Report of the Curator of the Pitt-Rivers Museum (Ethnographical Department) for
1894 and 1895

Owing to a serious illness, the Curator was unable to present his Report for the year 1894, and it was unavoidable that this should stand over to the following year, and be combined with that of 1895. During the early portion of 1895 the progress of the Department was seriously hampered by illness, and the Curator regrets to have to record the death, on March 10, of William Beale, who had served the Department as an attendant since 1887 with great steadiness and regularity.
During the two years considerable progress has been made. In the main court, a series illustrating ‘Animal-form in Art’ and ‘Representations of Human-form in Savage Art’, have been properly arranged and labelled; also a series of ‘String, String-work, and Netting,’ and sundry minor improvements and additions have been made. Owing to the upper portions of three large cases having been transferred from the Department of Comparative Anatomy to this Department, which were converted into very serviceable table-cases, some important redistributions of series in the court and lower gallery were effected, and the hitherto unavoidable crowding of specimens was to some extent relieved. In one of these cases, to which an upright case, glazed on both sides, was added, the series of ‘Smoking-appliances, stimulant and narcotic drugs’ has been satisfactorily classified and arranged with labels, and the series of ‘Lighting-appliances,’ which before had shared a case with the above series, was relieved from overcrowding and rearranged with better effect. In the lower gallery and elsewhere new wall-screens have been added. The interesting series illustrating the evolution of currency in Burma, presented by Major Temple, has been arranged and labelled. In the upper gallery a few small cases have been added and minor improvements effected. Numerous labels have been added throughout the building, a great improvement being effected by the substitution of hand-painted labels for the existing printed ones, indicating the general nature of the series contained in the cases.
The glazing of the roof on the south side has been renewed on an improved principle, and in consequence there is far less damage from rain on that side; on the north side in certain places water still comes through the roof, causing serious inconvenience and some damage.
The collection has been made use of by several experts and other students, who have either personally visited the Museum or have made inquiries by letter.
The additions, as will be seen from the list appended, have been numerous, and in many cases of great interest. Specially noteworthy are the collections presented by Lieut. B.T. Somerville, R.N,, and by Major R.C. Temple, C.I.E., a munificent donor of long standing.
The Curator continued a series of lectures on ‘Progress in the Arts of Mankind, particularly as illustrated by the Pitt-Rivers Collection’ during Hilary and Easter and Trinity Terms, 1894, and during Michaelmas Term of the same year gave a series of six lectures upon ‘Primitive Musical Instruments considered especially in their relation to the early development of the higher forms.’ besides a few other lectures in and out of Oxford.

Three photographs of Samoans; 3 pieces of kava root, Samoa; 28 photographs of natives. Presented by Graham Balfour, Esq. 'Clyack' sheaf, Glengairn, Aberdeenshire. Presented by Dr. James Neil, Warneford Asylum, Oxon. Number of potsherds from Newberry and Orangeburg Counties, S. Carolina. Presented by Mr. Jonathan Hawkins, Haigler, S. Carolina, U.S.A. Eleven ancient Roman stili for writing on wax; 3 ditto bone bodkins; 3 ditto bone pins; spanner for wheel-lock musket, Naples; modern peasant's lamp of pottery, Rome; model Calabrian bagpipes; pottery bell, Rome; boar's tusk amulet, Rome; charm, relic of saint, Rome; sulphur tinder-box spunks, Guernsey; reservoir pen for melted wax, used in tracing patterns on cloth, Java; Japanese parcel-wrappers of spathe; 2 photographs of hyaena jaw found in Bench Cavern, Brixham; large flint scraper, S. Downs; 2 pairs of wooden sandals, Muzaffarpur; pair of native slippers, Sonpur, E. India; 3 combs, Sonpur; 3 Kaffir bead necklets; 2 samples of coarse tobacco, Nasirabad, India; obsidian arrow-head ('forgery') made by the Curator; 3 pottery pipes, Egypt; old Dutch steel-yard; Swedish tinder-pouch; Dutch tinder-box; Dutch sulphur spunks; box of early 'congreve' matches, German; native flint chisel in handle, N. Queensland; 2 Chinese reed pens; Kvaen netting-needle, E. Finmarken; number of coscinopora fossils from Quaternary gravels of Paris, &c. Presented by Henry Balfour, Esq., M.A., Curator. 