Report of the Curator of the Pitt-Rivers Museum, 1918.

The re-arrangement of the collection of primitive Looms was carried out and several new specimens were added to the series, which has been rendered far more instructive. The table-cases containing implements of bone, horn, and ivory, illustrating the use of these materials chiefly by peoples in a pre-metal state of culture, were re-arranged and largely re-labelled. Some progress was effected in re-grouping series of Stone-age implements, and many other minor changes have been made. A few new cabinets and-exhibition cases were added, but the prohibitive cost of materials has necessitated a further postponement of very necessary additions to equipment. A small fund for this purpose has, however, been accumulated, and it is hoped to be able to add exhibition cases as soon as their price renders this feasible.
Miss Blackman has completed the card-catalogue of the collection of rosaries and has brought the existing card-catalogues up to date.
The usual courses of lectures to Diploma students were delivered by me in the subjects of Comparative Technology and Prehistoric Archaeology. A special lecture on " Lapland and the Lapps " was given to the Ladies' Folk-Lore Society in Oxford.
A large number of volumes from the library of the late Sir E.B. Tylor were presented to the Museum by Lady Tylor, and a card-catalogue of these was commenced.
One of my attendants, G. Kettle, was absent during the greater part of the year, while serving in a labour battalion attached to the Navy. This left me with a single attendant only, and the administration of the Museum was very severely hampered and the work was much delayed.
Accessions have been very numerous, almost entirely through donations. Among the more noteworthy additions are the following. The extensive collections given by Mr. Crooke (Indian objects); the valuable Eskimo specimens collected by Admiral Ross a century ago and given by Mrs Lee; the large number of specimens in great variety given by Mrs. Braithwaite Batty in augmentation of her previous generous donations; and Mr. H.F. Mathews's Nigerian specimens, many of which are of new types. Mr. B.M. Goldie kindly presented the whole of his collection of Stone-age specimens, which included some interesting forms. Among the few purchases, the chief is the series of palaeolithic implements from Northfleet, Kent, collected by Mr. Cross. Many very fine specimens are included in this important series.

2 weaving-healds, Norway; 2 ditto, dated 1777 and 1784, and 2 weaving-"swords", Sweden; bird-skin pouch containing weaving-heald of reindeer-horn, dated 1684,. and one of wood, dated 1707, 2 weaving-shuttles, 2 knives, pair of horn satchel-rims and horn spoon, Swedish Lapland; 3 reindeer-horn spoons, sheath-knife, reindeer sinews for thread-making, sinew threads and bear-spear, Lapland; belt of shell beads and wooden club, Solomon Islands; constable's truncheon, England; sheath-knife, Faroe Islands; clothes-beater of whale's bone, Scandinavia; weaving-head of wood with partly-woven band, and another of reindeer-horn, woven band, Swedish Lapland; 4 registered reindeer-marks cut from birch-bark, Russian Lapland; lace-makers' parchment patterns, bobbins, &c., Launton, Oxon; flint scraper, S. Downs; 2 bone snuff spoons, Kaffir, Natal; potsherds from megalithic building, Cordin, Malta; 2 rough flint tools, Savernake Forest; glossy flint, Knowle Farm pit, Savernake; small obsidian-bladed javelin, Admiralty Islands; 2 yam-knives, Torres Island New Hebrides; ink-horn and pounce-box, Linkoping, Sweden; ink-horn, London; pounce-box of reindeer-horn, 1607, Norway; copper-bladed saw, Littlemore, Oxon; brass-headed hammer, Oxon; horse-pendant, England; cast-iron wine- heater, Manchuria; brazier