An attendant was engaged in February to fill the place rendered vacant by the death of W. Beale in the previous year.
In the court a case containing ancient and modern ex voto figures has been arranged for exhibition and labelled. The fine series of decorated pottery from New Mexico and Arizona, formed by the late Professor H. N. Moseley, and kindly presented by Mrs. Moseley, has been arranged in a wall case purchased for the purpose, and labelled in detail. An interesting N. American cow-skin robe, formerly the property of a Blackfoot chief, received from Mr. Cuthbert Peek, on loan, has been displayed in a specially-made case suspended from the lower gallery. Some important additions were made to the collection of objects obtained in the Pacific during the voyages of Captain Cook. Several important partial rearrangements have been effected, and the number of large painted labels, describing the general nature of the various series, has been largely increased.
In the lower gallery, the arrangement of series in the table-cases along the West side has been much improved and many labels added. The transfer from the Zoological Department of four table-cases, similar to four received previously, has enabled an important redistribution of some of the series and has supplied some very much needed space. The feather-ornament series has been transferred to one of these cases, and other arrangements are in progress.
In the upper gallery, a small series of palaeolithic implements, from Mr. Harrison’s collection, from the High Plateau of Kent, has been exhibited at the commencement of the Palaeolithic series. The fine series of Malay stone implements from the Straits Settlements, presented by Lieut.-Col. R.S. Frowd Walker, has been arranged in a special case. A series of archers’ armguards, thumb-rings, etc., has been brought together and exhibited, and the blow-gun quivers, darts, etc., have been transferred to a glass case for better preservation. A case containing the ‘Assyrian’ bow and arrows mentioned below has been added.
The more noteworthy accessions for 1896 may be briefly referred to, a complete list being appended below. The series of four Huron wampum-belts, collected by the late Mr. Horatio Hale, and presented to the Museum by Professor E.B. Tylor, is a very important addition. The actual history of these belts and of the treaties which they record is partially known, and forms the material of an important paper by Mr. Hale, communicated with added notes by Professor Tylor to the Anthropological Institute. A very interesting and almost unique bow of composite construction, allied to that of many modern Asiatic bows, found in an Egyptian tomb of the XXVI Dynasty, together with several arrows, was purchased by the Curator through the kindness of Professor W. Flinders Petrie, and presented to the Museum. This bow is believed to be of Assyrian origin, and forms the subject of a Memoir by the Curator (Journ. Anthrop. Inst.). Lieut. B.T. Somerville, R.N., has added a further long list of specimens to his former extensive donations of objects from the S. Pacific, including many rarities; all were carefully collected and labelled by him. Two fine and rare figures from Malekula, New Hebrides, were presented by Capt. G.C. Frederick, R.N. The collection of Pueblo pottery contributed by Mrs. Moseley has been already mentioned. Surgeon-Captain H.E. Drake Brockman, I.M.S., kindly took great trouble to obtain a specimen of an Aghori fakir's skull drinking-vessel, and sent some interesting notes on the Aghori, which have been published by the Curator in a Memoir upon the general subject (Journ. Anthrop.Inst.). Among the purchases may be specially mentioned a large and important collection of objects from Corea, Manchuria, Mongolia, &c., collected by Mr. R.T. Turley, who has kindly supplied much information regarding the different objects.

