Courtney or Courtenay Shepherd

Artists who created the catalogues

Courtney or Courtenay Shepherd

Little is known of this fourth assistant. According to Renfrew & Thompson he joined the General's staff in 1895 and was at Farnham after the General's death in May 1900 with G.F. Waldo Johnson. [1999: 385] Interestingly, Thompson had not recorded any details about him in his biography of Pitt-Rivers published in 1977 though he lists the other assistants and their salaries. He had by far the smallest handwriting of the artist/ assistants to date, and also recorded the least amount of textual description. He worked on volume 7 from the start to page 2067 then from 2121 to 2182. The end note on page 2182 records that he drew the illustrations in 1900.

Further Reading

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