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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1895.

Readers are reminded that this table is a work in progress and may be amended or added to at any time.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January No day  Tylor lectures on the Early stages of knowledge, science, magic, mythology, history in Hilary Term Alison Brown pers comm.
February 7 Report of the Committee of the Board of the Faculty of Natural Science concludes its discussions and agrees a report for Hebdomadal Council see March 19 
March 10 William Beale dies, attendant in PRM since 1887 University Gazette 9 June 1896 p 569
March 19 Report of the Committee of the Board of the Faculty of Natural Science for the University's Hebdomadal Council meeting on the question of whether Anthropology might be admitted as a principal subject in the Honour School of Natural Science University Archives, Duke Humphrey's Library, Bodleian Library
April 16  Vice-Chancellor writes to Balfour expressing regret at hearing of his illness and formally confirms 2 terms' leave of absence PRM ms collections PRM papers Box 1 Foundation of PRM
April No day  Tylor lectures on the Anthropology of social and political institutions in Trinity Term Alison Brown pers comm.
June No day  Statute approved to establish Professorship of Anthropology
June 17 Tylor writes to Acland to complain that the move to make Anthropology a degree course was defeated because some classicists wanted to make it a special subject within Greats Howarth, 2000a: 482, quoting from Tylor to Acland 17 June 1875 [sic] Acland MSS d 95 Bodleian
August 5 Lorimer Fison writes to Tylor to congratulate him on his new post (presumably as Professor) Fison 48 Tylor papers PRM ms collections
October No day Tylor lectures on The relation of savage life to the higher forms of civilization in Michaelmas Term Alison Brown pers comm.
Unspecified Tylor appointed Professor of Social Anthropology Anthropology at Oxford p. 17
Unspecified Tylor leads petition to establish a final honour school in Anthropology (rejected by Convocation) Relational Museum timelines
Unspecified Balfour ill in 1894-1895 [see April above] and submits Annual Report covering two years (1894 and 1895) in 1895 Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1894-5
Unspecified Henry John Walters appointed to museum staff Relational Museum timelines First of a dynasty of 3 generations to serve the museum
Unspecified Old printed labels replaced by painted ones Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report
Unspecified Displays worked on during the years 1894-1895: Lighting, Smoking / narcotics, Currency, Animal form in art, Human figures in art, String / netting Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report 1894-5
Unspecified 3 large cases transferred from Department of Comparative Anatomy to PRM, other new cases are also added Annual Report 1894-5
Unspecified Balfour continues to lecture: ‘Progress in the Arts of Mankind, particularly as illustrated by the Pitt-Rivers Collection’ during Hilary and Easter and Trinity Terms, 1894, and during Michaelmas Term of the same year gave a series of six lectures upon ‘Primitive Musical Instruments considered especially in their relation to the early development of the higher forms.’ besides a few other lectures in and out of Oxford' Annual Report 1894-5 
Unspecified Glazing on roof of south side of museum renewed though rain still penetrates the roof on the north side of the museum Annual Report 1894-5
Unspecified The Tylors travel to Holland, Denmark and Switzerland Megan Price, pers comm.


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