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Taken from Scientific Papers and Addresses [1884]:


1. [1856]. Report on Smyrna, prepared at the request of the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for War. (London: Queen's Printers, 1856: pp. 1-123.) [This Report contains a geographical description of Smyrna; an account of its political history, of its population, the languages spoken there, its climate with medical notes, and its commerce.]

2. [1861]. On the Homologies of the Lobes of the Liver in Mammalia. (British Association Reports, 1861: Part II. pp. 174, 175.) 

3. [1861]. On the Anatomy of Pteropus. (British Association Reports, 1 86 1: Part II. p. 173. Title only.)

4. [1861]. On some Points in the Anatomy of Insectivora. (Short abstract in British Association Reports: Part II. pp. 173, 174.)

5. [1861]. On the Affinities of the Brain of the Orang-Utang. (Natural History Review, 1861: pp. 201-217.) 

6. [1861]. On the Correlations of Growth, with a special example from the Anatomy of a Porpoise. (Natural History Review, 1861: pp. 484-488.) 

7. [1862]. On the Affinities and Differences between the Brain of Man and the Brains of Certain Animals. A Lecture delivered at the Royal Institution, January 24, 1862. (Medical Times and Gazette, 22 Feb.- i5 March, 1862.) 

8. [1862]. On Certain Modifications in the Structure of Diving Animals. (Abstract in the British Association Reports, 1862 : Part II. pp. 1 1 8-1 1 9.) 

9. [1862]. Sugar as Food and as a Product of the Body. A Review. (British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, 1862.)

10. [1862]. On the Difference of Behaviour exhibited by Inuline and ordinary Starch when treated with Salivary Diastase and other converting Agents. (British Association Reports, 1862 : Part II. p. 135.) 

11. [1863]. Notes on the Post-mortem Examination of a Man supposed to have been a hundred and six years old. (British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, XXXI. 1863: pp. 505-513.) 

11a. [1863]. Address on Physiology to British Association at Newcastle. (Reports, p. 109, 1864.)

12. [1864]. Von Baer on Papuans and Alfourous and the Origin of Species. (The Reader, 9 January, 1864.) [A Review]

13. [1866]. On the Placental Structures of the Tenrec (Centetes ecaudatus), and those of certain other Mammalia; with remarks on the value of the Placental System of Classification (1863). (Zoological Society's Transactions, V. 1866: pp. 285-316.) 

14. [1866]. Sewage and Sewerage. A Review. (Quarterly Journal of Science, III. April, 1866: pp. 180-199.) In this Article the author discusses 'how we are to dispose of our sewage without either spoiling our rivers, or robbing our fields, or poisoning ourselves.']

15. [1867]. Note on the Blood Corpuscles of the Two-toed Sloth (Cholopus didactylus) and of the Elephant (Elephas Indicus). (Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, VII. 1867: pp. 127-130.)

16. [1868]. On the Domestic Cats (Felis domesticus and Mustela foina) of Ancient and Modern Times. (Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, II. 1868: pp. 47-6i.)

17. [1868]. On the Cat of the Ancient Greeks. (Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, II. 1868: pp. 437-438.)

18. [1868]. Physiology in Relation to Medicine in Modern Times. An Address delivered at the Meeting of the British Medical Association at Oxford, 5 August, 1868. (Published in the Lancet, 8 August, 1868, p. 176; the Medical Times and Gazette, 15 August, 1868, p. 184; and in Medicine in Modern Times,' pp. 49-102, London, 1869.)

19. [1868]. On the Pectorales Muscles. (British Association Reports, 1868, p. 120, Title only; and Medical Times and Gazette, 1868, Vol. II, p. 274.)

20. [1868]. On the Physiology of Pain. {British Association Reports, 1868, p. 120, Title only; and abstract in Medical Times and Gazette, 1868, Vol. II, p. 250.)

21. [1868]. On Sixteen Eskimo Crania. (British Association Reports, 1868, p. 120, Title only; and abstract in Medical Times and Gazette, 1868, Vol. II, p. 274.) [A number of general propositions were stated with reference to this series of Crania; some of which were referable to the special habits of the people, others to their tribal or ethnological peculiarities.]

22. [1868]. The Fallacy of Reference. (A Letter to the Lancet, 19 September, 1868: p. 395.) [This letter was written to show how unsafe it is to take any assertion as to a third writer at second hand.]

23. [1868]. Hints on House Construction. (A Letter to the Lancet, 21 November, 1868 : p. 681.) [This letter was written to recommend that in building a house a layer of impervious material should be spread over the entire area on which the house is to be built, and not confined to the so-called 'damp course ' which is put into the walls. Also that the small-calibred drain pipes should be surrounded by a layer of gravel, so as to dry a water-logged soil.]

24. [1868]. On the Modes of Sepulture observable in late Romano- British and early Anglo-Saxon Times in this Country. (Transactions of the International Congress of Prehistoric Archaeology, Third Session, 1868: pp. 176-184.) [This paper is mainly based upon investigations conducted in a cemetery at Frilford in Berkshire. Dr. Rolleston subsequently published in the Archaeologia detailed accounts of these investigations]

25. [1869]. The Earth Closet System. (Lancet, 6 March, 1869: p. 319.)