Two bambu bows, 26 arrows and archer's arm-guard, from New Guinea; spear-thrower, 7 fish-spears, 20 spears, fire- sticks, from Batavia River, Cape York, Australia; samplcs of hemp for smoking from Berar, India, and from the Congo, Africa. Presented by the Director, Royal Gardens, Kew. Ancient Egyptian bow and 12 arrows and fragments, and ancient bow of composite structure with 15 arrows, believed to be of Assyrian origin, all found together in a tomb of the XXVI Dynasty at Thebes, Egypt; bowl of Indian water-pipe; Scotch snuff-spoon of bone; war-charm, Yao tribe, Lake Nyassa; ditto, Shire highlands, E. Africa; flint-lock pistol by Piper of Guildford; stone basin from La Madelaine cave, Dordogne; 21 Greek fishing-net sinkers of pottery, Taranto, S. Italy; ancient Greek spindle-whorl, Taranto; ancient spindle-whorl and potsherds, Debelo Brdo, Sarajevo, Bosnia; 4 Chinese, 3 Corean, 5 Japanese coins (cash); 3 cart-horse pendants, English; primitive wooden carpenter's brace, Sweden; Hawaiian shark's-tooth knife, riveted with bone; ancient Chinese "knife" money, A.D. 7-10; arm-ornament of human hair and cocoa-nut fibre, Marquisas Islands; piece of woven border with human design, ancient Egyptian; wooden wand-splitter, Kinross, Scotland; 2 Dutch “knuckle-bones" of lead; Kentish hop-picker's tally, Faversham; set of specimens illustrating the use of bristles in hand-made boot-making, &c., Oxford. Presented by Henry Balfour, Esq., M A., Curator. Four stone arrow- and lance-heads and scraper (?) from shell-mounds, Tillamook Bay, Oregon. Presented by Dr. Walton Haydon, Bay City, Oregon, U.S.A. Naga dress and ornaments, Assam, viz. woman's breast-scarf and loin-cloth; man's loin-cloth (Eastern Nagas), 2 girls' spiral waist-belts, woman's spiral head-band, girl's spiral brass brow-ornament, woman's bead and shell necklet, 10 women's necklets (beads, seeds, and cane), small bambu hair-comb, 2 girls' bone hair-pins, 2 girls' ivory ear-studs, pair of girl's ear-rings, 2 pairs of women's nose-discs, woman's bronze bracelet, 2 sets (of 4) metal leg-rings worn by women. Presented by S. E. Peal, Esq., Moran, P.O., Sibsagor, Assam, through Frank Finn, Esq., Calcutta. Egyptian leather amulet necklet; 2 strings of iron beads, probably from the White Nile; horn spoon, probably from N. Africa. Presented by the Hon. Mrs. Nash, 60 Elm Park Gardens, London, S.W. Pair of skin shoes (skegrar), pair of thin skin shoes worn by women, weaving "sword " of whale's bone. Faroe Islands. Presented by J. W. Annandale, Esq., Balliol College. English box-wood humming-top; 3 old Japanese steel spear-heads; Australian boomerang; old English spring padlock; 4 wampum-belts of the Hurons, collected by the late Mr. Horatio Hale, together with a number of loose wampum-beads and a number of papers and notes relating to the subject. Presented by Prof. E.B. Tylor, F.R.S., University Museum. Four photographs of Irish holy-wells. Presented by Miss Margaret Stokes, Carrig Breac, Howth, Co. Dublin. Six specimens of Giogi yake ware, Japan. Presented by W.G. Aston, Esq., Woodlands, Seaton, Devon. Forty-one stone implements, Paleang State, Straits Settlernents. Presented by Lieut.