A number of different male assistants worked on the volumes of the catalogue.They carried out a number of tasks: supervising the archaeological excavations on Pitt-Rivers' behalf, helping him with his Inspector of Ancient Monuments duties, writing up excavation reports, drawing dig surveys, providing illustrations for the published excavation accounts, curating Farnham Museum including writing labels and arranging objects under Pitt-Rivers' instruction, and drawing the objects Pitt-Rivers purchased for his second collection. Between 1880 and 1900, Pitt-Rivers allocated a number of assistants catalogue duties. They included:

Design of frontispieces for Volumes 3-4: G.F. Waldo Johnson (according to Renfrew and Thompson)

Design of frontispieces for Volumes 5-9: W.H. Evans, according to Renfrew & Thompson, possibly by special commission as he was not an assistant.
The identify of Evans is not confirmed, he might be the artist called W.H. Evans, A.R.C.A. (Lond.). He is mentioned here, as being the Principal of the Brighton School of Art in the 1920s and illuminated a book. Another source gives his name as William H. Evans.

Volume 1 catalogue drawings: unknown. Thompson & Renfrew suggest that Pitt-Rivers himself might have provided captions and the 'illustrations' (mostly rough sketches) [1999: 392: Appendix A]

Volume 2 catalogue drawings: unknown. Thompson & Renfrew suggest that W. Tomkin and Charles E. Flower might have contributed  [1999: 392: Appendix A]

Volume 3 catalogue drawings:

Charles E. Flower

A. Peacock

G.F. Waldo Johnson

Volumes 4-6 catalogue drawings: G.F. Waldo Johnson

Volume 7 catalogue drawings:

Courtney Shepherd (described as L. Shepherd by Thompson & Renfrew  [1999: 392: Appendix A])

G.F. Waldo Johnson

Volumes 8 catalogue drawings: G.F. Waldo Johnson [pages 2183-2212]

(The artist of the first pages from 2072 to 2183 is therefore unknown, however, stylistically they look quite like the illustrations by Peacock)

Volume 9: Unknown

Find out more about some of the known illustrators.

1. Charles Flower

2. Alexander Peacock

3. G.F. Waldo Johnson

4. Courtney or Courtenay Shepherd

Examples of pages from each of the volumes to show how styles differ between volumes:

Volume 1 page 38

Volume 2 page 270

Volume 3 page 1097

Volume 4 page 1373

Volume 5 page 1662

Volume 6 page 1867

Volume 7 page 2033

Volume 8 page 2096

Volume 9 page 2340

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