'Semantron' from central Cyprus, made of iron. Presented by J.L. Myres, Esq., Ch. Ch. Two large funeral urns, Loochoo Islands. Presented by Prof. Basil Hall Chamberlain, Imperial University, Tokyo. Cranium of a Kol and another of a Brahman, both broken in order to liberate the soul, Mirzapur; cranium of a Barhai (carpenter caste), Mirzapur. Presented by Surgeon-Captain H. E. Drake Brockman, I.M.X., Muttra, N.W.P. Several casts of stone and bronze implements; several forgeries of stone and bronze implements; forgeries of 2 lead pilgrim badges, lead spoon, bone comb; cores and flakes from Ras el Berût; stone knife, Montana; sundry stone implements. Presented by Sir John Evans, F.R.S., Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead Specimens collected in the Solomon Islands in 1893, viz.:— 2 bush torches, New Georgia;fire-sticks, Mbariki dist., N. Georgia; fisherman's pouch and fish-hooks, N. Georgia; snail shell and bonita-hook made from one, Bougainville Island; turtle-shell fish-hook, Ugi Island; 3 shell fruit-scrapers, and shcll from which they are made, N. Georgia; specimens showing manufacture of shell arm-rings, N. Georgia; shell rings from a grave, N. Georgia; shell armlet, San Christoval; 4 shell breast-ornaments, N. Georgia; nose- pendant, Ugi Island; hair-comb, Malaita; ditto, N. Georgia; 3 others; festal waist-belt and armlet, N. Georgia; palm-leaf tassel worn in dances, N. Georgia; box of earth from bed of Vaholi river, for blackening the teeth, N. Georgia-; woman's fringe petticoat, Savo Island; 2 sun-guards, N. Georgia; jews harp, N. Georgia; stringed instrument, N. Georgia; bamboo lime-box, Savo Island; 3 carved canoe-house posts, Ugi Island; carved figure from an old post, Rendova harbour, N. Georgia; carved gable ornament, Ugi Island; canoe-god (toto ishu), N. Georgia; 2 paddles, N. Georgia i carved wood fish, Ugi Island; palm-leaf wind-mill, N. Georgia; wicker shield, N. Georgia; betel-nut basket, N. Georgia; 2 carved canoe ornaments, N. Georgia; nut used for caulking canoes, N. Georgia; bark-cloth, E. New Georgia; stone hammers N. Georgia; seed vessel from which red dye is obtained-; 4 canoe ribs, N. Georgia; carved figure of a man, made by a Rubiana native; ' death tambu ' warning to trespassers, Rendova harbour; 2 cocoa-nut water-bottles, N. Georgia; stone mortar, N. Georgia; wooden mortar, N. Georgia; wooden hook for hanging objects from rafters, N. Georgia; wooden finial to gable, Ugi Island; 2 stone adzes, Ugi Island; cocoa-nut match-box, Rubiana Island; pump-drill with stone weight, N. Georgia; shell pendants from a grave, N. Georgia. The following from New Guinea:—String of human hair, Samarai; fringe petticoat, Samarai; lime gourd, Samarai; 5 stone adze blades, Samarai; axe handle from China Straits, obtained at Samarai; skull trophy of Tugeri head-hunters The following from the Solomon Islands (sent later); spears, Bougainville, San Christoval and N. Georgia; 3 bows, N. Georgia and Ugi; 8 arrows, Malaita; cocoa-nut leaf arrows, N. Georgia; fishing-rod, line and hook, Gatukai Island; large flute, N. Georgia. Presented by Lieut. Boyle T. Somerville, R.N., H.M.S. Penguin. Three wooden painted copies of the figures of Jaganath Subhadra, and Balabhadra, in the great temple at Puri, Orissa. Presented by W. Crooke, Esq., B.C.S., Magistrate and Collector, West Leigh, Arberberry Road, Wimbledon Specimens from Burma:—Four ornamented pouches, Ganan Kachin; portable stool, ditto; woman's costume, ditto; woman's tobacco pouch, ditto; carvings and paintings of animals, &c., ditto; 4 clay pipes and J brass pipe used by women, ditto; 2 Kachin powder-horns; wicker pouch, Ganan Kachin; Kachin fire piston and appliances; cross-bow, Ganan Kachin; 2 dha or swords, Kachin; 3 spears, ditto; shield, ditto; Chin flint-lock gun; Karen mouth-organ, Myittha; 10 painted models o Burmese, Kachins, Shans, showing costume; Burmese head- rest; tobacco pipes of clay and silver; tattooing apparatus; pair of cocoa-nut water-carriers, Ganan Kachin; Chinese chop-sticks, Rangoon; 2 perforated brass disks for vermicelli making, Rangoon; Chinese swampan, Rangoon; wool-work hat worn by Christianized children, Mandalay; model irrigation wheel; model rice mill, Rangoon; 2 Chinese texts of welcome, Rangoon; elaborate loom for silk weaving, with unfinished work; hollow wood gong on stand, used as callbell in Buddhist monasteries; 5 sets of 'ti' (36 animal game) gambling pieces, and 2 from another set; box used in gambling with 9 animal pictures on wood; 3 'ti' pieces with numbers instead of animals; 8 cloths and boards used in 'ti' gambling; 2 bone spinners for gambling; 8 bone dice; 34 gambling counters; 2 brass .gambling boxes with peculiar dice; 2 sets of chess men; 4 black 'parabaik' books ;. Shan book; 2 papers belonging to Bo Le, the