for transferring a disease from a sick person to any one who touches it, Arab, El Kantara; camel bone for raising a pile on surface of a burnous while on the loom, clapper made from fruit-stalk and used by children during date-harvest, inscribed sheep's scapula used as protection against scorpions, El Kantara; walnut-bark in natural state and beaten out as exported for dye-making, Oum er Rekha; child's truss-pad made from powdered limestone and sample of limestone used, wooden spindle-whorl tied to cow's horns to protect from the Evil-eye, copper penannular ring worn on right ankle by small girl against jinoun, rag packets of rue, sesamum-seeds and cloves used for medical-magic, and " bandolier " of amulets worn by a girl over left shoulder, Ouled Ziane Arab, Djemora. Presented by Capt. M.W. Hilton-Simpson, B.Litt. Four fine carved wooden clubs, stone-bladed adze and haft of another, large wooden canoe-bailer, bamboo head-rest, 2 native rolls of plaited sinnett, ball of ditto wound on a cross- frame, and bamboo nose-flute, Fiji Islands; necklet-trophy of grizzly bear's claws, N. America. Presented by Colonel the Lord Cottesloe. Collection of samples of hand-loom textiles made at Lapethos, Cyprus. Presented by L.H. Dudley Buxton, M.A. Cast of cuneiform dedicatory inscription, 2450 B.C., Mesopotamia. Presented by Miss W.S. Blackman. Early upright microscope, ? by Culpeper; in case, English. Presented by Miss F. Buchanan. Two string-work pouches trimmed with otter skin, Kigezi Dist., S.W. Uganda. Presented by G.D.H. Carpenter, M.D. Two flint cores, and 3 flint flakes, Grimes Graves, Suffolk. Presented by the Rev. H.G.O. Kendall, M.A. Two Vedda thong-drill fire-making appliances, Rotawewa village, Ceylon. Presented by G. de Livera. Small ceremonial sheath-knife used ceremonially, Ruanda, E. Central Africa. Presented by Capt. J.E. Philipps, M.C. Three large ancient glass beads and shell bead said to have been used as currency by the natives, and to have been brought by Suaheli traders, Wisa (Bisa) tribe, Luangwa R., N. Rhodesia. Presented by E.H.I. Poole. Two tokens of felt-cardboard used as currency in Roubaix, Flanders, during the German occupation, 1914-1918. Presented by D. Whinney. Six flint implements (Chellean type), Swanscombe, Kent; club with counter-guard, Massim, S.E. New Guinea; boomerang, ? Kolis of Guzerat, Bombay. Specimens collected in S. India, viz.: 3 boomerangs of the valari type of the Maravas of Madura, and silver "mouth-lock" worn through the cheeks and afterwards presented to a shrine at Tirupati, Madras; 2 bamboo bows, Saora tribe, E. Ghauts of Madras Presidency; sling for stone-throwing, bamboo musical bow played during Onam festival, fine weighing-beam of " bismar " type, and palm-leaf book of magic, Malabar; 4 fighting-swords, 3 ceremonial swords, 4 small shields, 4 ear-plugs, 2 hair ornaments, Nayar, Malabar; Nayar wooden sword used in fencing, Payoli, N.Malabar; and small bow used with palm-leaf arrowj for shooting in a game played by Nayars during the ten days preceding the Onam festival, S. Kurumbranad, Malabar. Presented by F. Fawcett. Spring noose rat-trap used by the Maroons of the John Crow Range, Jamaica. Presented by W. Scoresby Routledge, M.A. Bark-cloth, Pitcairn Island. Presented by Miss H. Beatrice Young. 2 fringe tails wotn by woman and girl as sole article of dress, N'gell section of Burum tribe, 2 penis-sheaths, Buruku section, and I ditto, Vom section, Burum tribe, Bauchi Plateau; 2 ditto, Assob section of Ganawari tribe, Bauchi Plateau, N. Nigeria. Presented by C.M. Meek. Ground stone axe-blade, Wee Watta, Kaltara District, New South Wales. Presented by the National Museum, Melbourne. 2 circular traps for trapping small game-animals, Lango, E. Central Africa. Presented by Major Delme Radcliffe. Harvest knot of plaited ears of corn, from near Strumble Head, Pembrokeshire. Presented by T.S. Roberts. Shaman's 2 bone pendants worn when exorcizing, and carved horn spoon, Alaska. Presented by Miss F.A. Crocker. 