-Col. R.S. Frowd Walker, 47 Hertford Street, Mayfair. Aghori fakir's drinking vessel made from a human calvaria, Rajputana; outfit of a native surgeon (jarrah), comprising lancets, cupping instruments, bead ball coated with mercury, &c.; samples of 10 different preparations of hemp as prepared for smoking, drinking, and eating, India; ingredients used in chewing pan and betel-nut in winter and summer, India; finely sliced betel-nut, India; a number of clay models of fruits and nuts, India. Presented by Surgeon-Captain H.E. Drake Brockman, I.M.S., Hermitage Lodge, Mussoorie, N.W.P., India. Small lead figure of St. Joseph, in a case, worn as a charm against evil, France. Presented by Mrs. Bartholomew Price, Pembroke College. Three fragments of steatite cooking pots and steatite hide- scraper, Eskimo, from a grave, ?Labrador; Betsileo pottery lamp, Madagascar; model of Eskimo "woman's boat," bone harpoon-head, and small bone spatula, Labrador. Presented by Cuthbert Peek, Esq., Rousdon, Lyme Regis. Resin for stringed instruments, cord and winder for kite flying, native passport, Manchuria; piece of plaster from the Great White Pagoda, Soochow, China, with negative impress of inscription on a wall-brick. Presented by R.T. Turley, Esq., Mukden, N. China. Conch-shell trumpet, clappers, and pulsatile instrument used at the feast of Piedigrotta, Naples; 27 ancient pottery ex voto figures from Veii near Rome. Presented by R.W.T. Gunther, Esq., M.A., Magdalen College. Model boat, Samoa; ditto, Savage Island; fan, Fiji Islands; ditto, Tonga Islands; 3 ditto, Samoa; 2 ditto, Savage Island; 3 ornamental hair-combs, kava root (prepared), fish-hook, Tonga group; stone "celt," Lofanga Island, Tonga group; Fijian cannibal fork (?genuine); food-scrapers of shell, New Georgia, Solomon Islands; bambu lime-box, Florida, Solomon Islands; stones from graves of the Tu'itonga, Tongatabu; large wooden food-bowl, Ugi, Solomon Islands; Kafffir penis-cover, S. Africa; Japanese 'ricksha man's costume; 3 minute fish-hooks of turtle-shell and 3 ditto of pearl-shell, New Georgia, Solomon Islands; number of photographs of natives, &c. The following collection from the New Hebrides:—3 shell adze-blades, Tongariki, Shepherd group; wooden food-knife, same locality; 8 wooden hair-combs, Uripiv, Effate, Meli,Malekula and Tongariki; shell breast-ornament, Meli Island; bunch of shell pendants, Tongariki; ornament of human hair (growing) and boar's tusk, Tongoa Island; 2 boars tusk armlets, Malekula; wooden armlet, Uripiv Island; feather dance-ornaments, Malekula; man's feather head-dress, Effate Island; ditto, Uripiv Island; ditto Malekula; turmeric used in painting the face, Emae Island; woman's belt with wooden block at the back, Espiritu Santo Island; belt of plaited sea-weed, Tongoa Island; 3 men's belts, Epi Island; man's wrapper and boy's ditto, Malekula; dance belt, Uripiv Island; 2 women's dresses, Malekula; man's bark belt, Malekula; grass bag, Malekula ; bone pin, Epi Island; syrinx, Malekula; grotesque head of cocoa-nut fibre and clay, from a dancing-ground, Malekula; 3 ditto on sticks for dances, same locality; grotesque human figure of same materials, same locality; human skull with features restored in cocoanut fibre, same locality; 2 dancing masks, Malekula; stone with human face carved on it, Uripiv Island. Presented by Lieut. Boyle T. Somerville, R.N., Drishane, Skibbereen, Co. Cork. Three W. African pottery pipes of fanciful shapes; S. African double pipe of wood, specimen of tulsi plant, sacred plant of the Hindus. Presented by Mr. W.D. Webster, Oxford House, Bicester. Pair of reef-sandals, Savaii, Samoa. Presented by Graham Balfour, Esq., M.A., Woodstock Road, Oxford. Fire-making sticks, Banks Islands. Presented by Rev. R.H. Codrington, D.D., Chichester. Fruits of Helicteres ixora; specimen of Aristolochia clematitis (birthwort). From the Botanical Gardens, Oxford. Man's costume, N. American Indian, collected fifty years ago. Presented by the Hon. Mrs. L. A. Tollemache. Several baked-clay beads and bone awl found with Guanche remains in a