Kachin leader; stamp for stamping royal orders; 2 brass title-badges; gilt umbrella given to Bo Le by the Tsawbwa of Wuntho in token that he was to fight the British; votive umbrella placed over images, Shwcdagoll Pagoda, Rangoon; 4 bunches of votive flags, ditto; large votive banner, ditto; 'Thengan,' sacred votive garment placed on images of Buddha, ditto; 2 bamboo tubes with offerings of rice, ditto; 4 vases with votive flowers, ditto; 2 carved figures of priests; votive foundation brick from Arakan pagoda, Mandalay; votive candles, Shwedagon pagoda; 2 bricks (nailed) from the 'Incomparable pagoda'; glazed tile from ruins of Sibyogyi pagoda, Sagaing; carved wood 'chin the,' Ava; 2 figures of Jambupati, N. Burma; 2 Buddhas (wood and bronze), N. Burma; Buddha and seven-headed serpent, Ava; Buddha of lacquer. Ava; Puddha on seven elephants, Shinbinkugyi monastery, Pagan; reclining Buddha, Shwegugyi, Pegu; 3 ancient Buddhist votive figures, S. of Mergui; figure of Shakra, or Recording angel, N. Burma; 2 figures of 'mezali' (nuns); figures of devotee, dug up at Sagaing; 4 gold 'peacock' charms; small Buddha shrine worn as a charm, Kachin; astrological book; cast horoscope and birth certificate; 2 fruits hung in boats as charms; elephant's tail used as 'medicine' by Shan women who are bewitched; piece of skin with hair used as charm, Shan; piece of bark and nut similarly used, Shan; 3 pendants carved from elephant's nail worn by children as charms against disease; elephant nail used as 'medicine,' Shan; elephant bristles made into rings and worn by women who have lost children; 2 rings made for this purpose, Shan; root used as 'medicine,' Shan; necklet with pendant amber frogs, worn by children; water calthrop used as a charm, Shan; pieces of wood for making amulets, Shan; string of charms, Mergui; charm of human skull, inscribed, Mergui; rubber figures of man and wotnan used as love-charm &c., Mergui; Seycllelles cocoa-nut for making priest's bowl. The following from other countries:—'Kadata' or Canarese black book, S.W. India; steatite pencil for writing on the same; Moplah hat, Malabar coast; Lepcha pipe and case, Darjiling; 3 small and l large flask of Patna glass; Cingalese double river boat (model); Madras woman ‘s hair- ornament; Ganesha of stone given to pilgrims at Jaganath; money cowries from the stock of a Panjab banker; 8 copper coins (early Mahometan and Hindu) passing current in Panjab; 7 early copper coins, Panjab; 2 Shan silver bubbles used as coin by weight; Siamese 'tikal'; Japanese book; 2 Japanese war pictures, c. 1861; bow and arrows, N Andaman; zinc hookah bowl, Mirzapur ; brass do. and stand, Mirzapur; brass 'surma' box, Mirzapur; 3 copper coins and medal (?) current in Upper India; 2 money cowries, Siam; huge ladle used in ceremony of 'looting the daigh,' Ajmere, Rajputana. Presented by Major R. C. Temple, Chief Commissioner, Andaman and Nicobar Islands—Port Blair, Andaman Islands. Two palaeoliths from great pit, Swanscombe; 4 ditto found by himself in same locality; 4 palaeoliths of early type from high plateau gravels, Kent. Presented by H. Stopes, Esq., The Mansion House, Swanscombe, Kent. Half-groat found in burial-ground of Danby churchyard. Presented by the Rev. Canon J.C. Atkinson, Danby Parsonage, Grosmont, Yorks. Three cocoa-nut discs used in a game, Tonga Islands; some English cross-bows; several English archery-bows. Presented by Sir E. Hope Verney, Bart., Claydon House, Winslow, Bucks. Two Chinese watchmen's wooden gongs, 'mu yu,' Amoy. Presented by L.C. Hopkins, Esq., H.B.M. Consul, Shanghai. Brass figures of man, woman, and 6 animals, village of Gimangia, Ganjam; 5 cattle-bells, Khond; 7 toe-rings worn by Khond women; 6 Khond hair-combs; 3 Khond women's necklets of reed; 2 Khond metal pipes and I Savara brass pipe; 4 Khond and 2 Savara arrows; Khond match-gun for making a noise; Khond powder-flask; pair of Tamil sandals, Godaveri district; Khond jew's-harp; Khond horn-trumpet; Uriya double flageolet, Ganjam; pair of brass horns worn on head in ceremonial dances, Khond; 4 pairs of women's metal anklets; 2 very heavy brass wristlets worn for 5 days or so by brides after marriage; 7 brass armlets worn by Uriya women; Khond man's loin cloth and woman's ditto; 2 Uriya choppers; wheel of corundum powder and lac for grinding axes, Khond; 15 Khond axes; sabre and dagger, Ganjam; matchlock, Ganjam Hills; matchlock, Godaveri district; 10 stone beads believed to come from heads of snakes and dead men; small yellow beads (ancient) found in one locality only, Ganjam; Khond comb; Khond bow; Telugu astrological almanack, Godaveri district. Presented by J. Strode Wilson, Esq., I South Park Road, Oxford. Two small cores (chert and agate), Kathiawar. Presented by Bruce