7 flint implements of Chellean types, 8 of Acheulian type, and 9 palaeolithic coup-de-poings, Shirley, Hants. Presented by the Rev. A.O. Tindall. "Halbard" blade, Bronze-age, and 2 bronze medallion amulets, China. Presented by S. Wakefield. String of currency shell-beads, and edible earth pounded and cooked for pregnant women, Dusuns, British North Borneo; 2, hafted sets of tatuing needles, wooden mallet used with them, and 3 wood blocks carved with Kayan designs for printing tatu patterns on the skin, Saribas, Sea-Dayaks, Sarawak. Presented by Ivor H.N. Evans, B.A. Iron areca-nut slicer, and brass pestle-and-mortar for pounding areca-nut, betel-leaf, tobacco, and lime, Ceylon. Presented by C. Hartley. Stone celt coated with sacrificial blood and feathers used as a powerful " thunderbolt" juju, Idah, S. Nigeria. Presented by C. Partridge. Musical instrument of sansa type, Nigeria. Presented by W. Stubbs. Xylophone obtained 35 to 40 years ago from some Tyrolean players. Presented by Miss M. Blanche Hooper. Small Colt pistol, XIXth cent. English. Presented by Dr. W. Hatchett Jackson. Amulet necklet of glass hands against the Evil-eye, Jerusalem; and necklet with pendant worn by a Pueblo woman, Zuni, New Mexico. Presented by Mrs. Ludlow Hewitt. Maltese lace collarette. Presented by Miss F.H. Shelford. Shell implement, Barbadoes; I2 stone axe-blades, I6 stone celts, W. Indies; 5 hammer-stones, ?W. Indies; and 7 stone celts, W. Africa. Presented by A.R. Brailey. 5 currency notes, Mulhouse and Coln, 1918, Coblenz, Dusseldorf, and Havre, I920. Presented by Miss M.A. Czaplicka. Votive offerings placed round a fallen inscribed stone in the ruins at Tell-el-Yehudiyeh, near Cairo. Presented by Prof. W.M. Flinders Petrie, F.R.S. A large number of flint implements, &c., from the Middle Glacial Strata at Messrs. Boulton and Lauchlan's quarry near Ipswich. Presented by J. Reid Moir. 93 stone implements and flakes, Ceylon. Presented by E.J. Wayland.

English sand-sifter or nutmeg-grater, " I765". (S.G. Hewlett.) 27 stone implements and flakes, Tasmania; stone implement (palaeolithic type), Marpha, India; neolithic celt, Brittany; and stone celt, Lake Neuchatel. (Stevens.) Maori wooden trumpet, said to have been obtained by Capt. Cook. (Godfrey.) 2 Chinese tobacco-pipes; case for "church-warden " clay pipe, English; and Maori fish-hook. (Graham.) Iron-bladed axe and wooden-bladed adze carried for show, and iron-bladed knife, Ba-Rotse, N. Rhodesia; witch-doctor's apparatus and outfit (2 jingles, staff, spoon, 4 gourd flasks, 2 horns and bamboo tube for magic materials, basket, &c.), Magila, Usambara District, E. Africa. (Universities Mission to Central Africa.) 13 stone implements from river-drift deposits, I0 from marmatrix of pebble-bed, and 4 from top of pebble-bed, at Taungs, Bechuanaland; 4 stone implements from the older gravels, 2 from gravels, and l I from surface (? Bushman period), at Tiger Kloof, Bechuanaland. (Rev. E. Neville Jones.) Percussion match-and sporting-rifle in case. (Wells.) Flint-lock powder-tester, English. (F.G. Sanson.) Fine ceremonial adze, Mangaia, Polynesia. (Miss A.C. Breton.) Knife-sheath, and pouch, of deer-skin, N. America. (Rev. Finlay Sanderson.) Wooden hoe, ? Iocality. (Oldman.) Portion of the late A.J. Montgomery Bell collection, viz.: 38 stone implements and 13 flakes, Tasmania; 2 stone axe-blades, Australia; 6 lance-heads of glass, Kimberley District, N.W. Australia; 2 greenstone axe- or adze-blades, stone axe-adze, stone club-head, and 2 bone-daggers, British New Guinea; obsidian-bladed dagger, Admiralty Islands; old nephrite axe-blade, New Caledonia; basalt adze-blade, ? Fiji Islands; 6 obsidian flakes from an old moa-hunter's camp, quartz flake, 5 stone adze-blades, old basalt mere, and whale's bone mere, New Zealand; stone implement (Chellean type), Stellenbosch, S. Africa; 6 flint implements, Somaliland; 5 stone blades, Congo; iron arrow-head, ?Congo; 5 chert implements, Wadiyen, Kurna, Thebes; 2 stone implements, Gabanet-el-Giroud, Thebes; carved wooden unguent-spoon, and 