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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1925.

Readers are reminded that this table is a work in progress and may be amended or added to at any time.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January between 1-6 Blackwood attends National Research Council Committee on Human Migration in Washington DC Frances Larson pers comm.
January 7 Blackwood returns to Princeton Frances Larson pers comm.
January 31 Blackwood travels to Nashville Tennessee to research Frances Larson pers comm.
February No day  Blackwood in Nashville Frances Larson pers comm.
March No day Blackwood in Nashville Frances Larson pers comm.
April No day  Balfour has one or more toes removed PRM Ms collections J.P. Mills correspondence, letter to Balfour, 25 April 1925
April 7-14 Blackwood attends meeting of American Association of Anatomists Frances Larson pers comm.
April Before 17 Blackwood based in Nashville Tennessee working on anthropometrical research where she was horrified by the activities of the Ku Klux Klan PRM Ms collections Blackwood papers Box 12
April 17 Blackwood travels to Birmingham, Alabama to undertake research at Tuskegee Institute Frances Larson pers comm.
May No day  Blackwood remains in Birmingham, Alabama Frances Larson pers comm.
May No day  Blackwood travels to New Orleans Frances Larson pers comm.
June 3 Blackwood returns to Birmingham, Alabama Frances Larson pers comm. 
June 10 Blackwood travels to Atlanta, Georgia, and works at Atlanta University Frances Larson pers comm.
June 16 Blackwood returns to Nashville Tennessee Frances Larson pers comm.
June 23 Blackwood travels to Winnipeg via Chicago Frances Larson pers comm.
June 25 Blackwood arrives Winnipeg, from there she travels north to work on an 'Indian Reserve', and then travel around western Canada Frances Larson pers comm.
September 21-24 Blackwood travels from Vancouver to Minneapolis Frances Larson pers comm. 
November 6 Blackwood travels to Red Lake Reservation Frances Larson pers comm.
December 6 Blackwood returns to Minneapolis Frances Larson pers comm.
December 14 Blackwood travels to Chicago Frances Larson pers comm.
December 17 Blackwood travels to Hindman, Kentucky Frances Larson pers comm.
December 31 Blackwood travels to Washington DC Frances Larson pers comm.
Unspecified Work continues in Upper Gallery, which is closed for the installation of new wall cases which protect specimens for first time. Lower Gallery remains closed Relational Museum timelines and Annual Report 1925
Unspecified Further serious problems were experienced with the roof which leaks and causes damage to museum objects Relational Museum timelines and Annual Report 1925
Unspecified Displays worked on during the year: Spears in Upper Gallery, Pottery, cases in Lower Gallery Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1925
Unspecified E.S. Thomas carries out labelling in Lower Gallery Annual Report 1925


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