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Appendix 2 of Come Wind, Come Weather: A Biography of Alfred Howitt Mary Howitt Walker Melbourne: Melbourne University Press 1971

A.W. Howitt's Anthropological Publications 

NB this transcription excludes those publications that are listed separately here

1867. 'Wild Work on the Marama', Australian 18 May 1 June [fictional but based on experience]

1870. (Experiences in Central Australia) Gippsland Times 15 March

1876. 'Notes on the Devonian rocks of North Gippsland', Prog. Rep. Geol. Surv. Vict. 3, pp. 214-221 [Aboriginal legends]

1876. 'The boomerang', Nature 14 pp. 248-250

1877. 'The boomerang', Nature  15 pp. 312-313

1878. 'Notes on the Aborigines of Cooper's Creek', [in] R.B. Smythm The Aborigines of Victoria vol 2 pp. 300-309

1878. 'Notes on the system of consanquinity and kinship of the Brabrolong tribe, North Gippsland', [in] R.B. Smythm The Aborigines of Victoria vol 2 pp. 323-332

1878. [Name giving: informant Tulaba, [in] R.B. Smythm The Aborigines of Victoria vol 1 pp. 56-58

1878. [Account of the Jerryale], [in] R.B. Smythm The Aborigines of Victoria vol 1 pp. 62-64

1878. [Cannibalism in Gippsland], [in] R.B. Smythm The Aborigines of Victoria vol 1 pp. 246-247

1878. [Aboriginal Canoes], [in] R.B. Smythm The Aborigines of Victoria vol 1 pp. 408-411

1878. [Gippsland mythology], [in] R.B. Smythm The Aborigines of Victoria vol 1 pp. 471-483

1878. Native names of places in Gippsland, [in] R.B. Smythm The Aborigines of Victoria vol 2 pp. 188-190

1878. The dialect of the Brabrolong, [in] R.B. Smythm The Aborigines of Victoria vol 2 pp. 18-55

1883. 'Remarks on the class systems collected by Mr Palmer' Journal of the Anthropological Institute 13 pp. 335-346

1883. 'Australian Group Relations' Rep. Smithsonian Institute pp. 797-824 (Reprinted separately Washington 1885)

1886. [Word lists] E.M. Curr The Australian Race vol 2 pp. 30-31 [Cooper Creek] vol 3 pp. 556-557

1889. 'On the organization of Australian tribes', Proc. Royal Society Victoria I (2) pp. 96-137

1890. 'Note on the use of gesture language in Australian tribes' Rep. Australiasian Association for the Advancement of Science [AAAS] 2 pp. 637-646

1891. 'The 'bull-roarer' of some Australian tribes' NZ Journal Science Dunedin 1, 94 [reproduced part of his AAAS address]

1891. 'Anthropology in Australia' Proc. R. Soc. Vict. 3, pp. 14-22

1891. Über die 'Grüppenehe' der Australier, Globus 59, pp. 346-348

1891. (with A.H.S. Lucas and A. Dendy) 'A visit to Lake Nigothoruk and the Mount Wellington district, Gippsland', Victorian Naturalist, 8, pp. 17-44

1891. 'Aboriginal legends', Victorian Naturalist, 8, pp. 42-43 [Appendix to 'Visit to Lake Nigothoruk']

1898. 'On the origin of the Aborigines of Tasmania and Australia', Rep. AAAS, 7, pp. 723-758

1900. 'Maternal descent in the Salic Law' Rep. AAAS, 8, pp. 321-330

1900. 'On some native trade centres [abstract]' Rep. AAAS, 8, p. 330

1900. (with Lorimer Fison) 'Aborigines of Victoria' W.B. Spencer (ed.) Handbook of Melbourne pp. 44-56

1902. 'On the marriage rules of Australian tribes' Rep. AAAS 9, pp. 533-538

1902. 'The Kamilaroi marriage law', Sci. Man. 5, pp. 46-47

1902. (with Otto Siebert) 'Two legends of the Lake Eyre tribes' Rep. AAAS, 9, pp. 525-532

1906. 'The Native Tribes of south-east Australia' Folk-lore, 17, pp. 174-189 [counters Andrew Lang]

1907. 'Personal reminiscences of Central Australia and the Burke and Wills expedition', Rep. AAAS, 11, pp. 1-43

1907. 'The Native Tribes of south-east Australia' Folk-lore, 18, pp. 166-186 [counters N.W. Thomas]

1907. 'Literature relating to Australian Aborigines' Nature 77, pp. 80-81 [counters R.H. Mathews]

1908. 'The Native Tribes of south-east Australia' American Antiquarian 30, pp. 81-95 [counters R.H. Mathews]

1908. 'A message to anthropologists', Revue. Etud. Ethnogr. Sociol. I pp. 481-482.


William Howitt. 1865 The History of Discovery in Australia London: [Letters from A.W. Howitt quoted on pp. 213-7, 221-2, 232-4, 237, 252-3, 359-61, 368-9]

A.W. Howitt. 1874 Letter from Howitt to Fison on Dieri in George Taplin, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 4, pp. 55-56

1876 Argus Melbourne 11 October 1876 p. 7 [reply to criticism on page 6]

1906. 'Australian Religion' Athenaeum 78 pp. 2 and 480

1907 [countering Lang] Folklore 18, 91-93

Note: It is possible that these references above are not entirely right, two articles from the Journal of the Anthropological Institute were given the wrong year in Walker, the ones relating to the migrations of the Kurnai and Australian medicine men, given 1895 and 1896 respectively [it should have been 1886 and 1887 respectively]. 

Transcribed by AP February 2013

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