cave, Tenerife. Presented by Rev. W.B. Keer, M.A., Brockley. Shell cooking-pot (salop), Torres Straits. Presented by Prof. A.C. Haddon, Cambridge. Balls of Ganges clay for marking the foreheads of devotees, stamps and instruments used in making caste-marks on the forehead, Mirzapur, N.W.P., India; aboriginal (Kol) fish spear-head, Mirzapur; Tibetan prayer-wheel. Presented by W. Crooke, Esq., West Leigh, Arterberry Road, Wimbledon. Goose's egg with leaden horse-shoes nailed to it, a charm against evil, Tunis. Presented by F.C. Conybeare, Esq., M.A., 13 Norham Gardens, Oxford. Eight amulets (of metal, single and mounted together on strings), worn by aborigines and low-caste Hindus of Surat. Presented by Mrs. Lely, c/o the Collector of Surat, P.O. Bombay. Six fragments of ancient mound-builders' pipes (clay), Canada. Presented by A. Powell Aveling, Esq. Wooden grave-post, Mus, Car Nicobar; bambu holder for liquids, tally-stick used in the cocoanut trade, Car Nicobar; string made from rushes from floating gardens in Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir; birch-bark used for roofing houses, wrapping parcels and writing upon, Kashmir; village trader's account written on birch-bark, Kashmir. Presented by Major R. C. Temple, Chief Commissioner of the Andamans and Nicobars, Port Blair, Andaman Islands. Native "mouth-organ," Mekong district, Burma. Presented by H. Leveson, Esq., C.S., c/o Chartered Bank, Rangoon. Feather plume, India. Presented by W.P. Pycraft, Esq., University Museum. Large daub-and-wicker figure, painted, with head made from a human skull, a memorial of the dead, Malekula, New Hebrides; grotesque human figure carved in tree-fern stem, and man's loin-wrapper of mat-work, Malekula. Presented by Capt. G.C. Frederick, R.N., 91 St. Ermyn's Mansions, S.W. Four bronze religious figures, India or Burma; Chinese chop-sticks in case; 4 carved ivory handles, ?Burma; 2, sperm- whale teeth; 2 ceremonial paddles, Hervey Islands (collected about 1825); piece of bark cloth, ?Tahitian. Presented by Mrs. Leveridge, Leinster House, Overcliffe, Gravesend. Ancient iron arrow-head (socketted form), found in Oxfordshire. Presented by A.M. Bell, Esq., M.A., Rawlinson Road, Oxford. Wooden door-lock, Storr, Sutherlandshire; crank of iron and bone for twisting straw-rope, modern wooden spoon, Pembrokeshire. Presented by J. Romilly Allen, Esq., 28 Great Ormond Street, W.C. Large stone axe-blade, S.E. New Guinea. Presented by Lady Prestwich, Darent Hulme, Shoreham, Sevenoaks, Kent. Old-fashioned wooden door-latch, Yorkshire. Presented by Rev. J.C. Atkinson, Danby, Yorkshire. Two Fijian human figures carved in tree-fern stem. Presented by Basil Thomson, Esq., North Lodge, Ascot, Berks. Macedonian mandrake root (carved). Presented by J.L. Myres, Esq., M.A., Christ Church. Two Japanese flint-and-steel strike-a-lights, Yoshino, province of Yamato. Presented by Prof. Basil Hall Chamberlain, Imperial University, Tokio, Japan. Two native made spear-heads, one of sheet glass, the other made from a telegraph insulator, Broome, W. Australia. Presented by the Council of the Royal Colonial Institute, Northumberland Avenue, London. Flint arrow-head, found between Pusey and Hatford, Berks, 1896. Presented by the Warden of All Souls. Madura boomerang, S. India; 2 glass spear-heads,W. Australia; wooden cradle, Kimberley, W. Australia. Presented by W. Saville Kent, Esq., 3 Beddington Gardens, Wallington, Surrey. Portion of a rare stone axe-blade, S. coast of Kulambangra, New Georgia, Solomon Islands; bark-cloth beater, Gizo, New Georgia; samples of bark-cloth and native bush torch, Ugarasi, New Georgia; very