Possible Pitt-Rivers' second collection artefacts Part 4

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Objects that are said to be part of Pitt-Rivers' second collection but cannot be found in the catalogue held by Cambridge University Library

Part IV

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Below is information about several artefacts that have been identified as being from the second collection but cannot be matched by the project researcher to entries in the catalogue held by Cambridge University Library [CUL].

Articles said to be from the Pitt-Rivers' second collection (or his private collection)

Sotheby & Co.

These items are taken from a large number of Sotheby's catalogues from the 1950s to the 1970s given to the Pitt Rivers Museum by Anthony Pitt-Rivers, now part of the Balfour Library collections. Please contact the Balfour Librarian for further information, library@prm.ox.ac.uk. All of the catalogues are said to contain items sold from the second or private collection of the Pitt-Rivers family. In a large number of instances it has not been possible to identify the items or to match them to items from the catalogue of the second collection. However, for a number of sales the auction catalogues are marked with the prices that particular lots reached, and it is clear that these are ALMOST definitely items from the Pitt-Rivers collection and most can be matched to entries in the catalogue of the second collection. [Whilst Corinna was transcribing the marked lots, a few did seem to her to be less obviously part of the collection and it might therefore be an outside chance that the marked prices do not indicate ownership]. Where matches have occurred this item has been added to the entry for the specific object on the new database that has been created for the second collection, see the Databases link on the right hand menu. However, some of the entries cannot be matched usually for lack of matching identifying information. These are listed below.

Note that the prices the lots sold for are given at the end of each entry in square brackets as are any comments from the researchers.

Catalogue of Continental Pottery and Porcelain including the property of the late Mrs. R.E. Wentworth (sold by order of the executors), the property of Dr. Charles Newman M.D., F.R.C.P. and the property of Mrs. Thornley Gibson

Day of Sale: Tuesday 3rd May, 1966

Page 3: Various Properties


Lot 1. An Isnik pear-shaped Jug with scroll handle, decorated in two zones with conventional tulips, hyacinths and stylised daisy-like flowers in blue, green and Armenian bole, 9in. [£35]

Page 11: Various Properties


Lot 40. Bellarmines. A German stoneware Jug with broad pear-shaped body and narrow cylindrical neck on which is applied a naïve mask of the maligned Cardinal, 8 ¼in.; another with a darker glaze, 8 ½in.; and a plain tigerware Jug, 8 ½in. (3) [£30]

Lot 41.  A Frechen white stoneware Jug with summary bellarmine mask below the neck, 9in.; another with a mottled brown glaze and a floral roundel below the mask, 7 ¼in.; and another, the waist with an inscription in praise of over-indulgence, 6 ½in. (3) [£14]

Lot 43. Salts. A Westerwald stoneware Salt, supported by four pairs of addorsed parrots picked put in blue, 3 ½in; three others rather similar, 3 ¼in.; and a blue-glazed stoneware Bottle, 7 ¼in. (5)  [£16] [There are potential matches to the salts marked as gres de flandres rather than Westerwald and the blue glazed bottle but I don’t think the link is strong enough]

Page 12: Various Properties &

GERMAN STONEWARE [cont from previous page]

Lot 44. A Bunzlau Jug of pear shape, covered with a typical metallic brown glaze and applied flower sprays in biscuit, 9in.; a Westerwald stoneware Tankard of pear shape, incised and stamped with stylised flowers, 8 ¼in.; and another slightly larger, 10in. (3) [£9]
*** For the first see Rackham, op. cit., pl.152, a and b, and pl. 153b

Lot 45. A German cylindrical Tankard of brown-glazed stoneware, decorated in slight relief with stylised tulips in blue and white, pewter lid, 8 ½in. overall; and a Westerwald Ewer with thistle-like flowers in relief on a manganese ground, 9 ½in. (3) [£9]
*** For the first, probably made in the Duchy of Saxe Altenburg, see Glaisher, op. cit., pl. 152c, no 2076

Lot 46. An early 18th Century pewter-mounted Westerwald cylindrical Tankard, with almost cuerda seca decoration of affronted birds, wild boars and a scrollwork in blue, the lid dated 1651, 9 ½in.; an Altenburg cylindrical Tankard with raised floral decoration on a light brown ground, 8in.; and a Westerwald Jug with cup-shaped mouth, the almost spherical body seme with roundels on a blue ground, 8in. (3) [£18]

