This website is the major outcome of 'Something for Every Body: Letting Loose the Museumʼs Cross-Cultural Collections of Body Arts and Ornaments', a project funded by a grant of £78,120 from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council's Designation Development Fund (2010–2011). The grant has enabled the Museum to carry out further research into this important and popular part of its collection, whilst also enriching the Museum's database and improving storage.

The grant has also enabled Museum staff to work with a variety of community partners to create a series of a series of short films and podcasts on body-related topics and issues, such as tattooing, body shape and obesity. In addition, a new collaborative relationship has been formed with Ruskin College, Oxford. This relationship will continue after the project ends, with the two organisations working to enhance learning opportunities through regular voluntary work placements and other shared ventures.

The Museum is enormously grateful to the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council for its support for this and previous projects. The Museum is also grateful to the following for their contributions to 'Something for Every Body': Hélène Alexander, Paul Anand, Gemma Angel, Caroline Bullock, Ben Burt, Alan Butler, Udi Butler, Carol Cripps, Elizabeth Ewart, Horst Gräbner, Margaret Kahwaru, Hilda Kean, Vibha Joshi, Joy Hendry, Jeremy MacClancy, Mervyn Mitton, Howard Morphy, George Nuku, Denise Pakeman, Rosanna Raymond, Allen F. Roberts, Peter Rivière, Analyn Salvador-Amores, Lucy Shanahan, Cyril Siorat, Kelly Teamey, Stanley Ulijaszek, Susan Vogel, Jill Watts, Graeme Were, and Sharon Woodward.



Texts: Helen Adams; with contributions from Jeremy Coote, Elin Bornemann and Madeleine Ding.

Photography: Elin Bornemann, Madeleine Ding, Philip Grover, Siân Mundell, Malcolm Osman, and other members of the Museum's staff.

Podcasts: Helen Adams and Andy McLellan; with contributions from Udi Butler, with Analyn Salvador-Amores, Cyril Siorat, Kelly Teamey, and Sharon Woodward.

Website and ICT: Daniel Burt and Haas Ezzet.

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