used as a flat-iron and 2 stone balls for keeping the hands cool, Manchuria; Lama temple-gong, Manchuria; 4 embroidered swastikas, Burma; hashis pipe, Morocco; coolie's pipe, Canton; 2 wooden pipes, quadruple stone pipe-bowl, stone bowl of hemp-pipe, 2 water tobacco-pipes, Kaffir, Natal; early form of school slate from the Greycoats School, Oxford; large pottery pipe-bowl, ? NE. Africa; Fingo snuff-box and necklet, S. Africa; helmet of porcupine-fish skin, Gilbert Islands; 8 pottery moulds for amulets, Ancient Egyptian; 25 early clay tobacco-pipes, Oxford; I decorated ditto, England; serrated flint-flake, Egypt, XII dynasty; carved ear-stud of ivory and shell, Marquesas Islands; large weaving-heald, Denmark; serong dyed by battik process, Java; bronze fibula, Roman, Salona, Dalmatia; pair of moccasins, Shoshone, Idaho; carved bone snuff-spoon, Scotland; rare carved ceremonial paddle, Hervey Islands; a number of Ancient Egyptian amulets and pendants; plug-bayonet, England; pair of Eskimo snow-shoes; Matabili doll, S. Africa; spindle, Dalecarlia ; early sabre, Ceylon; water-keg used at the Battle of the Nile; flakes, spalls, and implements of flint, Cissbury, Sussex; stone spindle-whorl, Aberdeenshire; carved haft of ceremonial adze, Mangaia; Corean tobacco-pipe; Kaffir head-rest; wooden bismar, Akyab, Arracan; hafted stone axe and flaked stone axe-blade, N. Queensland; bronze sarcophagus for a lizard, Ancient Egyptian; &c. Presented by the Curator, H. Balfour, M.A. Carved wooden canoe-ornament, fishing-trimmer, spatulate club, wooden glaive, bow and 2 spears, Solomon Islands; large wooden drying-hook, dance paddle-club, 4 throwing- clubs, 13 large clubs and spear, Fiji Islands; fish-arrow, Savage Island; spear with points of human bone and wooden spear, New Hebrides; obsidian-bladed spear, Admiralty Islands; 71 photographs of S. Pacific natives, &c. Presented by Professor W.J. Sollas, M.A., F.R.S. Carved clog-sandal, India; print representing a S. Italian harvest festival. Presented by Rev. C.V. Goddard, M.A. Specimens obtained from a kitchen-midden at Bilidt, Zealand, Denmark. Presented by Dr. J.B. Hurry. 2 elaborate puppet-figures, Burma. Presented by A.H. Church, M.A. 6 "Eoliths", Hackpen Hill, Wilts; glossy flint, Collingbourne Ducis, Wilts; 7 flint scrapers and carinate scraper, Windmill Hill, Avebury; glossy flint flakes, Golden Ball Hill, Wilts. Presented by Rev. H.O. Kendall, M.A. Notched wooden tally, Sutton Green, Surrey; perforated dog's tooth used as currency, New Guinea; small trimmed flint-flake, Eriswell, Suffolk; 2 rude flint implements, Alfriston and Seaford, Sussex; rough candle-mould, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Presented by S.G. Hewlett, M.A. Old tinder-box, West Harting, Hants; gas-mask, 1915, obsolete type, English. Presented by Dr. W. Hatchett Jackson, M.A. Spear, bow, dagger, leather pouch, necklet of gogonia- stem beads, 2 engraved poles used as load-rests, Nigeria; carved wooden figure of a woman, Benue R., Nigeria; Hausa shoes, basketry pot-covers, native cloth, dance-drum, lute and brass stirrups, Nigeria; 2, glass armlets, Bida; brass armlet, 2 collars with attached amulets, Nigeria; Mahommedan MS. in pouch, Kano, Nigeria. Presented by Major H.W. Kempthorne, R.E., D.S.O. Perforated stone mace-head, Witney, Oxon. Presented by A.F. Griffith. 