Foote, Esq. Algarvian amulet made of jaw of hedgehog worn by peasants as cure for sore eyes, Bemsafrim, Algarve, South Portugal. Presented by E.S. Dodgson, Esq. Model of ' tennis-court ' at Chichen Itsa, Yucatan. Presented by A.P. Maudslay, Esq. Photograph of Sakai. Presented by Leonard Wray, Esq., jun., Perak Museum, Straits Settlements. Mummied ibis, Egypt. Presented by F.T. Elworthy, Esq., Foxdown, Wellington, Somerset. Three Kaguru pipe-bowls, S. Masai country; needle made of feather-shaft for making 'pituri' bags, N. Queensland. Presented by Cuthbert Peek, Esq., Rousdon, Lyme Regis. Whizzing stick ('bull-roarer') from Bungay, Norfolk; pair of Lancashire child's shoes; pair of lady's clogs, early nineteenth century, English; pair of Japanese sandals; pair of Chinese shoes; string-work shoes, Newfoundland; child's sabots, Haarlem; Mahometan child's slippers; Loyalty Islands mat-bag, fish-hook, and shell armlet; 2 Chinese pigeon whistles. Presented by J. Edge Partington, Esq., Eltham, Kent. Wood-block for stamping cheeses to keep away evil spirits, Rhone Valley. Presented by A.J. Butler, Esq., M.A., Brasenose College, Oxford. Hair from Guanche mummy, Teneriffe. Presented by Dr. R.C.A. Prior, Halse House, Taunton. Eight Neapolitan brass charms for hanging on head-gear of horses and donkeys. Presented by R. Gunther, Esq., M.A., Magdalen College, Oxford. Potato carried as a cure for rheumatism, Leighton Buzzard. Presented by Miss Gulielma Lister, Laytonstone, Essex. Two photographs of Tibetan religious dancers. Presented by Col. Parry Nisbet, IJnited Service Club, Pall Mall, S.W. Irish ‘bull-roarer,' Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. Presented by Rev. J. Purcell Barnes, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. Ten pieces of Azimgarh pottery, N.W.P India. Presented by Eustace Kitts, Esq. Two Egyptian pottery vessels (modern); bamboo instrument for scaring evil spirits, (?) Celebes. Presented by Sir Henry Acland, Bart., Oxford. Dancing head-dress (modern), Patagonia. Presented by Mrs. Lily Grove. Four 'kippeens' for keeping open a bag-net, W. Coast of Ireland; 2 Irish pot scrubbers of ling heather; 2 Irish spade blades and a turf cutter. Presented by Mr. R. Welch, 49 Lonsdale Street, Belfast. Twenty-three photographs of Australian natives. Presented by John Bagot, Esq., Adelaide. Flint dagger and perforated stone axe from N. Jutland. Presented by David Pratt, Esq., Odiham, Hants. Pellet bow of composite construction with clay pellets, Japan. Presented by Admiral J.P. Maclear, R.N., Cranleigh, Surrey. Two photographs of Skye crofters using quern and caschrom. Presented by A.W.W. Brown, Esq., 6 Sussex Square, Hyde Park, W. Carapu, or cap, Madeira. Presented by Dr. F.H.H. Guillemard, The Old Mill House, Trumpington, Cambridge. Piece of papyrus leaf paper, Syracuse, Sicily. Presented by Sir W. Markby, Headington, Oxon. Chert knife used in the 'micka' operation, Georgina River, Central Queensland. Presented by Prof. J. Rhys, Jesus College, Oxford. Sulphur 'spunks,' Duns, Berwickshire. Presented by Dr. Ritchie, Oxford. Hide-covered curragh used on River Boyne. Presented by Lieut.-Col. J. Coddington, Oldbridge, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Six Bushman rock-paintings from cave, S. Africa; and large number of copies of Bushman paintings made by Louis E. Tylor, Esq. Presented by Dr. E.B. Tylor, Keeper of the Museum. Five pieces of slate-stone with incised marks, Tolwyn. Presented by J. Park Harrison, Esq., Christ Church, Oxford. Five stone arrow-heads and 2 pieces of pottery from Cartersville, Georgia, U.S.A. Presented by H.F. Russell Howland, Esq., Begbroke House, Begbroke, Oxon. Rag mannikin (votive) from holy well at Doon, N. Donegal. Presented by T.W. Rolleston, Esq., 76 Grafton Street, Dublin. Dacoit flag, Burma. Presented by Sir Charles Aitchison, K.C.S.I., Oxford.

Alpen-horn of large size, Canton of Berne, Switzerland (Herr E. Heim); model of old-fashioned Glamorganshire plough; old pottery churn and churning-stick, Wytham, Oxon; S. African wooden spear (ogee section); English phleme; imitation horseshoe of large size used in a cottage for keeping off witches, Woodstock, Oxon; quantity of old gun fittings (Parker).

Pocket-case for gunflints, Sussex; circular ground flint knife; Mildenhall. S.G. Hewlett, Esq. Snake-charmer's musical pipes, Uriya, Ganjam; set of silver torques, Ganjam. J. Strode Wilson, Esq. Large forgery of palaeolithic implement, Forest Gate; 18 forgeries of flint implements made by ' Flint Jack'; nodule of flint resembling a bird's head, Brandon; Calabrian bagpipes, S. Italy; Calabrian oboe. H. Balfour, Esq. Four spear-heads made by natives of W. Australia from glass and telegraph insulators. Royal Colonial Institute.