26. [1869]. The Dry Earth System. (A Letter to the Lancet, 20 March, 1869: p. 411.) [This letter was written in reply to one by the Rev. Henry Moule, the introducer of the dry-earth system for the disposal of sewage. Dr. Rolleston advocates a water system as preferable to a dry-earth system, and points out what he regards as the dangers of the latter.]

27. [1869]. On the various Forms of so-called 'Celtic' Cranium. (Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, III. 1869: pp. 252-255.)

28. [1870]. On the Character and Influence of the Anglo-Saxon Conquest of England, as illustrated by Archaeological Research. (Proceedings of the Royal Institution, Vol. VI, p. 116; reprinted in Nature, Vol. I, p. 661.)

29. [1870]. The Relative Value of Classical and Scientific Training. A Review. (Nature, 1870, Vol. II, pp. 250-252.)

30. [1870]. Biological Training and Studies. Address to the Biological Section of the British Association, Liverpool. (British Association Reports, XL. 1870: pp. 91-109.)

31. [1870]. Forms of Animal Life, being Outlines of Zoological Classification, based upon anatomical investigation and illustrated by descriptions of specimens and of figures. 8vo. pp. 436. (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1870.)

32. [1870]. On the Homologies of certain Muscles connected with the Shoulder Joint (1868). (Linnean Society Transactions, XXVI. 1870 : pp. 609-630.)

33. [1870]. On Trophic Nerves. A Review. (Quarterly Journal of Science, VII. 1870: pp. 200-206.)

34. [1870]. Researches and Excavations carried on at an Ancient Cemetery at Frilford near Abingdon in the years 1867 and 1868. (Archaeologia, 1870: Vol. XLII, pp. 417-485.)

35. [1871]. Reasons for appointing a Medical Inspector to hold office during the carrying out of our Drainage Scheme. Addressed to the Members of the Oxford Local Board. (Oxford, 1 87 1: pp. 1-13.) [A print of a speech delivered 15 November, 1871, in support of a motion made by Dr. Rolleston that it was expedient to appoint an Officer of Health during the carrying out of the Drainage works.]

36. [1871]. On Typhoid or Enteric Fever in Indian Gaols, and on the Relations of that Disease and of Cholera to the Dry-earth System of Conservancy. (Lancet, January 7, p. 7, and 14, p. 42.)

37. [1871]. The Propagation of Cholera. (A Letter to the Lancet, September 2, 187 1, p. 339.) [This letter was written to show that whilst cholera is and may be propagated by drinking water, yet that water is not the sole channel of its propagation.]

38. [1871]. On the Development of the Enamel in the Teeth of Mammals, as illustrated by the various stages of growth demonstrable in the evolution of the fourth molar of a young Elephant (Elephas indicus), and of the incisor teeth of the foetal Calf (Bos taurus). (Transactions of the Odontological Society of Great Britain, 187 1, Vol. Ill, p. 239; and reprinted in the Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, XII. 1872, pp. 109-m.)

39. [1872]. On the Skulls obtained in Canon Greenwell's Excavations. (British Association Reports, XLII. 1872: pp. 193-194.)

40. [1872]. On the Weddo of Ceylon. (Abstract in British Association Reports, XLII. 1872 : p. 194.)

41. [1873]. Harveian Oration, 1873. (London: Macmillan & Co.)

42. [1874]. Address on the Examination System, delivered at the Distribution of Prizes in the St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, London, May 7, 1874.

43. [1874]. In Memoriam John Phillips, M.A., F.R.S. (Proceedings of the Ashmolean Society, Oxford, May 15, 1874 : pp. 1-7.)

44. [1875]. Address on Anthropology to the Anthropological Department of the British Association, Bristol. (British Association Reports, XLV. 1875, p. 142; Nature, 1875, XII. pp. 382-386.)

45. [1875]. On the Applicability of Historical Evidence to Ethnographical Inquiries. (British Association Reports, 1875 : p. 178. Title only.)

46. [1875]. Letter in Archives de Zoologie Experimentale, Vol. IV, 1875, Notes et Revue, p.m.

47. [1876]. On the People of the Long-Barrow Period. (Journal of the Anthropological Institute, Vol. V: pp. 120-172. Plates IV, V, VI. Bead 13 April, 1875.) Article XVIII, P- 353- OF PROFESSOR GEORGE ROLLESTON. lxxiii

48. [1876]. On the Domestic Pig of Prehistoric Times in Britain, and on the mutual Relations of this variety of Pig and Sus scrofa ferus, Sus cristatus, Sus andamanensis, and Sus barbatus. (Linnean Society Transactions, Second Series, Zoology, Vol. 1, 1876 ; also under title, 'On the Prehistoric British Sus, 1 in abstract in Journal of Linnean Society, Zoology, XIII. p. 108.)

49. [1877]. Notes on the Animal Remains found at Cissbury. (Journal of the Anthropological Institute, Vol. VI: pp. 20-36. Plate XIX. Paper read 23 November, 1875, and pub- lication delayed.)

