The work of the past year [1889] has been largely confined to the classification and arrangement of specimens in the lower gallery, and of these considerably more than half are now so classified.

The series upon the screens along the western wall are in continuation of those in the upper gallery, while in the table cases are arranged numerous large and small series, chiefly of such objects as it is absolutely necessary to place under glass. The table cases are supplemented by screens upon which are placed the larger and less perishable specimens.

Very little outside labour has been employed, as the servants of the department have been trained to execute nearly all the ordinary woodwork and other fittings.

There have been very numerous additions to the department, and considerable attention has had to be given to these, so that some delay has been caused in the work of arranging the original collection. It is necessary to give immediate attention to fresh additions, in order that no information concerning them may be lost. The additions have been made chiefly by donation, but also partly by purchase from the Museum Maintenance of Collections Fund.

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