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The following list was taken from the minute books and meetings books of the Oxford University Anthropological Society for the period 1909, when the society was founded, to 1920, by Alison Petch in September 2012. Unfortunately there does not appear to have be a surviving complete membership list and the society does not often record the name for founding members, or applications for new membership. This list is therefore not complete but gives an idea of the breadth of membership both in terms of age-range, and also status and experience.

See also Lectures held at the Oxford University Anthropological Society meetings

and Papers of the OU Anthropological Society.

Known members:

Miss Phyllis Abrahams – Appears to be a medievalist who co-authored some OUP books about medieval latin and edited other books on medieval topics in French, M.A. D. Univ. Paris

Mr L’Avdira – I suspect this name is wrong, I can find no information about the person.

Mr Aylam Subramanier Panchabagesa Ayyar – Diploma Student – See here

Henry Balfour – See here

Edith Marie Louise Balfour [associate member] ?1867-1938. Daughter of RF. Wilkins and wife of Henry Balfour [qv], she shared many of his interests and travels.

Mr C. Barnes – Nothing known

Mr Walter C. Barnes [see above ?same person] – Nothing known

Dr Bassil / Bastill – Nothing known

Jose Maria Batista y Roca – Diploma Student – See here

Beatrice Braithwaite Batty – (1833-1933) Traveller, missionary and editor. In 1882 she settled in Crick Road, Oxford and was a ‘fervent attender of societies’. She gave much of her collection to the Pitt Rivers Museum, her papers are in the Bodleian. [based on her obituary in The Times]

Alexander James Montgomery Bell – (1845-1920) Schoolmaster and amateur archaeologist, his large collection of stone tools was donated to the Pitt Rivers Museum after his death.

Mr S. Bell – Nothing known

Miss Margaret Elizabeth Bickersteth – 1882-? of Headington, Oxford. Information found via 1911 census, nothing else known

Dr Biggs – Nothing known

Aylward Manley Blackman – (1883-1956) Egyptologist and brother of Winifred Blackman [qv]. Excavating and Oxford University Nubian research scholar 1910, Laycock Student of Egyptology at Worcester College 1912-1918. later Professor of Egyptology, Liverpool University and Special Lecturer in Egyptology University of Manchester

Miss E. Blackman [assoc member] – probably Elsie Blackman, (1874-1950) second daughter of Mrs Blackman [qv] and younger sister of Winifred [qv] and older sister of Aylward [qv]

Miss Winifred Blackman – Diploma Student – See here and See here

Mrs Blackman [assoc. member] – probably Anne Mary Blackman, parent of Winifred and Aylward Blackman.

Miss Beatrice Blackwood – Diploma Student – See here and See here

Henrietta Jex-Blake (1862-1953) Principal of Lady Margaret Hall from 1909 to 1921.

Miss Bland – Nothing known

Herbert Joseph Weld-Blundell – (1852-1935) B. Litt Queens College, Oxford. Expedition leader

George Colby Hawkins Borley – Diploma Student – See here

Gilbert Charles Bourne (1861-1933) Linacre professor of zoology and comparative anatomy, fellow of Merton College from 1906-1921.

Mr H.N. Bradbrooke – someone with same surname and initials served in the army in the first world war and then became a medic, it may be the same person. His full name was Hugh Nash Bradbrooke born 1900.

Philip Henry Brodie – Diploma Student – See here

Mr Gordon Browne – a Gordon Browne was married to Flora Blackman, one of the Blackman family (see above), the middle daughter. He is described as a Lt in the Worcestershire Regiment and might be the same person.

