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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1886.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January 21 G.F. Duncombe of SKM writes to Pitt-Rivers asking where he wanted the 'remainder' of the SKM collections to be delivered [therefore, by implication, suggesting the rest had been transferred to Oxford]. Pitt-Rivers objects removed from SKM are returned to his Grosvenor Gardens private residence Chapman, 1981: 682; S&SWM Pitt-Rivers papers P133
January No day  Tylor lectures on 'Mankind - their distribution, antiquity and early condition' Alison Brown pers comm
February 15

Letter from Moseley to Gamlen asking that building work on the extension for the PR collection be quieter during teaching

University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3
February - June No day Final collections transfers from Ashmolean Museum to Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford [PRM] Larson, 2007: 96 
March DB Munro invites Pitt-Rivers to attend Commemoration to receive honorary DCL S&SWM Pitt-Rivers papers L220
March 17

Letter from Moseley to Gamlen about roof structure and colour of pillars in PRM

University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3
April 28 Opening of British Museum ethnographical gallery The Times 28 April 1886
April No day Tylor lectures on Origins of civilization Alison Brown pers comm
May Letter from Moseley to Gamlen confirming Sage’s men were anxious to start installing the cases University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3
June 1 Pitt-Rivers and family visit PRM at Oxford University of California Tylor papers
June 11 Moseley writes to Gamlen about the name of the building which would be carved above the door to the Pitt Rivers Museum suggesting Pitt-Rivers may prefer 'Pitt Rivers Anthropological Collection' (it reads Pitt[-]Rivers collection) University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3
June 11 In same letter Moseley asks permission to invite a SKM member of staff to come to Oxford to help cataloguing the collection University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3
June 19 The Secretary of the Science and Art Dept [SKM] confirms to Gamlen that Mr Hill will be placed at the disposal of the Oxford authorities providing they paid his expenses University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3
June 30 D.C.L. conferred on Pitt-Rivers at Encaenia at Oxford Thompson, 1977: 126; Bowden, 1991: 51; Gray, 1905: xxxiv; The Times 12 June, 1 July 1886
July 5 Case installation in museum completed University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3 
July 10

Letter from Moseley to Gamlen confirming he had checked all the case locks and was satisfied

University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3 
July 18 Hill from SKM comes to Oxford for a week to help with setting up the Pitt-Rivers collection, he stayed at 'Museum Cottage', arranged by Balfour University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3 
July 30 Pitt-Rivers in Oxford to receive D.C.L. S&SWM L235 The Times 12 June, 1 July 1886
August No day  Marett sits classical honour moderations in which he is awarded first class DNB entry
October No day  Tylor lectures on Modes of expression [Included: gesture signs, natural sounds, pictures, language, writing] Alison Brown pers comm.
October 23 Handwritten estimate of further expenditure in arranging the Pitt Rivers Museum is compiled including case fittings, screens, table cases etc University Archives, UC/FF/60/2/3 
November 1

Captain Cook related ethnographic objects listed as being displayed in OUM rather than PRM


Letter from Moseley to Gamlen, Oxford University Archives, University Chest files, UC/FF/60/2/

Unspecified Second half of 'Cook collection' transferred from Christ Church to Pitt Rivers Museum possibly via OUMNH or Ashmolean Museum Coote, 2004: 7-8
Unspecified The Tylors travel to North Africa, including Algeria Megan Price, pers comm.


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