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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1870.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
May 23 Publication of Nature's criticism of new curriculum for the Natural Science degree at Oxford  See here  
August 16 Pitt-Rivers attends BAAS meeting at Brighton, he is vice-president of the Anthropological section Thompson, 1977: 51, 124, Chapman, 1981: 400, PRM accession book, The Times 17 August 1872. Petch, 2007: 21 At meeting support for establishing joint committee with Royal Geographical Society to set up Notes and Queries
November 5,15 Tylor (and Pitt-Rivers?) become interested in spiritualism Rethinking Pitt-Rivers website; Stocking 1971: 91; PRM ms collection Tylor papers  
Unspecified   Pitt-Rivers member of council of Anthropological Institute JAI 1, (1872): 400  
Unspecified   Moseley invited to be one of the naturalists on the Challenger for 4 years DNB entry  
Unspecified   Rolleston elected fellow of Merton College, Oxford DNB entry  
Unspecified   Tylor goes abroad, he is known to have visited Belgium Megan Price pers comm.  
Unspecified   Edward Evans starts work as assistant to George Rowell at the Ashmolean Museum and the OUMNH Ovenell papers, Ashmolean Museum RFO/A/3/11 printed pamphlet, letter from JH Parker to Rowell dated 6 May 1879 Parker says '... Evans, who has been your assistant for the last seven years' so he must have started in or around 1872 if he is correct 


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