Most of Pitt-Rivers' second collection has been dispersed and all that is left is a virtual collection documented in his catalogue volumes. Sometimes, however, the project team has found out information about where the objects are now. Some of these instances have also provided images / photographs of the objects. These are interesting because they provide a useful comparison to the catalogue drawings, allowing the drawings' accuracy to be assessed. Further instances were provided here and an article talking about the accuracy to the drawings is available here.

AP, February 2011 and after

Add.9455vol2_p127 /3

Lot 12 Sotheby sale, 24 May 1966 Jug

Add.9455vol2_p247 /3

Lot 138 Sotheby's 24 May 1966

Add-9455vol2_p728 /4

Owl pottery vessel sold at Sotheby 14 April 1966 lot 92

Add.9455vol2_p730 /1

Lot 111 Sotheby 14 April 1966

Add.9455vol2_p441 /1 & 2

Lot 116 Sotheby 14 April 1966

Add.9455vol2_p79 /2

Lot 96 Sotheby 14.4.1966


Add.9455vol3_p767 as sold at Christies May 2011


Add.9455vol3_p841 sold at Christie's May 2011

Add.9455vol8_p2097 /4

Blanckaert 1

Blanckaert 2

Blanckaert 3

Our thanks to the Blanckaert family for providing us with the images of the kava bowl which is now in their possession.

The following items were sold by Sotheby, Paris in 2006 and 2005 and the photo is taken from their website and from the catalogue:

Add.9455vol3_p1219 /2

Sotheby shot of Add.9455vol3_p1219 /2 in 2006

Add.9455vol3_p1219 /1

Sotheby's photo of Add.9455vol3_p1219/ 1

The following item was sold by Sotheby's in 2011

Add.9455vol6_p1835 /2

Add.9455vol6_p1835 /2 photo taken by Sotheby

The following item was sold by Sotheby's in 2007

Add.9455vol2_p400 /1

Add.9455vol2_p400 /1 by Sotheby [view 1]

Add.9455vol2_p400 /1 by Sotheby [view 2]

The following object is now owned by the Tomkins collection, there do appear to be some differences between the two depictions.

Add.9455vol3_p1112 /2

Add.9455vol3_p1112 /2, as shown on Tomkins Collections website

The following object was sold by Christie's, Amsterdam in 2000

Add.9455vol3_p1049 /3

Christie's photo of Add.9455vol3_p1049 /3

Add.9455vol3_p746 /5

Add.9455vol3_p746 /5  at British Museum

Add.9455vol3_p1035 /3

Add.9455vol3_p1035 /3

Add.9455vol3_p878 /8

Add.9455vol3_p878 /8 British Museum 1991,0131.1

Add.9455vol6_p1853 /3

British Museum 1991,0126.2, Add.9455vol6_p1853 /3

Add.9455vol3_p873 /4

Add.9455vol3_p873 /4

Add.9455vol4_p1498 /1

Add.9455vol4_p1498 from Tribal Art Auction

Add.9455vol1_p245 /1 RD Milns Antiquities Museum University of Queensland

Add.9455vol1_p245 /1

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