During the year 1893, the following series have been more or less systematically arranged in the court, and for the most part furnished with suitable labels:- Primitive Pottery, illustrating pottery hand-made without the use of the potter’s wheel; the series of Burmese MSS. presented by Major R. C. Temple; series illustrating the early development of Writing, and writing-materials (this still lacks some important material, and cannot be yet brought to any state of completion); a very important series illustrating Magic and its appliances (new table cases were added for this series, which also occupies part of a wall-case); series of Lighting-appliances; series of pipes and other smoking-appliances; one illustrating some of the various ways of treating the Dead, bearing upon primitive ideas of the future state. A few small supplementary glass cases have been added in connexion with existing series.  In the upper gallery a partial rearrangement of the Stone Implement series has been effected. A number of glazed drawers have been added underneath the table-cases in the two galleries.  Numerous minor additions and arrangements have been made in various parts of the building.  Numerous specimens have been received, mostly from various donors, a few by purchase, and a small number on deposit; of these a list appears below. The Curator began in the October term a course of lectures upon the various Arts of Mankind, as illustrated by the series in the collection.

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