large "pump-drill" with stone weight, Peava, New Georgia; decorated lime-gourd, Kulambangra. Presented by Lieut. C.E. Munro, R.N. Wax figure of a Chinaman stuck with pins, used in native sorcery, Selangor. Presented by H.N. Ridley, Esq., Botanical Gardens, Singapore. Bronze spear-head (c. 1000 B.C.) and chert knife, from the Ramesseum; 7 chert or flint implements, possibly to be regarded as palaeolithic, from the High Desert, Egypt. Presented by the "Egyptian Research Account" (Prof. W. Flinders Petrie, Manager, University College, Gower Street, W.C.). N. American Indian tobacco-pouch of deer-skin. Presented by Prof. E.B. Poulton, F.R.S., University Museum. Shuttle of hand-loom used in the cloth-weaving factories at Frome, and samples of hand-loom cloth. Presented by H.T. Rawlings, Esq., Staplemead House, Frome, Somerset. Collection of objects (chiefly of pottery) from the Indians of New Mexico and Arizona, from the collection of the late Prof. H.N. Moseley, F.R.S., viz.: Zuni collection: 4 large and 3 small tinajas or water-pots, 1 large bread-bowl, 9 eating-bowls, 5 " canteens," gourd- shaped water-bottle, duck-shaped ditto, 4 small pots, 2 mocassin-shaped pots, 2 double condiment-boxes, 3 large ladles, 6 spoons, 4 paint-pots, 6 sacred meal-bowls and "baskets," several potsherds from ruins, small pot from Zuni ruins, 2 dolls, 2 owls, l fowl, 1 tortoise, 2 bears (the above all of pottery, mostly decorated), pump-drill for drilling turquoise, &c., gourd rattle, pigments for pottery painting, &c., 2 pottery-smoothing stones. Cochiti collection: small water-bowl, small open bowl, bird-shaped water-vase, 3 animal figures, eating-bowl from Tesuque village (all of pottery). Acoma collection: 2 Large and I small water-vases, 1 cooking-pot, 1 “canteen," 2 small eating-bowls, I small pot. Hopi collection: 1 cooking-pot, 2 small water-vases, I large and 2 small eating-bowls, I "canteen," I pottery "basket," 5 ladles, I bird-shaped pot, I rattle (all of pottery); 2 Pai Ute “gorges " of bone, for fishing, S. Utah. Presented by Mrs. H.N. Moseley. Two whirling noise-instruments and a small tobacco-box of birch bark, N. France. Presented by Prof. York Powell, Christ Church.

Four carved arrows, N. New Guinea (Tregaskis). Carved food-bowl, Hermit Island, Pacific, from the British Museum. Carved chalk figure, New Ireland; head hunter's beheading knife of bambu, S. New Guinea; Cassowary-bone dagger, same locality; four-pronged fish-spear, Matty Island; primitive flageolet, Rio Branco, Brazil; syrinx of peculiar form, New Ireland. (Cutter.) Twenty four early Japanese arrow and spear-heads of steel. (Liberty & Co.) Five engravings of early railway trains, &c. (Barnet.) Westley Richards percussion gun-lock; Italian flint-lock, snaphaunce type; S. Australian spear-thrower; Australian club; old Berkshire spring-gun; powder-tester of simple make, English; "Wanzer" for straw-splitting, Aylesbury, Bucks. (Bateman.) Collection of objects from Manchuria, Corea, China, &c., collected by Mr. R.T. Turley, viz.: Chinese water-pipe ; tobacco for water-pipe, S. China; spills for lighting water pipes; Manchu tobacco-pipe; pipe used by old people, Manchuria; 2 pipe mouth-pieces made from pebbles from the Amur River; Corean tobacco-pipe; Corean lady's tobacco-pouch; N. Chinese opium-smoking set; Mongol snuff-bottle; Manchu " chop-sticks" in case; 2 metal spoons and 2 pairs of "chop-sticks," Corea; Corean food-bowl with cover; Corean chemist's spoon; Manchu knife; 2 native horse-shoes, Manchuria; padlock, Mukden; 2 pottery lamps, Mukden; 2 small pottery stoves for heating wine, Mukden; string of "cash," and string