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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1902.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January No day  Tylor lectures on Anthropological evidence in ancient literature in Hilary Term Alison Brown pers comm
February 20  Vice-Chancellor writes circular letter asking for notice of need from departments  Referred to in June 18 [qv] 
March No day  Tylor resigns as Keeper of the OUMNH Relational Museum timelines
April No day  Tylor lectures on Early stages of civilization, language, writing, arithmetic etc in Trinity Term Alison Brown pers comm
June 18 Pamphlet entitled 'University Needs: The PRM' sent by Balfour in reply to a circular letter from Vice-Chancellor [see February] Balfour asks for more money to pay assistants and asks for adequate provision for safe and systematic storage of non exhibited material in cases and cabinets PRM ms collections PRM papers Box 1 Foundation of Museum
October No day  Tylor lectures on Outlines of anthropology in Michaelmas Term Alison Brown pers comm
Unspecified Balfour purchases new exhibition cases with money saved by Gray's post not being filled Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report 1902
Unspecified Electric light installed in the staircase, Curator's office and workshops 'and other rooms' Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report 1902
Unspecified Displays worked on during the year: Musical instruments, Fire-making, Pottery, Magic / charms, Shields / armour, boomerangs, fetish figures [sic], war trophies Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report 1902
Unspecified The Tylors travel to Switzerland Megan Price, pers comm.
Unspecified Radcliffe Library moves to new premises away from OUMNH Davies and Hull 1975 Zoological Collections


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