'Prey-god fetish,' Zuni, New Mexico (given in exchange 2 Burmese pottery lamps, Patlla glass phial, and Kachin pipe, all presented by Major R.C. Temple).

Large wooden food-bowl and two baskets from Great Kei Island; drum, pottery bowl, wooden bowl, model pestlc and mortar, from Accra, W. Africa; piece of fishing-line of human hair, Central Australia; sample of plant burned to ashes for chewing with pituri, same locality; spear, Ujiji; Kaguru chain, ear-stretcher, small fire-tongs, basket-work food-dish and wooden stool, 2 Masai wire-work collars, Wanyamwesi head-dress of zebra mane, Ngaheri club, basket-work cover for food-dish, 2 Makula arrows, all collected in E. Africa by Mr. J.T. Last; 6 palaeoliths, Broom Hill, Axminster; photographs showing site of the same; pair of Icelandic bone-skates. Presented by Cuthbert Peek, Esq., Rousdon, Lyme Regis. Toda club, Nilghiri Hills. Presented by Colonel J.C. Russell, 30 Queen's Gate Terrace, S.W. Three old-fashioned English forks; bracelet of 'golden grass,' N. India; betel-nut slicer, Jumnapur, India; 2, knives, Sonpur; woman's belt, Humboldt Bay, N. Guinea; 2 small Mexican knives; Indian mirror; Indian pottery ink-holder; wooden scratch-back, Karyes, Mount Athos; 2 Arab reed- pens, Algeria; 3 Moorish gun-flints; Arab 'chew-sticks'; mule shoe, Attica, Greece; small pot from a nuraghi at Arbus, Sardinia; 17 brass coins (change for one penny), Tangier; model sabot-sandal, Canton Unterwalden, Switzerland; 2 pairs of skin-shoes, Sarajevo, Bosnia; 3 Bosnian 'chew-sticks'; antimony bottle. Sarajevo; shuttle, Sarajevo; Bosnian horse shoe; 2 spinning apparatus, Salona, Dalmatia; 3 Bosnian gun-flints; 5 ancient Greek astragals, Mura Vetro, Taranto; arms of a terracotta statuette of a boxer with cestus, Taranto; 2 ancient Greek jointed dolls of terracotta, Taranto, S. Italy; 'Whit-horn' of willow bark, Witney, Oxon; ' hashish 'for smoking (hemp), Tangier; 2 dried 'sea-horses,' used as charms, Algiers; 10 flakes, scrapers, &c., of flint, Shotover Hill, Oxon; ox-shoe, Cevennes, France; Norwegian hand-loom or 'heddle’; iron palstave, Holbo, Vaage, Norway; 2 ' arrow-head ' necklets of carnelian, Sarajevo, Bosnia; glass imitation of the same, Mostar, Herzegovina; hinged wooden spoon, Jayce, Bosnia; string of 'baniya,' an aphrodysiac herb, Sarajevo; Chinese snuff-bottle; pottery pipe-bowl, Cairo; sherd of modern pottery, but of ancient type, from near Podromanja, Bosnia; 2 imitation charms of glass, Sarajevo; R. C. scapulary, Engelberg, Switzerland;carved fishing-net float, Lydia Island, N. Guinea; 2 wooden rests used by monks in church, Mount Athos; quantity of old lace-making bobbins in box, Arncott, Oxon; wheel for winding lace bobbins, Oxon. Presented by H. Balfour, Esq., M.A., Curator. Neapolitan votive painting. Presented by R. Gunther, Esq., M.A., Magdalen College. Small figure of St. Anthony of Padua for wearing as an amulet, Padua. Presented by Prof. W.C.F. Anderson, 263 Glossop Road, Sheffield. Old iron candlestick dug up in a garden, Oxford. Presented by Mr. A. Robinson, The Museum, Oxford. 'Kris' frorm Kelantan, Malay Peninsula; 2 Javan 'sarongs'; silk 'sarong,' Singapore; 3 baskets, Malacca. Presented by H.N. Ridley, Esq., Singapore. Specimens from the collection of the late Prof. H.N. Moseley, viz. Flute formerly belonging to Canon Moseley; Zuni 'prey-god fetish'; doll from Tetuan, Morocco, used in ceremonies for healing the sick. Presented by Mrs. H.N. Moseley. Two wooden figures of men used for beating time in Arawak dances; wooden figure of a heron used in same dances when women take part; 2 wooden bird-shaped calls used in same dances; 3 'macquarie' whips, Arawak; 2 jaguar-bone flageolets; resin torch; fan for fanning fires; basket of aeta-palm leaf, Macusi; 5 bone spindle-whorls, Macusi; Macusi lip- ornament; Carib nose-pendant; necklet of cayman teeth; woman's apron, 'queyu'; necklet of carved jaguar-bone, Warrau; body ornament of jingling shells; 2 fine peccary-teeth necklets; necklet of dasyprocta teeth; ornament of beetle wing-cases; Carib deer-teeth necklet; 2 bead necklets in imitation of those of peccary teeth; pair of cotton cord ornaments for arm; cotton belt; cotton tassel worn down back ; Carib basket; headband for carrying baskets, &c.; basket for carrying ants for food; bucket-shaped basket; old wooden club; pottery trumpet; gourd dish; very fine Arawak … rattle with feather decoration; the