of spurious "cash" current in N. Manchuria; brick of tea (made in Yunnan), E. Mongolia; local bank-note, Mukden; Chinese "swampan," Mukden; Japanese writing-case with abacus, &c.; water and brush holder, Mukden; Manchu card-case; Manchu travelling headrest; 2 pairs of Corean wooden shoes; 4 pairs of Corean shoe-sandals; Corean gentleman's shoes; ditto lady's shoes; Manchu boy's winter shoes, child's summer shoes, girl's shoes, lady's shoes (2 pairs), bridegroom's shoes, man's winter boots, and soldier's winter shoes; 5 carved wood models (of boats, natives, &c.), China; 2 models of Mongol carts; 1 Manchu ditto; 3 models of Manchu carriages; 3 models of Manchu furniture; Manchu horse-brush; Corean hat brush; 2 Manchu house brushes of millet stalks; bristles exported from N Manchuria; 3 porcelain wine-cups, Manchu; 6 condiment saucers; 2 porcelain spoons; 4 samshu jars of Mukden make; 2 wine bottles, Mukden; 5 New Year's toys, Mukden; 2 foot shuttle-cocks, humming-top, and humming- wheel, Mukden; prepared shark's fin, S. China; edible swallow's nest, S. China; samples of Manchurian and Corean gin seng; medicinal glue made from deer's horn and asses skin, Manchu; centipedes used as medicine, S. China; Chinese lady's shoe and foot-wrappings and model of lady's foot; Manchu spectacles; 3 stone balls for holding in the hand, N. Manchuria; 3 Corean gentlemen's combs; Corean combs for fixing the head-gear; Manchu moustache comb; Corean gentleman's hair-pins; lady's glass hair-pins, Corea; clip for holding the head-gear, Corea; horn for arranging hair below the head-band, Corea; 2 pairs of winter ear-guards, Manchu; toggle button, Mukden; 3 Mandarin buttons, Manchu; 2 holders for hat-buttons; Manchu lady's visiting mirror; Manchu lady's chatelaine, ear-rings, and metal hair-pins; Chinese lady's ear-rings, Peking; ditto hair-pin, and ditto with toilet instruments; 2 metal bracelets, Manchuria; glass bracelets, S. China; 5 head ornaments made with kingfisher feathers, Foochow; girl's pig-tail ornaments, Manchu; 2 frames for women's hair, Manchu; metal hair ornament, Manchu; cosmetic boxes ; Mongol horse-whip; Manchu life-preserver; Manchu cavalry officer's sword; Manchu sword-stick; matchlock; 20 dramatic weapons of wood, Manchu; Mongol Buddhist drum; Manchu guitar, fiddle, two-stringed fiddle, pack-mule bell; Mongol Buddhist temple bell, cymbals and wooden gong (mu yu); Mongol Buddhist small cymbals, cast-iron temple-gong, symbolic thunderbolt; 4 brass wine-cups and 7 copper wine-flasks, from a Mongol temple; Mongol lama rosary; rosary (?) of water-calthrop, Mukden; several packets of " joss-sticks," Mongolia; mock money burnt at funerals at the New Year; set of wooden altar utensils, Manchu; porcelain figure of Kwan Yin; Mongol Buddhist altar-cloth; Mongol priest's vestments (viz. outer robe, silk shawl, sleeveless jacket, helmet-like head-dress) from a temple near Chao Yang, E. Mongolia; Mongol priest's ordinary costume (viz jacket, girdle, skull-cap), Mukden; Corean woman's costume (two jackets, man's military cloak worn by women as a disguise out of doors, outer and inner skirt, &c.); Corean child's socks; Corean man's costume (trousers, socks, gaiters, coolie's jacket, merchant's jacket, jacket of gentleman of quality); girdle, cuffs; cane wrist-guards, Corea; Corean dancing-girl's hat, men's indoor hats (2), scholars' hats (2), mourning hat, man's head-band, man's winter hood, men's horse hair hats (3); Manchu boy's costume (waist-cloth, trousers, gaiters, inner and outer jackets (2), cap, socks); Manchu girl's costume (jacket, trousers); Manchu lady's costume (gaiters, inner and