50. [1877]. Description of Figures of Skulls obtained in British Barrows. ('British Barrows,' by Canon Greenwell, pp. 559-623. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1877.)

51. [1877]. General Remarks upon the preceding Series of Prehistoric Crania. (' British Barrows,' by Canon Greenwell, pp. 627-718.)

52. [1877]. On the Prehistoric Flora of this Country in the Neolithic Period, being an Appendix to the Account of the Crania obtained in British Barrows. ('British Barrows.’ by Canon Greenwell, pp. 720-725.)

53. [1877]. On the Prehistoric Fauna of Neolithic Times, being an Appendix to the Account of the Skulls obtained in British Barrows. ('British Barrows.’ by Canon Greenwell, pp. 725-750.)

54. [1877]. On the Flora and Fauna of Prehistoric Times. (Abstract in British Association Reports, XLVII, 1877 : pp. 120-121.) [This paper is incorporated in the Appendix to the Crania described in British Barrows]

55. [1877]. On the Rationale of Brachycephaly and Dolichocephaly. (The same. Title only.)

56. [1877]. On the Rationale of Artificial Deformations of the Head. (The same. Title only.)

57. [1877]. New Points in the Zoology of New Guinea. (Abstract in British Association Reports, 1877, XLVII. pp. 102-103; Nature, 1877, p. 409.)

58. [1878]. The Blood Corpuscles of the Annelides. (Journal of Anatomy and Physiology f XII. April, 1878: p. 401.)

59. [1878]. Three Anatomical Notes and two Anatomical Queries. (Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, XIII. October, 1878: p. 115.)

60. [1878]. On the three Periods known as the Iron, the Bronze, and the Stone Ages. (Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society',1878.)

61. [1878]. Report of Excavation of a Twin Barrow and a single Round Barrow at Sigwell, Somerset. (Journal of the Anthropological Institute, VIII. 1878: pp. 185-191.)

62. [1879]. Notes on a Skeleton found at Cissbury, April, 1878. (Journal of the Anthropological Institute, VIII. May, 1879 : pp. 377-389.)

63. [1879]. Note on the preservation of Encephala by the Zinc Chloride. Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, XIII. Jan. 1879: pp. 232-233.)

64. [1879]. Description of a Human Skeleton found in a Barrow at Rockley. ( Wiltshire Archaeological Society, August, 1879.) Article XXII, p. 453.

65. [1879]. The Changes produced by Man in the Indigenous Fauna and Flora of Great Britain. (Glasgow Science Lectures Association, Jan. 9, 1879: pp. 1-16.)

66. [1879]. Further Researches in an Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Frilford, with Remarks on the Northern Limit of Anglo-Saxon Cremation in England. (Archaeologia, 1879, XLV: pp. 405-410.) Article XXXV, p. 653.

67. [1880]. The Modifications of the External Aspects of Organic Nature produced by Man's interference. Lecture at Evening Meeting of the Royal Geographical Society, May 12, 1879. (Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, 1880, XLIX: pp. 320-392.)

68. [1880]. Jade Tools in Switzerland. (Letter to The Times, January 2, 1880.)

69. [1880]. Crayfish : an Introduction to the Study of Zoology. [A Review of Professor Huxley's well-known book.] (The Times, May 24, 1880.)

70. [1880]. Report on the Fauna of a Crannog at Lochlee, Tarbolton, Ayrshire. (Proceedings of Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, XIII. 1880: pp. 241-245.)

71. [1880]. Report on Bones from Chastleton. (Journal of Anthropological Institute, X. August, 1880: pp. 126-127.)

72. [1880]. On the Double Malar Bone. (British Association Reports, 1880, L: p. 604. Title only.)

73. [1880]. On the Classification of Rodents. (The same. Title only.)

74. [1880]. On the Structure of Round and of Long Barrows. (The same: p. 623. Title only. Nature, XXII : p. 478.)

75. [1880]. On Bushmen Crania. (The same: p. 631. Title only.)

76. [1880]. On the Rot in Sheep. (The Times, April 14, 1880, and reprint in Zoologische Anxeiger, Jahrg. III. p. 258, 1880.)

77. [1881]. Note on the Geographical Distribution of Limax agrestis, Arion hortensis, and Fasciola hepatica. (Zoologische Anzeiger, Jahrg. III. p. 400, 1880; Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, XVII. S. S. 1881, Part I.)

78. [1881]. Report on Bushmen Crania in 'Matabele Land and the Victoria Falls: a Naturalist's Wanderings in the Interior of South Africa. From the Letters and Journals of the late Frank Oates, F.R.G.S. Edited by C. G. Oates, B.A.' (London, 1881.)

79. [1861]. On the Aquiferous and Oviducal System in the Lamelli-branchiate Mollusks. (Transactions of the Royal Society, London, 1861.)

Hitherto unpublished

1. Notes on the site of Roman Pottery "Works at the Mynchery, upon the Sewage Farm near Oxford. Page 937. Notes on Archaeological Discoveries at "Wytham, Berkshire. Page 939. Notes on Archaeological Discoveries at Yarnton, Oxfordshire. Page 942. 1 These notes form an Appendix to the second volume.

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