2 shoemaker's instruments of wood and bone, Oxford. Presented by G. Kettle. Copper token with design of a hand-loom, Norwich, 1792. Presented by F. Leney. Bamboo clapper used in rain-making ceremonies, 2 split calls blown during death ceremonies, toy ball of plaited palmleaf, top made from entada bean, top made from a large seed, edible earth, 3 joints of a vine used in sympathetic magic, and palm-leaf cigarette " papers ", Mer, Torres Straits; carved and painted drum, Tugeri tribe, Fly River, New Guinea; 7 long arrows, Kerewa tribe, Delta Division, New Guinea; 9 long arrows, British New Guinea; shells of Purpura lapillus from which purple dye was extracted, and hinges of Lutraria elliptica probably used as scrapers, from a kitchen-midden, Sheep Haven, Donegal, Ireland. Presented by Dr. A.C. Haddon, D.Sc., F.R.S. Carved wooden bull-roarer, Papuan Gulf, New Guinea; pair of bead-work armlets with lightning designs, Tewa, San Ildefonso, New Mexico. Presented by Miss B. Freire Marreco. Bamboo pepper-pot, Hankow, China. Presented by A. Graham. 2 stone spear-heads made by natives of Moola Bulla, Kimberley, Australia; 2 neolithic flint celts flaked all over, Falmer Hill, Sussex; part of grinding stone for-celts, Eastdean, Sussex; piece of fossil wood, perhaps artificially shaped, and flint flakes, Herne Bay, Kent; flint disk, scraper and chisel, Northwood Park, Winchester; flint disk, Eastbourne; flint scraper, Eastdean, Sussex; pointed flint scraper, Richmond Park, Surrey; 2, flint scrapers, 4 arrow-heads, serrated flake, concave scraper, pigmy implement, 3 trimmed flakes, and a flake enclosing part of a fossil echinus, Blackheath, Surrey; flint scraper, L'Ancresse, Guernsey; &c. Presented by B.M. Goldie, M.A. Early hand-made screw, English. Presented by L.W. Organ. 4 early palaeolithic flint implements and a tabular flake, I gravel-beds, Southampton. Presented by H. Devenish Skinner, D.C.M. 3 glossy flints from the " Elephant trench ", Dewlish, Dorset. Presented by W. de C. Prideaux. Soap-stone tobacco-pipe, Amarar Arabs, N. of Port Sudan. Presented by W.I. Cheesman, B.A. Objects collected in India, viz.: 17 swords, two-handed L fencing sword, sacrificial sword, double-bladed dagger, N. India; sword, Kasia Hills; 3 Mahratta daggers; 4 Gurkha kukri; 3 daggers, Afridi and Afghan; pole-axe, 3 battleaxes and 2 blades, combined axe and tongs, 3 bows, damascened mace, Baiga iron flagellum, ditto used by Fakirs; Banzara spear, pig-sticking spear, 2 steel lancets, 3 spear-heads, fishing arrow, matchlock pistol, European flintlock pistol and two-barrelled pistol, blunderbuss, European cross-bow, N. India; head of fishing-spear and bow, Kol, Mirzapur; combined spear-head and percussion pistol, Benares; dog-shaped padlock, areca-nut slicer, temple lamp with peacock-shaped feeder, Hindu women's armlets, iron puzzle, iron jews' harp, bamboo bow with musical rasp, 4 brass castings (cire perdue, 2 brass rings worn by cattle against the Evil eye, copper-plate inscribed as a charm, elaborate ox-trappings worn as a charm, I2 pilgrim stamps, 6 rosary bracelets, rosary ring, 2 holy-water vessels, 5 sacrificial spoons, brass stand used in temples, 4 ditto for conch-shells, linga-yoni of steatite, lingam-shaped lamp, temple ornament with figures of Nandi, the cobra, and the lotus, 2 arm badges with figures of Hanuman and Ganesha, figure of Ganesha in steatite 3 ditto of brass, 2, of Hanuman, 2 of Krishna, 2 of Kali, brass figures of Saraswati, Durga and Parvati, figure of the Mother-goddess in steatite, figure of Vishnu in marble, figure of Jaganath, 12 clay disks with seal-impressions, antimony-flask, N. India; double drum, probably from Tibet. Presented by W. Crooke, Hon. M.A., C.I.E.  