Lot 47. A German stoneware Goblet with globular body, the front stamped with a portrait of Queen Mary on a manganese ground with stylised leafage in relief, 6 ¾in., Westerwald Export; and a pewter-mounted cylindrical Tankard with blue horses and peacocks in relief on a drab ground, the lid bearing the date 1621, 9 ½in. overall (2)   [£20]

Lot 48. … and a pewter-mounted Altenberg stoneware Tankard of light brown colour, with stylised bird and flowers in relief, 9in. (3) [£14]

Page 13: Various Properties &

GERMAN STONEWARE [cont from previous page]

Lot 49. A Rhenish stoneware Electoral Jug of Westerwald style, the cylindrical body with coats-of-arms and supporters under an arcade, symbolic of the Seven Electors, the foot, shoulders and neck with strapwork and imbricated motifs picked out in blue, 9 ½in.; and a drab stoneware Jug with archaistic bellarmine mask, incised and applied floral sprays on the globular body, pewter mounts, 8 ¼in., c. 1700 (2) [£18]

Lot 50. A SAXON HEXAGONAL FLASK (Schraubflasche), the screw-on pewter lid with ring handle, the side enamelled in relief with bust portraits of a nobleman in full-bottomed wig and his wife, divided by stylised anthemion motifs, 7in. overall [£90]
*** See Hannover, Pottery and Porcelain, vol. I, fig. 241, for a pear-shaped jug with similar honeysuckle motifs atributed to Saxony and Kreussen [£90]

Lot 51. ANOTHER SAXON SCREW-TOP JAR, slightly larger than the former, also with bust portraits and honeysuckle motifs, enamelled in relief in colours on a brown ground, pewter mounts, 8in. overall [£85]

Lot 52. A SILVER-MOUNTED STONEWARE TANKARD of broad cylindrical shape, the upper band of horizontally-ribbed decoration in light brown, the central band plain but of darker tone as is the lower band of ribbing, the parcel-gilt silver lid engraved with a variety of armorial devices, 9 ½in., German, 18th Century [£100]

Lot 53. A RAEREN BROWN-GLAZED STONEWARE JUG, the body with an applied band of dancing peasants in pairs below an arcade, in relief, the cylindrical neck with strapwork in similar technique, pewter lid, 10in. high
***For the subject see Koetschau, Rheinisches Steinzeug, pl.145 (right and Rackham’s Catalogue of the Glaisher Collection pl. 146d [£58]

Page 14: Various Properties [cont from previous page]


Lot 56. Faience. An 18th Century German faience Tankard (Walzenkrug) of cylindrical shape, decorated in blue, green manganese and yellow with a stylised peacock strutting among sponged trees, the pewter lid dated 1786, 10 ¼in.; and another of pear shape with a bird between trees in blue, also with pewter mounts, the lid bearing the date 1688, 8 ¼in. (2) [£30]

Day of Sale: Tuesday, 24th May, 1966

Page 7: Various Properties


Page 53: Various Properties


Lot 138. A BÖTTGER STONEWARE CHINOISERIE TANKARD (Walzenkrug) the low domed lid with gilt-metal mounts, the red stoneware body covered with a dark brown glaze japanned by Martin Schnell with chinoiserie figures at a table and another fanning a brazier, pavilions and sprays of flowers, the lid with a medallion of flowers and gilt scroll borders, 7 ¼in. [sold for £1200 annotated in front of catalogue]
***Martin Schnell was court lacquerer to Augustus the Strong and responsible for much japanning on furniture and in interior decoration; see Lackkunst in Europa, by Holzhausen, p. 258 et seq., especially figs. 188 and 189. For the shape see Zimmermann, Erfindung und Frühzeit des Meissner Porzellans, fig. 42 and for decoration fig 47

Page 58: Various Properties


Lot 151 A FINE MEISSEN CHOCOLATE CUP AND SAUCER decorated in Augsburg with hunting scenes after Ridinger in finely-tooled gilding, the double-handled beaker-shaped up with a staghunt on one side and a boarhunt on the other, resting on gilt scrollwork and below a typical lace border, the inside of the saucer and of the cup in solid gilding, the outside of the saucer with a continuous wolf-hunting scene, lustre marks on cup and saucer (2) [sold for £650 annotated in front of catalogue]