above all from British Guiana. Presented by Everard F. Im Thurn, M.A., Exeter College, C.M.G.; Pomeroon District, British Guiana. Fuegian fishing-line of sinew. Presented by W.H. Wilson, Esq., M.B., I South Parks Road, Oxford. Three black and white drawings illustrating custom of depositing crosses on trees, &c. at funerals, Co. Wexford; pen and ink drawing of holy well at Lure, Haute-Saone; funeral cross of wood carried in procession and deposited on a tree, Co. Wexford. Presented by Miss Margaret Stokes, Carrig Breac, Howth, Co. Dublin. Cuttle-fish eye from ancient Peruvian mummy, Arica, used as artificial eye. Presented by Miss L.A. Newsome, 25 Pembroke Street, St. Aldate's, Oxford. Bronze ' bulla,' Psychro, Crete. Presented by A.J. Evans, Esq., M.A., Ashmolean Museum. Two monkey's paws used as vermifuge charm, N.E. Formosa; time-candle of incense, Canton. Presented by L.C. Hopkins, Esq., H.M. Vice-Consul, Shangai. Objects collected by F.S.P. Lely, Esq., from the aborigines (Bhils, Chodras, &c.) of N.E. Surat, India, viz. 2 ' sarees,' cloth garments worn by women (1 Bhil, 1 Chodra); 11 armlets of brass and lead; 2 anklets; 2 necklets of brass and lead; 5 toe-rings; 7 nose-rings; I pair of ear-pendants I 6 ear-studs; necklet of cowries and coral; hair ornament; 6 necklets of coloured beads; 3 necklets of white stone beads. Presented by Mrs. F.S. Lely, 5 Grenville Place, Cromwell Road, S.W. Pair of wooden clogs worn by men, Fez, Morocco; wooden spoon, Fez. Presented by Sir Ernest M. Satow, K.C.M.G., H.B.M. Minister in Japan. Large wooden door-lock, Stoer, N.W. Sutherland. Presented by Rev. J. Maxwell Joass, D.D., Golspie, Sutherland, N.B. Set of 'chequers' used in a game, Glaisdale, Yorks.; 2 sets of 'chequers ' (new), Whitby. Presented by Rev. H.T. Adams, St. Barnabas Church, Oxford. Specimens collected by Lieut. Somerville in the Solomon Islands, viz. 2 carved bamboo scoops for attracting fish, Vaholi, New Georgia; 4 fish-hooks, Savo Island; 4 fish-hooks, N. Georgia; fish-hook holder and 5 turtle-shell hooks, N. Georgia; netting mesh, N. Georgia; bark used for net-making, N. Georgia; creeper used as cord, N. Georgia; wooden model of adze, N. Georgia; 3 pairs of bamboo tongs, Florida; wire saw for cutting shell rings, N. Georgia; small pick-hammer for shell-ring making, N. Georgia; stone hammer, N. Georgia; 2 drills for boring shell-rings, N. Georgia; carpenter's file of ray skin, Mungeri district; 7 lime gourds with animal designs, N. Georgia; 4 bamboo lime boxes, Florida and N. Georgia; pestle and mortar for betel-nut, N. Georgia; 2 betel-nut crushers and lime lifters, Florida; native tobacco pipe, Bougainville Island; unfinished pipe, Repi, N. Georgia; stone celt, Ugi; turtle-bone borer for drilling cocoa-nuts, Vaholi district; 2 shell cocoa-nut scrapers, Savo Island; cocoa-nut water-bottle, Savo Island; bamboo water-holder, Savo Island; woman's grass wristlets, Mungeri district; men's grass wristlets, N. Georgia; seed bracelets, Ugi; cuscus-tooth necklet, Mungeri; bracelet of human teeth, Marovo Island; 2 bead anklets, Bogotu, Ysabel Island; 2 shell armlets, Halavo district, Florida; 5 children's ditto, Mungeri; 6 shell armlets, N. Georgia; neck pendant of shell, Mungeri; ditto, Ngarasi district, Ramada Island; very fine ditto, belonged to King of Mungeri; pearl-shell ditto, Mungeri; 3 small neck pendants of shell, N. Georgia; unfinished ditto, of conus shell, Vaholi district; shell neck-ornament, Mungeri; back pendant made from nut-shells, Ugi; 3 shell breast- ornaments, Savo, Florida, and N. Georgia; bamboo ear plug, Halavo district; 2 large wooden ear-plugs, Ngarasi district; 2 bird-bone ear-ornaments, Mungeri district; 2 ditto of tridacna shell, Ysabel Island; turtle-shell nose-ring, Ugi; turtle-shell ear-rings, Ugi; 3 shell ear-rings, Halavo district; 2 neck pendants (charms), N. Georgia; charm of conus shell, Mungeri district; shell for extracting hairs, N. Georgia; pair of shells for same use in a sheath. Mungeri district; comb of human bone, Ha]avo district; carved cocoanut containing black pigment for the teeth, Ngarasi district, Ramada Island; frame for supporting the hair, Mungeri; 2 ornaments of palm-leaf and feathers, Repi, N. Georgia; 3 women’s fringe petticoats, Savo; 2 ditto Florida; creeper from which petticoats are made Ugi: sun-shade. Mungeri; 2 feather shield-ornaments, Mungeri; 6 -samples of bark cloth, N. Georgia; bark-cloth