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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 2003.

Readers are reminded that this table is a work in progress and may be amended or added to at any time.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
July No day  Museum successful in attracting SRIF funding for a new research centre to be built at the back of the main Museum building on the site of the green sheds Annual Report 2002-3
August 17 Temporary exhibition Objects Talk closes Annual Report 2003-4
September 7 Temporary exhibition Seeing Lhasa starts Annual Report 2003-4
October 1 Start of the AHRC funded research project on Southern Sudan collections Annual Report 2003-4 
Unspecified Project to research and make available on-line the Museum's collections of objects and photographs from the Southern Sudan begins [funded by the AHRB 'Resource Enhancement Scheme'] Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report
Unspecified Baden-Powell Quaternary Centre transferred to Institute of Archaeology Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report
Unspecified Museum staff relocated to 60 and 64 Banbury Road to make way for new development Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report
Unspecified Part of Museum's displays temporarily closed whilst preparation work for new developments begin Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report


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