During the year 1891 several series have been systematically treated, and more or less permanently arranged and labelled. The various series of musical instruments have been, so far as possible, completed, with labels, sketches, maps etc.  The weaving and bark-cloth series has been rearranged; similarly the series of masks, primitive boat models, and the fire-making series, which is one of the most typical in the collection.  Several hundred labels have been added in the galleries, and in cases in the court not included in the above-mentioned series, and cataloguing has been continued.  The small building containing a curator’s room and work and store-rooms, which was begun early in July last, is still unfinished, and at the present rate of progress it may not be ready for use for some months to come.  The nature of the work during the present year will largely depend upon how soon these rooms are ready, as systematic work is at present almost impossible, and the preparation of a hand-book has to remain in abeyance.

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