Whip with heavy silver handle, Argentina. Presented by G.H. Fowler, D.Sc. Native pottery lamp, Lake Nyassa, Central Afiica. Presented by G. Carline. Eskimo kayak with double paddle, tray for harpoon-line, 2 spear throwers, fishing-line winder, head of fishing-spear, ivory harpoon-butt, ivory spike, harpoon-head and line, harpoon-head, 2 cariboo-horn instruments, horn toggle and thong, seal-hide gloves, and long thong with toggle ends, West Greenland; ivory knife set with flakes of telluric iron, Eskimo, Prince Regent's Bay, N. Greenland; sledge-belt used by Sir John Ross. The above were collected by Admiral Sir John Ross a hundred years ago. Eskimo tray for coiling harpoon-lines, W. Greenland; Eskimo ivory spear-head, Behring Straits; 2 jackets and a cap of seal-gut Aleutian Islands; bone spear-head, Tierra del Fuego; model of kantele, Finland; flint dagger, Skane, Sweden. From the collection of Dr. J. Lee, Hartwell House, Bucks. Presented by Mrs. P.O. Lee. Small guitar, Madeira; small lute with body of coco-nut shell; 2 ocarine, Italy ; Basque syrinx, Pyrenees ; reed whistle with tuning-slide, Kome; toy humming, instrument; France; free-reed instrument, Japan; old English musical-box; pottcry bell, Rome; pottery drum, Amritsar, India; 3 Eskimo costume dolls, Labrador; 2, old English kaleido-scopes; 2 "roulette"gambling-appliances; set of 34 well-made models of agricultural tools, &c., used in the game of " spillikins ", Switzerland; 5 wooden spoons, Russia; engraved horn spoon, Iceland: apple-gouge, England; Kaffir snuff-spoon, S. Africa; two-pronged fork, England ; wire-wound pins, England; stile for Braille-writing, Italy; Chinese writing-brush with stand, padlock, razor, and scissors; Indian padlock; soap-berries (kita), Tibet; mandarin's fan and purse, China; fire-crackers, China; model charpoy, Amritsar, India; iron money-box, Trichur, Cochin, India; set of Maundy money, 1903; 3 old English coin-balances; 2 bracelets of Berlin iron-work given by the Prussian Treasury in return for jewelry in 1813; compass, Japan; old English sand-glass; 2 Basque sun-dials, Pyrenees; old English tinder-box; amadou tinder, Oberammergau; ember-tongs, Holland; Eskimo sinew fishing-line with hook, sinews for thread, and snow-goggles, Labrador; old English spectacles; model of Chinese winnowing-machine; Chinese tobacco; set of 4 large bobbins for cord-plaiting, Herrnhut, Saxony; 4 symbolic messages forming one communication, W. Africa; leather-covercd food box, Egypt; 3 pottery lamps, Roman and Bethany, Palestine; gimbal-lamp used by monks; brass lamp and bell used when making offerings, Moirang, Manipur; - Habdallah taper, burnt on the Jewish Sabbath; old German decorated candle for presentation; model of Chinese coffin; pottery ex voto model, probably from Veii, near Rome; incense from Mitylene; incense holder of coco-nut shell, India; silver-mounted piece of haematite worn as a charm against wounds, Oberammergau, Tyrol; 5 combs of ivory, bone, and wood, India; 3 ear-plugs worn by women, India; 2 glass ear-studs, Burma; women's earrings, nose-ring, finger-rings, and brow-ornaments, Oudh; 3 large finger- or toe-rings, India; 4 women's necklets, India; Indian lady's toilet-set with silver jewelry, &c.; 2, Brahman sacred cards, India; lacquer-work box given to Sir John Barrow about I790; model of Japanese guitar-players, England; bow and arrow, Rama tribe, Nicaragua; whip with stock of manatee-hide, Sumo tribe, Nicaragua; large cannon-flint, 3 tinder-box flints,stone arrow-head and pottery candle-stick, made by gun-flint makers at Brandon; leather tinder-pouch; 5 English tinder-box steels, Birmingham; 3 stone arrow-heads, Pennsylvania; quartz arrow-head and obsidian scraper, U.S.A. Presented by Mrs. Braithwaite Batty. Potsherd found below 5 feet of Red Crag sand and believed to be of Moustierian period, from a quarry near Ipswich. Presented by J. Reid Moir. Specimens collected in the Nassarawa Province, N. Nigeria, viz.: 2 war-swords, 4 ring-handled daggers, 2 native razors, wooden trumpet, trumpet of water-buck horn, Mada hilltribe; 2 hatchet-shaped wooden clubs and wicker beer-strainer, Ninzan tribe; 3 grass-work satchels, grass-work bag, cooking-spoon, Nungu