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Events in the history of the Pitt Rivers Museum that took place in 1936.

Readers are reminded that this table is a work in progress and may be amended or added to at any time.

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Month Day Event Source of Information Notes
January No day  Balfour resumes teaching for the Colonial Office to the African Services Students and Malayan Services Students in Hilary term Annual Report 1935-36
March No day  Blackwood writes to Margoliouth seeking leave of absence to research in Mount Hagen, New Guinea University Archives, file FA/9/2/90 
April 3 Beatrice Blackwood leaves for fieldwork in New Guinea under auspices of Pitt Rivers Museum Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report
May 9 Blackwood arrives at Adelaide, Australia Frances Larson pers comm
June Meeting of Congregation agrees to revise University Statutes to include new post of Professor of Social Anthropology funded by All Souls, the post was advertised, in the Gazette, on 26 June with deadline of 19 September Frances Larson pers comm, University Gazette vol 66 10 June 1936 p 714, 26 June 1936 p 761
June 13 Blackwood sails from Sydney to Rabaul Frances Larson pers comm
[Summer] Balfour travels to Sweden RGS correspondence, 12 June 1936
August No day  Blackwood decides to carry out research among the Anga Frances Larson pers comm; PRM ms collections Blackwood papers box 19, letter to Haddon, 20 August 1936
August 26 Balfour expresses concern that the electors may not pick the right candidate to be Professor of Social Anthropology PRM ms collections BB box 19, Balfour to Blackwood, 26 August 1936
October No day  A.R. Radcliffe-Brown appointed Professor of Social Anthropology, he will take up post from 1 January 1937. Marett asked to take his duties during Michaelmas Term 1936 in interim. Marett retires as Reader of Anthropology from the end of 1936. Frances Larson pers comm. University Gazette 14 October 1936 p. 56 and 28 October 1936 p 111. 
November No day  Balfour secures increase in Blackwood's salary University Archives, file FA/9/2/90 
December No day  The Department of Social Anthropology moves to 1 Jowett Walk [Holywell House] Peter Rivière
Unspecified Balfour elected president of the Royal Geographical Society from 1936-1938 Relational Museum timelines
Unspecified but probably early in year Beatrice Blackwood officially transfers from Department of Human Anatomy to Pitt Rivers Museum as University Demonstrator in Ethnology in 1936, however she is away on fieldwork until Spring 1938 Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report 1936-37; Fran Larson pers. comm.
Unspecified After death of E.S. Thomas, and Balfour's ill-health, great staffing difficulties are experienced Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Reports 1935-36, 1936-37
Unspecified Conditions in Museum House (previously home of the Keeper of the OUMNH, now storage space for PRM) very bad as there was inadequate heating which causes damage to specimens Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report 1936-37
Unspecified New exhibition cases added to Upper Gallery and Court Relational Museum timelines/ Annual Report 1936-37
Unspecified F.H.S. Knowles continues to volunteer working on the card catalogues Relational Museum timelines
Unspecified Displays worked on during the year: None listed but work was done Relational Museum timelines


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