Catalogue of FINE ENGLISH POTTERY AND PORCELAIN including the property of Peter Bauer and the property of Mr. and Mrs. James McHarg

Day of sale: Tuesday, 10th, May, 1966

Page 41: Various properties


Lot 133 A RARE PAIR OF EARLY DERBY FIGURES OF BOARS, one running, the other sitting, both naturalistically modelled with prominent backbones and bristly hair markings, their mouths open and with tusks on either side of the well-modelled snouts, their fur markings picked out in tones of brown and black, the bases applied with flowers and also painted with sprays and with characteristic scrum edges, the undersides with large circular holes, 6in.
***From the Collection of Dr. Wake Smart, sold April, 1895. The sitting boar is based upon an antique marble statue known as ‘The Florentine Boar’, in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence
For Derby models see Rackham, Catalogue of the Allen Collection, pl. 1, fig. 1; and also Gillespy, Derby Porcelain, pl. 4
(See ILLUSTRATION) [£500] [There are other items from this collector in second collection mostly acquired October 1890, Add.9455vol2_p635 /3-4]

Catalogue of FINE ENGLISH POTTERY Including the property of Mrs. V. L. Nevill, the property of Harold Gilbert, Esq. the property of M. G. A. Wright, Esq. and the property of The Trustees of the late Walter, Lord Cunliffe of Headley

Day of Sale: Thursday 14th April, 1966

Page 17: Various Properties


Lot 63 A Martinware Mask Jug, each side moulded with a smiling face glazed in tones of brown, 7 ¼in.; a double-handled loving Cup decorated with fish and seaweed, 6 ¼in.; and an oviform Vase with grotesques, 8 ¼in., incised marks and dated between 1888 and 1892 (3) [£26] [There are other items which are listed in the second collection catalogue that were acquired between these dates]

Page 18: [cont from page 17]

Lot 64 A Martinware grotesque Bird formed in two parts, its head with hooked beak and hooded eyes, its wings marked in green, 11 in., signed and dated 1905 (2) [£26] [This was obviously acquired after Pitt-Rivers death by his eldest son or another relative]

Page 23: [cont form page 17]

Lot 88 A brown-glazed Tyg with deep bowl and six handles, three double looped and three single and surmounted by finials, one pierced for drinking and covered both inside and out with a pale brown glaze flecked with manganese, 8in., probably West Country [£30] [?Possibly Add.9455vol2_p637 /2]

Lot 89 An agate-glazed Vase of trumpet shape with turn-over rim covered with a marbled glaze in tones of grey and pink, 5 ¾in.; and a brown stoneware Money Box of double-gourd shape set with simply modelled birds and stamped Charrity, 10 in. (2) [£20]

Lot 90 An amusing solid-agate Puzzle Jug with globular body, the neck pierced with large heart-shaped holes and set on the rim with two mouthpieces and two finials, the handle entwined with snakes, 8in. [£52]

Page 28: [cont from page 27]

Lot 108 A Brown stoneware Bear Jug and Cover, the animal simply modelled and shown hugging a dog, the whole entirely covered with shards, 10 ½in., and a white saltglaze Bear Jug of similar date, but badly damaged, 9in. (4) [£60] [Possibly Add.9455vol2_p364 /1]

Lot 109 A Staffordshire slipware Baking Dish with rounded sides and unglazed rim, decorated in a cream-coloured slip with an entwined design, 13 ¼in. [£26]

Lot 111 AN EXTREMELY RARE AND IMPORTANT WHIELDON ARBOUR GROUP, modelled with two figures seated on bench seats in a deep arbour, a girl on the right wearing a yellow crinoline and with hands spread, the gallant seated opposite her with legs crossed, wearing manganese coat and green vest, the ground and the inside walls applied and coloured with florettes and with twisted stem supporting the roof, the back attractively and crisply moulded with two medallions of various diaper and with florettes and vine leaves covering the roof, the outside covered entirely with a mottled glaze in tones of manganese, green, grey and yellow, 6 ¾in. wide, 5 7/8in. high