mallet, Marovo Island; seeds of tree from which bark cloth is made; leaves of bread-fruit tree, from which bark cloth is made, N. Georgia; specimen of plant used for making red dye, N. Georgia; plant from which an indigo dye is obtained, N. Georgia; spathe used as seat, pillow, and mat, Ngela, Florida; native hat, Bougainville Island; conch-shell trumpet, N. Georgia; 2 bamboo jew's-harps, N. Georgia; musical bow, Mungeri; 2 large flutes, N. Georgia; 2 Pan's pipes, Halavo district; 4 wooden food bowls, Ugi; I ditto, Marovo Island; wooden mortar, Ugi; cocoa-nut shell spoon, Halavo district; carved figure of a woman, Rubiana; ditto of a man, Ngarasi district; ditto made by bushmen of Kusake, N. Georgia; 4 canoe-prow gods (toto ishu), Mungeri; small stone carving, Mungeri; figure of human-headed bird, Mungeri; carved lime-gourd stopper, N. Georgia; carved human head, N. Georgia; 4 canoe-prow ornaments, Mungeri; 4 ditto, Ngarasi district, Ramada Island; I ditto, Marovo Island; l ditto, Pondokona district; canoe-seat (incised), Vaholi district; 5 carved fishing floats (mythological figures), Mungeri; carving of butterfly, N. Georgia; fishing float with butterfly carving, Marovo Island; 2 ditto, with highly conventionalized butterfly carvings, Mungeri; 5 baskets, N. Georgia; I ditto, Savo Island; 5 net-bags, N. Georgia; 2 paddles, Halavo district; I ditto, Ngela district, Florida; 3 ditto, N. Georgia; l ditto, Bogotu, Ysabel Island; ornamented shield, Guadalcanar; 2 war shields, Guadalcanar; 1 ditto, Pondokona district; archer’s armguard, Rubiana; 2 sporting bows, Halavo district; 4 fishing bows with 15 arrows, N. Georgia; lo war arrows, Mungeri; spear, Ngela district, Florida; 3 ditto, Ngarasi district; 6 ditto, Ngarasi; 6 ditto, Vaholi district; I ditto, Vaholi (busl district); iron-bladed axe, Ngarasi (bush district); ditto, N. Georgia; sickness ' hope ' (tabu sign), Vaholi; 2 X photographs taken in the Solomon Islands by Lieut. Somerville, R.N.; 10 sketches by Lieut. Somerville, R.N., Lieut. Waugh, R.N., and Lieut. Weigall, R.N.; 3 native pencil sketches, Mungeri. The following from the New Hebrides:—club, Pentecost Island; 3 ditto, E. Coast of Malekula; 2 ditto, S. Coast of Epi; I ditto, Pentecost Island; 1 ditto, Efate; 2 ditto, Shepherd group. Presented by Lieut. B.T. Somerville, R.N., H.M.S. Penguin. [Some of the above specimens were collected by Mr. J.E.V. Morton, R.N., H.M.S. Penguin, and some by Mr. A. Brigstocke, R.N., H.M.S. Dart.] Photographs of bamboo tablets inscribed in Rejang characters, Sumatra. Presented by J. Park Harrison, Esq., Christ Church, Oxford. Ancient glass bottle, dug up, twelve feet deep, at St. Mary's Entry, Oxford. Presented by Mr. Hutchins, Oxford. Mexican fan for fire-blowing; Iroquois corn-husk mask; 2 crosses worn by peasant women of Goust, Basses Pyrenees. Presented by Miss E.C. Bell, 30 Brompton Crescent, S.W. Bramble-twig with thread and yarn (votive), from holy well, Inishmaan, Aran Islands, also shell used for drinking water from the well. Presented by T.W. Rolleston, Esq., 76 Grafton Street, Dublin. Number of photographs of S. Pacific natives, &c.; piece of worked stalactite for making shanks of fish-hooks, Ocean Island, Gilbert Islands; piece of Californian obsidian. Presented by Graham Balfour, Esq., New University Club, London. Painted board for a philosophical game played in India. Presented by the Right Hon. Prof. F. Max Muller, M.A., 7 Norham Gardens, Oxford. Nose-flute, siling-ut, Borneo (Kenniah). Presented by C. Hose, Esq., B.N. Borneo. Two specimens of ancient Peruvian pottery. Presented by Lady Welby, Denton Manor, Grantham. Netting apparatus, Bugotu, Ysabel Island, Solomon Islands. Presented by Rev. H. Welchman, Melanesian Mission. Two funeral memorial tablets, one to a man, the other to a woman, Canton district, China. Obtained and presented by Rev. T.W. Pearce, of the L.M.S., Hong Kong. Through Prof. J. Legge, M.A., 3 Keble Road. Document of Pepohuan tribe in Chinese character with finger-print signatures of witnesses, Formosa. Presented by L.C. Hopkins, Esq., H.B.M. Consul, Shanghai. Piece of bark cloth, Great Nicobar. Presented by Major R.C. Temple, Chief Commissioner, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair, Andaman Islands. Set of 18 carved and painted Cingalese 'devil-dancers’ masks. Presented by F. de Silva, Esq., Interpreter of the District Court, Galle, Ceylon.

