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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1965.

Readers are reminded that this table is a work in progress and may be amended or added to at any time.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January No day  The Standing Commission on Museums and Galleries reported to the University in January on the preliminary plans submitted by the Faculty Board and these were carefully re-examined during the Hilary and Trinity Terms by a combined working party, by the Building and Development Committee, the General Board of the Faculties, and the Hebdomadal Council. Annual Report 1964-65
March No day  Blackwood spends time at Ipswich Museum selecting items to transfer to PRM Annual Report 1964-65 
June No day  D.F.W. Baden-Powell retires, Derek Roe is appointed to replace him in next academic year Annual Report 1964-65
October No day   Derek Roe begins in post Annual Reeport 1965-66
October No day  Derek Britton undertakes study tour of archaeological sites in Scotland Annual Reeport 1965-66
November No day  Opening of new temporary exhibitions gallery with an exhibiton of West African sculpture, 'Art from the Guinea Coast' Annual Reeport 1965-66
Unspecified Beatrice Blackwood made Honorary [?Assistant] Curator of PRM DNB entry
Unspecified Blackwood continues to work on cataloguing collections and on the card catalogues Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1964-65
Unspecified Separate annual reports for PRM are agreed, henceforth the OUMNH and PRM annual reports are prepared and published separately Relational Museum timelines Check this is actual date for this, not sure
Unspecified Temporary exhibitions gallery in museum building work is completed Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1964-65
Unspecified Netsuke are stolen from the museum, a man is charged, thereafter a small strong room is installed Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1964-65
Unspecified The Green Shed is now used as a lecture theatre and labs and storage is moved to South Parks Road Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report ?Is this the area now used by American Studies / Rothermere Library?
Unspecified Automatic smoke detectors are installed throughout museum buildings Relational Museum timelines / Annual Report 1964-65


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