Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Articles about the English collections at the Pitt Rivers

This section of the website gives two sorts of information.

Object biographies include information about some of the objects from England in the Pitt Rivers Museum. All objects in the museum have a life (or series of different lives). They are made, used and then come into the museum. We asked members of the Other Within project team and other members of the museum staff, students (and ex-students) in the department and other interested parties to write articles about an English object that interested them. There was no set format but everyone was asked to identify the object by accession number, whether it was on display, and outline data from the museum's documentation before discussing the aspects of the object that appealled most to them. See the instructions given to students about preparing object biographies here. We hope that these varied articles will appeal to general readers as well as scholars. Each biography includes interesting stories and facts that may surprise you.

Themed articles are about a variety of themes, as the title suggest. These include pages on interesting people who contributed to the English collections and a number of other articles on different themes. These articles are mostly written by members of the Other Within project team and its research associates. Some, maybe all, objects can be seen as part of larger, more over-arching themes. Like the individual object biographies they have been written because they interest the authors, and because looking at the objects as part of a theme, as opposed to as an individual artefact, tells you something about these English objects and England.

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