Analysing the English Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Introduction to the analysis of the English collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Alison Petch,
Researcher 'The Other Within' project

The Pitt Rivers has exceptional documentation, well over a quarter of a million objects and nearly three hundred thousand photos have all been logged into their database. The statistical analysis of the database allows us to better understand the shape and contents of the English collections since 1884. The English collections (as with collections from other countries in the Pitt Rivers Museum) are constantly being added to. The 'English collection' is therefore a constantly changing entity. These statistics were compiled at the beginning of the Other Within research project, in order that key areas of interest could be identified. They were calculated using data current in 2006. Other statistics available on other parts of this website may have been calculated more recently, therefore using slightly different base data.

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A webpage about the problems of preparing and using statistics that derive from the Pitt Rivers Museum's collections databases can be found here.