*** From the Edkins Collection, sold in our rooms, 21st May, 1891

An arbour group of similar inspiration, but with more figures and openwork canopy is illustrated in the Catalogue of the Burnap Collection, p. 43

(See FRONTISPIECE) [£1900] [Add.9455vol2_p730 /1]

Page 30: [cont from page 27]

Lot 116 AN ATTRACTIVE PAIR OF BRISTOL DELFT DATED SHOES, both with high heels and long painted toes, decorated in underglaze-blue with a brocade pattern of flowers down the centres, flanked by more naturalistic branches, each moulded with an oval stud towards the top and with blue heels, the undersides inscribed WIM [in a triangular shape] and dated 1729, 4 1/8in.

***A shoe of very similar type, but dated 1759, is illustrated by Warren Cox, Pottery and Porcelain, fig. 1198

(See ILLUSTRATION) [£250] [Add.9455vol2_p441 /1 & 2]

Page 31: [cont from page 27]

Lot 119 AN AMUSING SALTGLAZE PEW-GROUP FIGURE originally modelled seated with one arm akimbo and with full-bottomed wig, moulded with curls, each centred on a black dot, his coat and vest with elaborate buttonholes and closely set with brown buttons, his legs and the bench seat in plaster, 5 ½in.

***From the Edkins Collection, sold in our rooms, 21st May, 1891, lot 133

Comparable figures in their original groups are illustrated by Rackham, Catalogue of the Glaisher Collection, pl. 54a, no. 780; and also by M. L. Solon, The Art of the Old English Potter, pl. XXIX [£190] [Add.9455vol2_p731 /1]

Lot 120 AN ATTRACTIVE PAIR OF COLOURED SALTGLAZE PLATES, the shaped rims moulded and brightly coloured with a border of flowering branches, the well with trellis diaper and painted in the centres with two scenes of the meeting of a gallant and a lady under a tree at the side of a lake and with houses in the background, 9in (2)

*** Compare with a plate in the British Museum, illustrated in colour by Hobson in the Catalogue, pl. XXIII, no. G 166

(See ILLUSTRATION) [£270] Add.9455vol3_p865 /3-4

Catalogue of Fine English Pottery and Porcelain The Property of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Slater, The Property of Mrs. E. L. Nicholson and The Property of a Collector

Day of Sale: Tuesday 22nd of October 1968 & Wednesday, 23rd October 1968.

Page 60 [Second Day]: CHARGERS

Lot 128 AN EARLY LAMBETH CHARGER decorated in blue and yellow ochre with a central diamond-shaped panel of stylised leaves within radiating ferns and with a wavy and blue dash border, 13in.

*** For the type see The Glaisher Collection Catalogue, pl. 93b, no. 1414


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Tilley £140

Lot 129 THE DUKE OF ORMONDE. A blue-dash Charger painted with the full-length portrait of a man in full armour, belted in yellow and with yellow cloak, carrying a baton, his wig-bedecked head flanked by the initials DO between blue sponged trees, the ground turquoise with ferns in blue, within blue and yellow line borders, the rim with blue dashes, 13¾in., probably Bristol [word underlined in pen]

*** For a similar dish see Anthony Ray, English Delftware Pottery, pl. 2, no.5

James Butler, Second Duke of Ormonde, became Captain-General of the English army in 1711, after the disgrace of Marlborough, and remained in this office until 1714. He was later involved in the Jacobite rebellion of 1715


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Jellink £180

Lot 130 GEORGE I. A blue-dash royal portrait Charger, showing a polychrome portrait of King George I carrying orb and sceptre and with a crown on his head, standing between green sponged trees with blue and red branches, 13in., Bristol or Brislington

*** For other examples see the Glaisher Collection Catalogue, pl. 122B, no. 1657, Downman, Blue Dash Chargers, facing p. 74 and Anthony Ray, op. cit., pl.1, no.6

An example from the Garner Collection was sold in these rooms 6th October 1964, lot 167


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Lady Warner £150

Page 61 [Second day, CHARGERS cont]

Lot 131 A BRISTOL [word underlined in pen] ADAM AND EVE CHARGER showing Eve handing the fruit to Adam, both figures painted blue with manganese hair, both clutching leaves, the tree with a green trunk, yellow-green fruit and sponged blue leaves, the serpent in yellow, flanked by further blue-sponged trees and with blue-dash border, 14in.

