Doring Se

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rdo ring sras
Tibetan script rendering of Doring Se

Dadul Wangyal

dgra 'dul dbang rgyal
Tibetan script rendering of Dadul Wangyal


Born 1913


Doring Se. Born about 1913. Personal name Dadul Wangyal. Belongs to Montso-wa family but has married Doring Theiji's only sister in 1942 and adopted the family name. He is a former student of Mr. Ludlow's School in Gyantse. Is undergoing training as a Tsi-truk-ka in the Tsi-Khang. Has been appointed as one of the students for receiving instructions in wireless at the British Mission but owing to his poor knowledge of English, he is at present attending the Mission School only. Made an official on 14th February,1945, and was forbidden to use the little of "Senampa". Holds no offical appointment and is still receiving wireless instruction at the British Mission. Appointed as Assistant to Lhalu Shape in November, 1950.

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Fox, Doring and Kyibu playing majong