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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1914.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January 31 Agenda for meeting of Delegates, a report of Balfour's on disposal or exchange of 'superfluous specimens' PRM ms collections PRM papers Box 1 Foundation of PRM
June 26 Balfour leaves London on SS Malwa to attend BAAS meeting in Australia, visiting Java, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1914 / Fran Larson pers comm.


Marett also goes to 1914 BAAS meeting in Australia DNB entry
July 28 Balfour arrives at Freemantle, Australia Frances Larson pers comm.
August 1 Balfour visits Perth Frances Larson pers comm.
August 4 Balfour takes boat from Freemantle Frances Larson pers comm.
August 8 Balfour arrives at Adelaide, South Australia Frances Larson pers comm.
August 10 BAAS party travels to Milang Frances Larson pers comm.
August 13 BAAS party and Balfour arrives at Melbourne, Victoria Frances Larson pers comm.
August 14 UK declares war on Germany, First World War begins
August 19 Balfour arrives in Sydney, New South Wales Frances Larson pers comm.
August 26 Balfour travels to Brisbane Frances Larson pers comm.
September 3 Balfour sails northwards, stopping at Townsville Frances Larson pers comm.
September 9 Balfour arrrives at Cairns, Queensland Frances Larson pers comm.
September 12 Balfour arrives in Torres Strait Frances Larson pers comm.
September 15 Balfour arrives at Port Darwin Frances Larson pers comm.
September 16 Balfour and BAAS party leave Australia and returns to Europe via Indonesia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, Bombay Frances Larson pers comm.
October No day  Balfour sailing back to Europe Frances Larson pers comm. Annual Report says 'in Long Vacation'
November 1 Balfour arrives back in UK from BAAS meeting Frances Larson pers comm.
Unspecified Wilfred Susan Blackman continues to volunteer at Museum working on the catalogues of series of objects Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1914
Unspecified First recording of attempted theft from Museum, nothing was taken Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1914
Unspecified Department of Social Anthropology established, with funding from the Drapers' Company, after successful lobbying by Marett Relational Museum timelines / Evans-Pritchard, 1953: 18
Unspecified Committee for Anthropology gives grant of £25 to Maria Czaplicka to collect in Siberia for PRM Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1914
Unspecified Displays worked on during the year: Basketry, Medicine / surgical instruments, pottery and magic / charms Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1914
Unspecified Balfour publishes 'monograph' on frictional fire-making in Journal of the Anthropological Institute Annual Report 1914
Unspecified M.W. Hilton-Simpson spends £10 from the Committee of Anthropology and Exeter College on collecting specimens in Aures Mountains Annual Report 1914 See 1913
Unspecified The 'Department of Social Anthropology' which had been based in Exeter College is moved to Barnett House, 26 The Broad, the Centre for Social Studies due to (large) student numbers. The move was funded by the Worshipful Company of Drapers of the City of London Peter Rivière


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