Mr Browne – Nothing known, unless it is Mr Gordon Browne above

Mr J.M. Buchanan – Nothing known

Miss Buckler – Nothing known

Miss Bullen – Nothing known

Leonard Halford Dudley Buxton – Diploma Student – See here and see here

George Reginald Carline – Diploma Student – See here and see here

Stanley Casson – (1889-1944) Senior Scholar St John’s College 1912. Assistant Director of British School of Athens 1919-1922, Fellow of New College, Oxford 1920, later Reader in Classical Archaeology, University of Oxford

Miss Alice Chance – Nothing known

Mr A. Chandler – Nothing known

Louis Colville Gray Clarke – Diploma Student – See here and see here

Alan Herbert Coltart – Diploma Student – See here

Miss Agnes Margaret Cooke – Looking at the 1911 census it is possible to find 3 people with the same name as the Cooke women who were members who are associated with the following dates: 1902-1985 living in Christchurch, Hampshire, in 1911. These may be the right people. Daughters of Canon George Albert Cooke and Frances Helen Anderson, Agnes married Cecil Harmsworth King in 1923 see here. Her father was Oriel Professor of the interpretation of holy scripture from 1908, in 1914 he was appointed Regius professor of Hebrew and canon of Christ Church.

Miss Frances Helen Cooke see above. 1902-?

Miss Mary Cooke see above 1899-?

Mrs Counsell – Nothing known

Mr Coventry – Nothing known

Osbert Guy Stanhope Crawford – Diploma Student – See here. Graduated 1910 and was junior demonstrator Dept of Geography until end 1911.

Mr R. Crewe – Nothing known

Miss Cumming [?Cunning] – Nothing known

Maria Czaplicka – Diploma Student – See here and see here

Vigo Auguste Demant - Diploma Student – See here

Mr Davies – Nothing known

John Eric Langdon-Davies – Diploma Student – See here

A.H.P. Llewellyn Davies [same person as Davies above?] – Served in the Machine Gun Corps as a Lieutenant and in 1917 in the Tank Corps as a 2nd lieutenant, nothing else can be found out.

Miss M.P. Dawson – Nothing known

Mrs Deneke – this was possibly Clara Sophie Deneke (1847-1933) nee Overweg, author and mother of Margaret and Helena Clara Deneke who were both Fellows of LMH, a building is named after her in the college, built in 1932. Her papers were given to the Bodleian Library, or it could be her daughters. Helena Clara Deneke (1878-1973) German Scholar see here. Margaret Deneke (1882-1969) was a musicologist. However the first is most likely as the daughters did not marry,

Mr Walter-Derdy (or Dendy?] – Nothing known

Mr W.H. Dixon – Nothing known

Edward Spencer Dodgson – (1857-1922) Basque scholar, Jesus College, Oxford

Ruth Wedgwood Doggett – Diploma Student – See here

Mr C.F.T. East – Nothing known

Eric John Horatio Edenborough – Diploma Student – See here

Charles Abram Ellwood (1873-1946) American sociologist, who studied at Oxford for a short time and is presumably the right match?

Miss Evans - ?Possibly Joan Evans (1893-1977) Daughter of John Evans, educated at St Hugh’s College, Oxford where she took a diploma in archaeology in 1916 and B. Litt in 1920.

Miss Ewbank – This is probably Miss Elinor Ewbank of Park Town, Oxford who donated some objects of her mother’s in 1957? Under the direction of Professor Dorothy Garrod, the first female professor at Oxford University, Miss Elinor Ewbank participated in an archaeological excavation at the Mount Carmel Caves site in 1929. She studied at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

Mr Fagan – this could be the Major Fagan of Banbury Road, Oxford who donated Japanese objects in 1936 to the Pitt Rivers Museum

Lewis Richard Farnell (1856-1905) Oxford University Lecturer in classical archaeology 1903-1914, first Wilde lecturer in natural and comparative religion 1908-1911. See here

Shirley Mary Sylvia Farnell (1895-?)– only daughter of Lewis Richard Farnell (see above). Name given by here

Cecilia Mostyn Field – Diploma Student – See here

Mr H.L. Fletcher – Nothing known

Mr W. B… Fletcher – Nothing known

Helen Juliet Rachel Fox – Diploma Student – See here

Mrs Frick – Nothing known

Captain B. Gardner – it seems unlikely but this could be Percy Gardner (1846-1937) Lincoln and Merton professorship of classical archaeology from 1887, worked at Ashmolean Museum [not clear why it says Captain though and initial wrong!] There is a Lt Commander Ernest Arthur Gardner who was a vice president of Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies who could also be person, but again wrong initial. He was brother of Percy Gardner, see above.