2 small bronze jars, Ancient Egyptian; 6 agate arrow-head amulets, Palestine (recent); 2 chert blades of threshing-tribulum, Aleppo, Syria (modern); 2 large laterite implements, Madras; small ovate implement, Bellary, Madras; and large flake of green jasper, India; celt amulet (Raifu), grey stone and 2 flint implements, 17 arrow-heads and 2 fragments, Japan; stone adze-blade, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Collection of Mandan relics from old camping sites, N. Dacota, viz.: hammer-stone, 2 flakes, borer, 15 scrapers, 4 knife and spear blades, 3 biades, 18 arrow-heads, pottery bowl, portion of similar bowl, 3 potsherds, perforated piece of rib, 5 bone awls, 5 bone implements, and 3 cylindrical beads of bird bones. Stone reamer, ?Oregon; leaf-shaped blade, Texas; 4 arrow-heads, Chase City, Virginia; 2 ditto, and borer, Darby Creek, Delaware Co.; quartz arrow-head, Augusta, S. Carolina; lance-head, and 2 leaf-shaped blades, Wisconsin; 5 arrow-heads, Ohio; 2 ditto, Maryland; 5 ditto, Arizona, U.S.A.; 2 chert arrow-heads, Honduras; stone celt, British Guiana. 2 flint scrapers from neolithic lake village, Auvernier, Lakc Neuchatel, 5 red-deerhorn tanged sockets for stone axes, 2 incomplete ditto, and cut off point of red-deer horn, Neolithic lake-dwelling sites, SWITZERLAND. Large flint implement, and 4 flint flakes, gravel-bed at Le Pecq, St. Germain-en-Laye; 3 flint implements (?Acheulian), and large flint flake, Coussay-les-Bois, Vienne; flint implement (Chellean type), Somme Valley; 4 Chellean flint implements, and 3 others (2 Chellean type), St. Acheul; 2 stone implements (? Chellean), Waraen's Pit, St. Acheul; flint flake, Amiens; cut reindeer horn, La Madelaine, Dordogne; small quartzite implement, Bois du Rocher, Cotes-du-Nord; 2 flakes of Pressigny flint, Grand Pressigny; flint celt of neolithic type, Vulaines-sur-Yonne; and 3 stone celts, Carrac, Brittany, FRANCE. 31 very rude " implements " and flakes of flint from deposits believed to be Middle Oligocene, at Boncelles; 33 ditto from various strata in the Touille Valley, Spiennes, near Mons (viz.: I "Maffilian", 23 "Mesvinian", 6 "Strepyan", and 3 "Chellean"); 15 ditto from "Flenusian" stratum, St. Symphorien, near Mons; 24 flint implements (?proto-neolithic). Camp de Caillots, Spiennes; 8 early neolithic flint implements, Spiennes; 2 neolithic stone celts, Dinant, BELGIUM. Perforated stone axe-blade, probably bronze-age, Gothland. Sweden. (Comr. A.C. Bell, R.N.)

Specimens collected in the Naga Hills, Assam, viz.: 9 spears, sacrificial spear, 3 daos, 2 dao-carriers, quiver with 13 arrows, 4 shields, helmet, pump-drill, carrying-band, grain-measure, weighing-beam, loom, 2 bait-baskets, fish-trap, fishing-creel, bird-snare, rake, 2 hoes, sieve and basketry vessel for fermented rice-beer, wooden dish, cupping-horn, 3 pipes, nicotine gourd, woman's tobacco-pouch, rain-shield, 8 men's and women's cloths, 2 small girl's skirts, 2 women's skirts, 3 lengtas, 2 cowrie "aprons", 2 cane hats, wig, combings used by women to tie up their hair, 2 breast or shoulder ornaments, necklet, ivory armlet, 3 pairs of "gauntlets", brush for cleaning " gauntlets ", pair of brass ear-rings, 3 ear-ornaments, pairs of ditto, fan, 3 trumpets, 3 bamboo flutes, peg-top, and I2 beans used in game like skittles, Lhota Nagas; boy's dao-carrier and belt, and man's cloth, Ao; 2, carved wooden human heads as basket ornaments, woman's skirt, man's hair ornament of bone, nautilus-shell chest ornament, necklet of Abrus seeds, 2 ear-ornaments, 2 pairs of ditto, and girl's pair of brass ear-pendants, Konyak; skin cup, tinder, and tobacco-pipe, Chang; beads of chank-shell used as currency, imitation boar's tusk and tiger's teeth of pith worn for dances, and tassel for man's cloth, Tukomi-Sangtam; flint-and-steel in box, Aoshed country; 2 necklets of porcupine quills, and pair of man's ear-ornaments, Chaokik; man's ear-ornament of shell, Kalyo-Kengyu. Lent by J.P. Mills, I.C.S.


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