*** See the Glaisher Collection Catalogue, pl. 121C, no. 1620


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Lady Warner £110

Lot 132 AN ADAM AND EVE CHARGER, naïvely painted, Adam with manganese hair and shaded blue body, Eve with long yellow hair, the blue serpent with yellow tip to its tail and fruit in its mouth, the grey-green tree with copper-green leaves and yellow fruit, double manganese line border and blue-dash rim, 13¾in.

(See ILLUSTRTION) [£180]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Tilley £180

Lot 133 ANOTHER ADAM AND EVE CHARGER, Eve picking of the fruit, growing as red fruit on a sponged blue tree into which climbs the serpent, flanked by others trees and with green ground, within blue and yellow line borders and blue dashes, 13½in.

***See Ray, op.cit., pl. 3, no. 9


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Lady Warner £80

Page 62 [Second day, CHARGERS cont]

Lot 134 A ROYAL EQUESTRIAN CHARGER, showing a portrait of King William III on horseback, the crowned king wearing a misfired red cloak with ermine spots in blue, his hair and boots as well as the horses’ mane and tail in manganese, the remainder in blue between sponged trees, yellow-line border and blue dashes, 13¼in.

***A similar charger, also bearing the initials KW is in the Victoria and Albert Museum, illustrated by Downman, Blue Dash Chargers, p. 66


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Lady Warner £170

Lot 135 A FINE QUEEN ANNE PORTRAIT CHARGER with blue-dash rim, the queen seated carrying orb and sceptre and wearing a crown, her blue dress enriched with yellow and her head flanked by the initials AR and blue sponged trees, copper-green ground and yellow line border, 14in.

***A similar dish was sold in these rooms 29th May 1956, lot 37


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Tilley £1,200

Lot 136 A LAMBETH TULIP CHARGER, attractively decorated with a bouquet of three tulips with yellow and blue petals, arranged with two lilies and two other yellow flowers, with stiff green leaves, yellow-line border and blue dashes, 13½in.

*** For the type see Anthony Ray, English Delftware Pottery, pl. 5, no.16


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Rutland Ltd. £260

Page 76 [Second day]


Lot 198 A BRISTOL POLYCHROME TILE painted with a hawk on a branch within a bianco-sopra-bianco border, 5¼in.; a Fragment of a Tile with a subject taken from The Ladies’ Amusement, 5in.; a marbled Tile, 5¼in.; and a Liverpool Tile painted in Fazackerly colours with a vase of flower, 5in. (4)

*** See Lane, op. cit., pl.38A and E and pl.40   [Bristol 4 tiles £52]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Jellinek £52

Page 77: [Second day cont]

Various Owners

Lot 201 A RARE PAIR OF LAMBETH DELFT DATED SHOES, both with high blue heels, the fronts decorated with an upright blue border of flowers on a blue ground extending from the pointed toes to the jewelled lozenge-shaped buckles and flanked by birds on flowering branches, the heels with a blue seam and the soles inscribed ’M : : S 1711’, repaired, 7in., long, in. high

***An almost identical shoe, undated, and another dated 1707 are illustrated by Anthony Ray, English Delftware Pottery, pl. 62, figs. 125 and 126

A shoe of this type dated 1729 is in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Compare, also, the Bristol delft shoes sold in these rooms on the 14th April, 1966, lot 116


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Jellinek £120

Page 78 [second day cont]

The Property of Mrs. E. L. Nicholson

Lot 204 A LAMBETH DELFT TULIP CHARGER, with the shallow well and upturned everted rim, boldly painted with three tulip blooms growing in a cluster with other flowers and luxuriant foliage, in tones of brown, yellow, blue and turquoise, the blue dash rim encircled by blue and yellow rings, 13½in.