Bamboo head-hunter's knife and 2 slings for carrying heads, S. New Guinea: wooden ear pendant, Fly River, New Guinea. (Jamrach.) Carving, S E. New Guinea; 11 stone implements, Somaliland; 2 dance head-dresses, New Guinea; 2 wooden fishing trimmers. New Guinea sandals for walking on coral reefs, Solomon Islands. (Cutter.) Dance leg-ornament of bark, New Guinea; 3 S. American blow-gun darts; 2 lime gourds, Kerepunu, N. Guinea; 2 pipes, S.E. New Guinea; bone lime-lifter, S. New Guinea; sago ladle, S. New Guinea; cocoanut shell ladle, N. Guinea; 4 carved cocoanut shell spoons, Papuan Gulf; bark-cloth mallet, S.E. New Guinea; jew's-harp, S.E. Guinea; man catcher, S.E. New Guinea; large stone-bladed adze, S.E. New Guinea; necklet of teeth, S.E. New Guinea; breast ornament (held in mouth when fighting), Motu or Koiari; feather-head ornament, Kabadi district; boar's tusk pendant, and 3 double ditto, S.E. Peninsula, New Guinea; N. American stone-headed club; S. American (? Tocantins River) wooden spade or club. -(Fenton.) Old powder-tester, English; old English horn spectacles; 2 early English 'backstaves' and sextant; 2 ' ring-dials' and 2 equatorial 'ring-dials'; hour-glass; early tooth-extractor,English; pair of sets of morris-dancer's bells, Finstock, Oxon. (Bateman.) Two netting-needles, Congo River; old English rushlight shade; cap of plaited palm-leaf, Gilbert Islands. (Mr. E. Lovett.) Morris-dancer's suit, Oxon.; lace-making apparatus, English. (Carter.) Case of Javan iron calthrops; Yaguy bow and 4 arrows, S. America; Patagonian spurs; New Guinea bark belts; 2 dance leg-ornaments of bark, New Guinea; New Guinea archer's arm-guard; spiral ditto, Solomon Islands; 2 cocoa-nut-shell cups, New Guinea; 2 trophy skulls of women, Dyak, Borneo; Malay gourd-bottle, with designs; Cingalese devil-dance mask; pair of hide boots, Central Asia; gourd water bottle, Kabyle; small ogee dagger, W. Africa; carved spoon of rhinoceros horn (giraffe carving), S. Africa; bell of nut-shell and tusk, Congo; bamboo tobacco-pipe, Borneo; opium-box, axe-handle, mouth-organ, and hair-pin of bone, Borneo; 3 spears and paddle, Matty Island; spear shaft, Admiralty Islands; large stone adze (placed on burial mounds), New Guinea; ancient Peruvian mummy head, artificially distorted. (Webster.) Old English scratch-back. (Parker.) Two decorated New Guinea skulls; 2 large shark's teeth weapons, 2 small ditto, 11 grass armlets, 2 wooden combs, Matty Island; large breast ornament, 2 net-work bags, 4 bone spatulae, New Guinea; necklet of shell and small fish vertebrae, New Guinea or Matty Island. (Sale at Stevens'.) Specimens from China (Hankow district), viz. Wooden door-lock, mirror used in marriage processions, large bronze mirror for placing in marriage chamber, small concave ditto set up as a demonifuge, ancient inscribed ditto, clay figure set up on house-tops as a demonifuge, ' mouth-organ,' zither, flageolet, and side flute. (Rev. W. A. Cornaby.) Twenty-three flint implements from the high plateau gravels of Kent. (Mr. B. Harrison.)
Four carved arrows, Matty Island. (Tregasky.) Two wooden food-bowls, Matty Island; coil of native cord and two paddles, Matty Island; cocoanut-shell ladle, N. New Guinea; iron javelin, Lake district, E. Central Africa. (British Museum.)

Woman's work-basket containing a quantity of spindles, needles, combs, woven materials, &c., found in a huaca near Ancon, Peru. From Prof. E. Giglioli, Florence (given in exchange, 3 Malay stone implements, Perak, presented by General R.S.F. Walker).

Nose-flute, Loyalty Islands, S. Pacific. (J.E. Partington, Esq.) Horn of a beetle (dynastes) worn as a charm against snake-bite, S. Shan States, and tooth of Lachesis mutus for comparison; Bosnian bagpipes. (H. Balfour, Esq.) Violin bow. (Mrs. H. Balfour.) Blackfoot cow-skin painted with pictographic scenes from the life of its owner, Canada. (C.E. Peek, Esq.)


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