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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1864.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
June No date Alterations to Ashmolean Museum after the transfer of zoological collections to OUMNH are completed Ovenell, 1986: 219  
June 2 Pitt-Rivers elected to Society of Antiquaries Thompson, 1977: 32, 123; Chapman, 1981: Chapter 3 On basis of his 'attachment to the study of Antiquities especially ancient arms and armour'
July 17 Tylor and wife resign from Quaker [Society of Friends] membership Larson, 2010; Relational Museum timeline  
September   Building work at Ashmolean Museum, Broad Street, completed (post the natural history collections moving to OUMNH). Rowell suggests that the museum, however, remained closed for a 'further year or two' to allow collections to be rearranged and examined. Letter from Rowell to Oxford Times 16 July 1881 [Ashmolean Ovenell papers RFO/A/3/11]  Exact date of 're-opening' of Ashmolean Museum unknown 
October No day  Moseley enters Exeter College, Oxford. His family hoped that he would study mathematics or classics but eventually he chose to study with Rolleston in Anatomy department DNB entry  
Unspecified   Tylors living in London Relational Museum timeline  


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