*** For this popular pattern see Father Downman’s Blue Dash Chargers, p. 100. Two similar specimens were sold in these rooms on the 14th February, 1967, lots 1 and 2 [£55?]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Green, R. C. £55

Lot 205 AN ADAM AND EVE CHARGER painted in tones of red, blue, green and yellow with the naked figures covering themselves with fig leaves and standing beside the Tree of Knowledge laden with apples, Eve handing an apple to Adam and the serpent entwined around the trunk also with an apple in its mouth, the everted rim decorated with a blue dash border, 13¼in. [£50?]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Green, R. C. £60

Page 84 [second day cont & The Property of Mrs. E. L. Nicholson cont]

Lot 229 A FINE AND LARGE BRISTOL DELFT BRICK FLOWER-HOLDER painted in blue with a lady seated in a cleft rock beside fences and foliage, the ends with a continuation of the scene showing a man holding a stick and pointing at a large butterfly, the pierced top with a blue trellis, 9in.

*** Bricks of this size are very rare


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Simmons, E. £140

Catalogue of English Pottery and Porcelain including the property of R. Keenleyside, Esq, the property of Patrick O’Dunovan, the property of the Late Mrs. R. J. Dee and the property of Mrs. M. S. Taylor

Day of Sale: Monday, 28th July, 1969 & Tuesday, 29th July, 1969

Page 12: First Day

The Property of a Lady

Lot 49 A Turner large Meat Dish of oblong shape transfer-printed in blue with a Chinaman hunting on the river bank by a pagoda, 20in., impressed mark; a Leeds oval Dish with an oriental pagoda n blue, 7¾in.; an oval Basket transfer-printed with an oriental river scene, 11¾in.; and three basket-work oval Dishes with pierced blue-edged rims, 9in. (6) [X3 £8]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Sheraton Antiques £8

Page 15: First Day


The Property of R. Keenlyside, Esq

Lot 58 A Liverpool Flower-brick painted in blue with two figures beside a pavilion in an oriental landscape on either side, and spays of flowers at each end, 6¼in. [£46]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Ford £46

The Property of a Gentleman

Lot 60 ADAM AND EVE. A Bristol Delft Charger, naively painted in the centre with Eve picking a yellow apple from a fruit-laden tree, around the trunk of which a serpent coils, and handing it to Adam, who stands by her side, flanked by sponged trees growing from green grass, within a blue-dash border, 14in., repaired

***A very similar charger was sold in these rooms, 22nd October, 1968, lot 133 [£30]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Horne J. K. £30

Page 17 [first day cont & Property of a Gentleman cont]

Lot 68 A LIVERPOOL DELFT FLOWER BRICK sketchily painted in a soft tone of blue with a figure seated in a rowing boat on a river, the wooded banks with a house and a windmill, and with an oriental flower spray at either end, 6¼in. [£38]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Simmons, E. £38

Page 20 [first day cont]

Other Properties

Lot 84 A Lambeth Delft blue and white Plate painted in the centre with a floral spray within radiating panels of florettes, 8 5/8in.; and a pair of Lambeth Delft polychrome Plates painted with a parrot perching on a flowering peony tree, the rim with pine cones, 9in. (3) [£18 3]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Alston £18

Lot 85 A Liverpool Delft circular Dish painted in a soft cobalt-blue with a boatman and a riverside pavilion, the rim with pendent leaves and bunches of grapes, 14in.; and another Dish painted in greyish blue with boldly drawn stylised flowers, 13¾in. (2) [£12 2]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Horne, J. K. £12

Lot 87 A Lambeth Delft polychrome Posset Pot with double strap handles and curved spout, all horizontally striped in blue, the rounded sides painted in blue and reddish-brown with oriental flowering plants divided by stiff leaves, below a border of leaves and ammonite scrolls, 8in. diameter [£32]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Jellinek £32

Lot 88 An unusually decorated Lambeth Delft Plate, painted in tones of blue and manganese with a rose-like flower growing from a tree, the rim with florettes and trailing branches, 9in.; and a pair of Bristol blue and white Plates painted with peony and magnolia under a willow tree, within a cell diaper border interspersed with floral vignettes, 9in. (3) [£22 3]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Filkins £22

Page 21 [cont]

Lot 89 An unusual English Delft Dish, painted in blue, manganese and yellow with a pagoda and a tree on an island, with a minaret in the distance, 14¼in., probably Lambeth;  and a small Lambeth Plate painted with an oriental pattern in blue, iron-red and green, 8in., 18th Century (2) [£70]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Allbrook £70

Lot 90 A polychrome Delft Plate, boldly decorated in tones of blue and brown with a central medallion edged by stylised leaves, with five sponged manganese spearheads pendant from the blue rim, 8 1/8in.; and another Plate with similar decoration in iron-red, green and sponged manganese, 8 ¼in., West of England (2) [£32]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Jellinek £32

Lot 91 A LAMBETH DELFT PLATE PORRINGER of silver shape, the scalloped triangular handle pierced with heart-shaped holes, the sides dappled in blue and manganese, 6½in.