outer jackets (2), ankle-bands, embroidered collarettes (2), hat with streamers); Chinese woman's head-band; 2 Manchu rain-coats; Manchu man's cap; ditto winter caps (2); ditto winter hood; 2 Manchu official hats (third and sixth-class mandarin); 2 Manchu hat-boxes; Manchu man's and boy's pig-tails; Manchu travelling bag for "cash"; set of relief figures of the " 8 Immortals," Mukden; paper prints of the same; papers burnt as offerings to ancestors, Mukden; number of prints of gods, heroes, &c.; number of ordinary native pictures, Chinese and Japanese. Purchased from Mr. R. T. Turley. Bambu letter in Battak script, Sumatra; Buginese letter; Javanese ditto; Macassarese ditto; Madurese ditto; mandau with sheath and knife, Kontei, Borneo; 2 "chop-sticks," N. Guinea. (C.M. Pleyte, Leiden.) Anklong, Java; cheek-piece of seventeenth century helmet, European; 2 quartz spear-heads, N. Australia; 2 steel arm- guards, India or Persia; colobus monkey-skin cap, Liberia; S. African marimba; Dyak quiver, Borneo; waist-band, Hermit Island; charm-belt, Ashanti; fish-hook, N. America. (Webster.) 2 musical monochords, monochord (gopi yantra), fiddle and bow, oboe, from the aborigines of Chota Nagpur, India. Purchased through the kindness of W. H. Grimley, Esq., Calcutta. Man's bark belt, Papuan Gulf, New Guinea; ancient Cyprian bird-shaped vase; bead or pendant of shale (?Charm) Torrs, Wigtownshire; stone hammer with finger-pits, Smyrna; 12 early brass and bronze pins, London; ancient Greek bronze mirror; 5 ancient Greek or Etruscan bronze belt-hooks. (Lawrence.) Swedish "catch-pole" (brand gaffel); net-bag child-carrier, W. Africa; basket-work cup of fir-root, Sweden; model Lapp reindeer-pack; Eskimo (?) pouch. (Matsson, Stockholm.) Two old Yorkshire wooden hand-mangles and roller, Whitby. Smoothing stone, Oxfordshire; wooden brush (?locality). (Parker.) Specimens from Japan, viz.: carved and lacquered figure of Bisha monten; glazed-ware figure of Kwannon (Chatate Kwannnon used in the "tea ceremony"); small clay figure (representing relative of Shotoku Taishi) from pagoda of temple Horyuji, near Nara; Kakemono (serpent gods of wisdom); 2 votive imitation grave-tablets from a graveyard; printed prayer obtained from priests of the "Great Lightning Fox God; " paper charms for marriage, prosperity in business, for soldiers in action, for divorce, for popularity; paper charm from shrine of Agata; paper charms against shipwreck; dedicated rice to allay toothache; charm with figures of gods carved on rice seeds; 6 old Japanese bank- notes, local issues. (S.L. Gulick, Esq.) Belgian officer's "gorget;" Syrian Jewish phylactery; 6 glass eyes, charms against the "evil eye," Syria; Syrian camel's neck charm; Syrian horse's head stall, with charms. (E. Lovett, Esq.)

S. Pacific "candle-nut" string (exchanged for bambu tongs from the Solomon Islands); New Guinea spear-thrower (exchanged for bark-cloth beater, Savage Island). From the Konigl. Museum fur Volkerkunde, Berlin.

Tamil palm-leaf book, Cuddalore, Madras Pres.; 2 forgeries of flint arrow-heads, Brandon. From S. G. Hewlett, Esq. Forgery of flint arrow-head, by "Flint Jack"; stone celt used as a charm for cure of disease in cattle, and holed stone used as a charm against pixies, Ballymena, Ireland; wooden door-lock and key, St. Kilda; Manchu archer's thumb-ring; 5 flint implement forgeries, N.E. London; 6 silver votive offerings, Athens; 8 ditto, Naples; 4 ditto, Belgium; 3 ditto; Spalato, Dalmatia; primitive double clarinet, with horn air chamber and bell-mouth, ? Levant. From H. Balfour, Esq.


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