Mrs Gardner – if the above is correct then this could be Agnes nee Reid (?-1933) [for first option] or Mary nee Wilson (1887-1936)

Barry Lappage Garrard – Diploma Student – See here

Christina Hallowell Garrett – Probably the author of ‘The Marian Exiles’ (1938). I can find nothing else about her

Miss M. Giles – Nothing known

Mr C. Goddam – Nothing known [name probably slightly mistranscribed?]

Velizar Vladimivovitch Godjevatz – Diploma Student – See here

Edwin Stephen Goodrich – (1868-1946) Aldrichian demonstrator in comparative anatomy University of Oxford later special professor of comparative embryology from 1919, in 1921 he succeeded G.C. Bourne [qv] as Linacre professor of zoology and comparative anatomy

Helen Lucia Mary Goodrich – wife of E.S. Goodrich [qv], nee Pixell, a protozoologist

Angus Graham – Diploma Student – See here

Mr G.H. Green – Nothing known

Miss I.J. Gregory – Nothing known

Mr Gresman – Nothing known

Miss A. Grey – Nothing known

Miss Grove – Nothing known

Miss Hadow – The most likely is Grace Eleanor Hadow (1875-1940) author and principal of St Anne’s College, who taught at Somerville College from 1904 [according to wikipiedia] and 1906 at Lady Margaret Hall according to DNB, about whom Helena Deneke [qv] wrote a book. There is also a Miss E.J. Hadow who donated to the PRM but it is via Gloucester Public Museum in 1944 and doesn’t seem likely to be the right person. See here

Mr Berners Hall – Nothing known

William Reginald Halliday – (1886-1966) Studied at Oxford 1908-1909. Greek Archaeologist, Lecturer on Greek history and Archaeology at the University of Galsgow 1911-1914, Rathbone Professor of Ancient History University of Liverpool 1914-1928

Mr N.W. Hammond – Nothing known

Charles Reginald Schiller Harris (1896-1979) Fellow of All Souls, author (of a wide variety of material including ancient greek medicine, and European history) NPG describes him as editor of the Economist and lecturer in humanities.

Mr Hart – Nothing known

John Seaforth Martin Harvey – Diploma Student – See here

Mr Vivian Harvey – Nothing known

Miss Hatchett – Nothing known, however likely to be linked to Charles Hatchett, and possibly the Hatchett Jacksons, several of whom are connected to the University and Pitt Rivers Museum by donations etc.

Mr A.W. Hay – Nothing known

Miss Hayes – Nothing known

Mr Heley – Nothing known

David George Hogarth – See here

Madeleine Elise Holland – Diploma Student – See here

George Howells – Diploma Student – See here

John Henry Hutton – (1885-1968) Indian Civil Service and anthropologist specialising in the Naga of NE India. First Professor of Social Anthropology at University of Cambridge. See here 

Miss Huxley – Nothing known

Mr Hoseley – Nothing known

Mr A. Howland – Nothing known

Mrs C.A. James – Nothing known

Edwin Oliver James – Diploma Student – See here

Mr Miller James – Nothing known

Miss Keith-Japp – Nothing known

Mr Keith-Japp – Nothing known [NB these two are presumably related, probably father and daughter]

Mr Jenkinson – Nothing known

Constance Jenkinson – Diploma Student – See here

Diamond Jenness – Diploma Student – See here

Humphrey John Thewks Johnson – Diploma Student – See here

Mr J. Johnston – Nothing known

Mr G.E. Kamm – he wrote a letter with others in 1931 about Whistler, he was working for George C. Harrap & Co Ltd, publishers see here, he may have been a student when a member?