***For the type see Anthony Ray, English Delftware Pottery, pl.91, no. 186 [£260]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Allbrook £260

Lot 92 A LAMBETH DELFT DRUG JAR of ovoid shape, somewhat crudely painted in blue with a label inscribed with the name of the drug BALS: LUCAT. surmounted by a cherub’s head, and with a pilgrim shell below, 7½in. [£65]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Jellinek £65

Lot 93 A RARE LAMBETH DELFT BOWL of shallow shape, boldliy painted in blue after a Chinese original with a sinuous scaley dragon chasing a ‘flaming pearl’, the design continuing on the interior among wave scrolls, 10½in. [£65]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Kretchmer, W. £65

Lot 94 A LAMBETH BLUE DASH CHARGER, boldly painted in blue, green, orange, yellow and ochre with a central medallion of flowers within a blue and yellow border, the rim with pomegranates, peaches and leaves, 12½in.

*** Another Lambeth dish with a border surrounding a central medallion is illustrated by Rackham and Read, English Pottery, pl. IX, p. 105. For the more usual version, see Downman, Blue- Chargers, ill. facing p 98 [£130]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Jessell £130

Page 22 [cont]

Lot 95 A RARE DUBLIN DELFT BOWL with open-work sides formed by interlaced circles, the interior painted in blue with a singer in eighteenth century costume holding a sheet of music, and standing in a landscape, the exterior with flower sprays, 10½in.


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Jellinek £150

Page 28 [cont]

Lot 120 LA BRETAGNE AND THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON. A pair of Sunderland lustre Plaques, each transfer-printed and coloured with a fully-rigged man-o’-war under full sail on a calm sea, a trefoil in pink lustre at each corner, the frames moulded with shells, scrolls and leaves picked out in copper lustre on a splashed pink lustre ground, 8¼in. by 9¼in.

*** A plaque of similar type see John and Baker, op. cit., pl. 82, third row, left


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Saunders £55

Page 32: Various Properties


Lot 138 A medieval green-glazed Jug with ovoid body and flaring neck, the upper part of the body covered in an uneven greenish glaze leaving the lower buff body exposed, loop handle, 5½in., possibly London, 15th Century [£35]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Brodkiewicz, Z & A. £35

Page 45: Second Day’s Sale Various Properties


Lot 211: A WHIELDON TEAPOT AND COVER, the ovoid body applied with scrolling foliage and blossom, and with crabstock handle and spout, the cover with similar applied decoration, mottled in tones of green, manganese and grey, 5¼in. (2) [£220]

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Parsons £220

Catalogue of Important Continental Pottery and Porcelain, the property of Mrs. R. Dreyfus, the property of Mrs. A. Bexfield, the property of Mrs. Stella Jackson, the property of Mrs F. M. Wardle and the property of Baron Edmund Van Zuylen (Sold by Order of his Heirs)

Day of Sale: Tuesday, 8th July, 1969

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: See Lot 30 Höchst Pastoral Group- not identical, but similar- ix Salon, H. S. M £1,350

Lot 30 A FINE AND ELABORATE HÖCHST PASTORAL GROUP by J. P. Melchior or Russinger, entitled ‘Der Schlummer der Schäferin’ depicting a young shepherdess asleep under a tree on a grassy mound, she wears a pink hat with yellow bows, a pale blue bodice and white blouse falling from her breast, and with striped skirt in blue, puce and gilding, a young shepherd seated at her side in pale blue hat with yellow bow, a white coat lined in pink and edged in blue and gilding, and with pale yellow trousers striped in blue and puce, at the other side a small boy in yellow lined white jacket edged in blue and pink trousers beside a dog, and with a sheep also recumbent on the base, 8¾in. (22.2cm.) high, 13in. (33cm.) long, incised no. 32.JP

*** The subject is taken from the engraving ‘Le Songe Pastoral’ by J. E. Nilson in Augsburg after a painting by J. L. Rugendas.