tribe; small iron knife, 6 armlets of elephant's hoof, dancing-dress of string-work, wooden head-piece representing an antelope's head and another representing the head of a bush-cow, worn durlng Potochi dances, trumpet of water-buck horn, 2 gourd-rattles with nutshell pellets outside fastened with string-wotk, fruit-shell with buzzing membrane which is caused to vibrate by humming, hour-glass- shaped drum, used by most Pagan hill-tribes. Presented by H.F. Mathews, B.A. 10 "Prey-god " fetishes, some with arrow-heads attached, deer-skin bag in which they were carried, bear's tooth from native shrine, and decorated pottery bowl, Zuni Indians, New Mexico. Presented by Mrs. W.J. Sollas. Old English decorated pipe-stopper of brass, dug up at Haileybury College, Herts. Presented by Capt. A.M. Hocart, M.A. Pair of dog's-hair gloves, Siberia. Presented by Miss M. Czaplicka. Pick-shaped knife used in executions and double-bladed wooden spoon, Gaboon, W. Africa. Presented by H.E. Berthon, M.A. Pair of prick-spurs, N. Africa; pair of iron jingles, ? Belgian Congo. Presented by H. Bompas, M.A. Mat made by the Mawken of the Mergui Archipelago, Burma. Presented by Rev. W.G. White, M.A. 4 figures of Buddha of pottery brought from Buddha Gaya and placed in household shrines in Burma, Presented by Col. Sir R.C. Temple, Bart., K.C.I.E. Wooden cider-keg formerly used in Devonshire. Presented by Miss E.C. Bell. Mouth-organ, gusem, bamhoo zither, and miniature gun used in shooting small birds, Kuki tribe, Assam; fiddle,pena, with elaborate jingling bow, Manipur. Presented by J.H. Hutton, I.C.S. Large piece of patterned bark-cloth, Fiji Islands. Presented by Mrs. Pember. Pair of carved-wood human figures and carved-wood mask used in ceremonial performances, collected by Capt. A.C. Sykes, R.N., C.M.G., from the M'konde tribe, Rovuma R., E. Africa. Presented by A. Bonnin. 5 Chinese paintings of native boats. Presented by R.R. Marett, M.A., D.Sc. 4 currency-notes issued by the Austrians during the War for circulation in the invaded area of N. Italy. Presented by Capt. A.W. Fuller.

Pair of wooden pattens inlaid with shell, Egypt. (Davis.) Stone-bladed ceremonial axe, haft of ditto, and 4 wooden adze handles, SE. New Guinea; 2, boomerangs, Queensland; Chinese steelyard, saw, and adze; lower jaw of a boar with tusks grown into circular form, Malekula, New Hebrides; carved wooden powder-flask, ?Arab. (Stevens.) Carved hull of Maori canoe-model; stone-bladed ceremonial adze, Mangaia, Hervey Islands; stone blade of similar adze; woman's knife and 2 harpoon-heads, Eskimo of Baffin's Land; water-holder of tobacco-pipe, of iron damascened, India. (Rev, C. V. Goddard, M.A.) 2 Hawaiian bone fish-hooks. (Bateman.) 7 old embroidered-silk amulets in the form of prehistoric stone and bronze implements, Eastern Catalonia, Spain. (Miss G. Postlethwaite.) Necklets of beads and teeth, pair of snuff-boxes made from fruit-shells, and basketry drinking-cup, S. Africa. (England.) 24 flint implements of Chellean type collected by Mr. James Cross from gravels of the 100 feet O.D. terrace at Milton Street, Northfleet, Kent; 66 flint implements of Chellean, Acheulian, and Moustierian types, collected by Mr. Cross from the 25 to 40 feet O.D. gravels at Baker's Hole, Northfleet. (Prof. W.J. Sollas, F.R.S.) t

Bronze cannon from a Badjow pirate-vessel, N. Borneo; 2 Dusun hunting-spears and a blowgun, N. Borneo; large Sulu sheath-knife. Lent by Dr. J. F. Hornsey, R.A.M.C. 3 stone celts, Seromi, Naga Hills. Lent by J. H. Hutton, I.C.S. Decorated miniature bow with arrows in case, worn at Court ceremonies, Corea; 3 Corean composite bows and archer's bow-case; Turkish composite bow. Lent by H. Balfour, M.A.


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