Other examples are in the Victoria and Albert Museum, illustrated by Honey, German Porcelain, pl. 35B; in the British Museum, in the Museum für Kunstundwerk, Frankfurt; in the Altertums Museum, Mainz, Catalogue, col. pl. p. 75; and in the Kaiser Friedrich Museum, Berlin, illustrated by Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Porzellan, fig. 94; also in the Pauls Collection, Catalogue, pp. 54 and 55 [Added: in the Pitt- Rivers Museum.]

See Ducret, Deutsches Porzellan, col. pl. 18, p. 82; Röder, Höchster Porzellan, pl. 43A; Brüning, Europaisches Porzellan, des 18, Jahrhunderts, fig. 135; Savage, German Porcelain, pl. 92A; and anther example sold in these rooms, 24th November, 1929, lot 135


Catalogue of Wedgwood and Other English Pottery, the property of Miss J. Lyall, the property of Mrs D.L. Hilder, the property of Mrs. E. Oldham, the property of Mrs. F. D. Samuel and Other Owners

Day of Sale: Monday, 7th July, 1969

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: SLIPWARE- VERY IMPORTANT

Wrotham Tyg Lots 1 & 2

Bull and dog sold 1969

Lot 90. Ralph Wood Bull Baiting Group 5 ½” £400

Page 5: The property of Miss J Lyall


Lot 1 A STAFFORDSHIRE SLIPWARE PRESS-MOULDED DISH of saucer shape, the centre outlined with a crowned lion passant gardant in dark and paler brown slip with the initials IC between the fore and hind legs, the wide border with alternate tulip and fleur-de-lys designs in a similar palette on a cream ground within a tooth-edge rim, 13 5/8in., 17th/ 18th Century

*** An almost identical example is listed in Rackham, Catalogue of the Glaisher Collection, no, 187, where the initials are IG, or IC, perhaps John Carter

See Ronald Cooper, English Slipware Dishes, fig. 70 and an authoritative article on Samuel Malkin and other dishes of this type by Hugh Tait, ‘Samuel Malkin and the ‘SM’ Slipware Dishes’, Apollo, January 1957


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Newbon £720

The Property of Miss D. L. Hilder

Lot 2 A WROTHAM globular tyg., signed I. E. Wrotham, 1701, the neck with a wavy border in cream slip, the dark body bearing the date 1701 in the upper part, and double beaded lines dividing the date from the word WROTHAM round the base, the potter’s initials I.E. between handles, 5 ½in. high, 5 ½

Page 35: The Property of a Gentleman


Lot 96 Sotheby 14.4.1966

Lot 90 A RALPH WOOD BULL BAITING GROUP showing the bull with head lowered being worried by a dog that snarls at its feet, the cream coloured body washed in tones of brown and green, on a rocky base with tree-stump support, ears repaired, 5½in.

*** For the model, no. 33 in Ralph Wood’s Inventory, see Falkner, The Wood Family of Burslem, pl. XIII, no.65; and Ross E. Taggart, Catalogue of the Burnap Collection, no. 524


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Wood, J. L. £400

[Add.9455vol2_p79 /2]

Catalogue of English Pottery

Date of Sale: Tuesday 1st April, 1969

Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Wrotham Tyg, Lot 53 £750. [hand written]

Page 21: Another Property


Lot 53 A WROTHAM SMALL GLOBULAR TYG signed and dated I E 1701, the dark body with two loop handles decorated in cream slip with vertical serpent trailing enclosed by dotted panels, below the date 1701 and on the rim are dash motifs, and between the two handles, the potter’s initials I E 4in., rare

*** Hitherto unrecorded, this is almost a pair to another made in the same year by the potter signing I. E. (perhaps Eaglestone).

Between the years 1687 and 1721, he was responsible for thirty-one examples that have so far been recorded, most of them in museums


Prices and Buyers Names Insert: Tilley £750 

Corinna Gray and AP February 2011

[Corinna Gray transcribed the Sotheby's catalogue entries. Please note that some of the images of the matched objects can be found here where they are used as comparison with the drawings to examine their accuracy.]

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