Thomas Downing Kendrick – Diploma Student – See here

Miss Ketelby – it seems a Miss Ketelby may have taught history possibly at Somerville College [taken from Kathleen Ollerenshaw’s autobiography ‘To Talk of many things’]

Mr King – possibly Cecil Harmsworth King, (1901-1987) Christ Church, see Agnes Cooke’s entries above for why. Newspaper magnate, his father donated material to the Pitt Rivers Museum and was Professor of Oriental Languages at Trinity College London. Matriculated 1919

Janet Kirkaldy bequeathed objects in 1932 and is probably the same person?

Stephen Herbert Langdon (1876-1937) American born with a Ph.D from Columbia, he became Shillito Reader in Assyriology in 1908, Professor of Assyriology in 1919.

Mr Laurence – Nothing known

Miss Laurence – Nothing known

Edward Thurlow Leeds – (1877-1955) Assistant Keepr, Dept of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum from 1908, Keeper from 1928.

Alice Marjory Leeds – wife of above

Mr V.F. Lempriere – Nothing known

Mario Pinto Levy – Diploma Student – See here

Miss M. Gaynor Lewis – Nothing known

Herbert Loewe – (1882-1940) Scholar of Semitic languages. Lecturer in Oriental Languages at Exeter College from 1913 until 1931. Key part of Jewish community life in Oxford. See here and here

Miss G. Loring – Nothing known

Mrs Lyon – Nothing known

Mr Macfarlane – Nothing known

Miss E.L. MacLeod – Nothing known

Basanta Kumar Mallik – Diploma Student – See here

Mr Mann – Nothing known

Percy Manning (1870-1917) Antiquary and folklorist. See here

Robert Ranulph Marett – See here

Barbara Freire Marreco – Diploma Student – See here and see here

Miss M.A. Marshall – Nothing known

Felicie Marshall – Diploma Student – See here

Percy Ewing Matheson (1859-1946) Fellow and Dean of New College, Delegate of Oxford University Press. Classicist

Miss K.H. McCutcheon Lady Margaret Hall. Oxford Hellenic studies, member of the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies 1917-18. Also member of the Socieety of Oxford Women Tutors.

Janet Blair McGovern – Diploma Student – See here

Miss McMunn – Nothing known

William Hubbs Mechling – Diploma Student – See here

Mary Angela Mond – Diploma Student – See here

James Drummond C. Monfries – member of the Inns of Court Officer Training Corps in 1915, enlisted August 1915 discharged as unfit in July 1917. Seems to have contributed to ‘Innermost Asia’ by Aurel Stein in 1928. See here. Author of ‘Unto this last’ and several other books and edited works.

Revd Canon Moore – probably Edward Moore (1835-1916) Principal of St Edmund Hall until 1913 and canon of Canterbury Cathedral. See here

Mr Morgan – Nothing known

William Edward Morris – Diploma Student – See here

Amabel Nevile Gwyn Moseley [associate member] – (?1855-1928) nee Jeffreys, later married W.J. Sollas [qv]

Mr H. Moss – possibly Rosalind Moss’s [qv] father Henry Whitehead Moss (1841-1917) see here, though he was ordained. He lived in Headington from 1907 though.

Rosalind Louisa Beaufort Moss – Diploma Student – See here

John Linton Myres – See here

Kavalam Mathava Panikkar – Diploma Student – See here

Mr G.O. Parsons – Nothing known

Francis William Pember – (1862-1954) Warden of All Souls from 1914-1932. Lawyer, later served as Vice-Chancellor

Margaret Bowen Pember – wife of above, Hon. Margaret Bowen nee Davey, (1868-1942) Married 1895.

Katharine Pember – (1901-1986) later Katherine Darwin, Lady Darwin when married Sir Charles Galton Darwin. Daughter of Francis William Pember [qv]

Francis Turville-Petre (1901-1941) Diploma Student in Anthropology from 1921, up at Exeter College in 1920. An archaeologist.

Mrs Pettullo [?Pattullo] – Nothing known

Miss Pitman – Nothing known

Madeleine de la vie Platts – Diploma Student – See here

Marguerite Muriel Culpeper Pollard – Diploma Student – See here

Mr K.B. Polter – Nothing known

Miss K.M. Pond– Nothing known

Mary Poyntz – Diploma Student – See here

Mr R. La Queens [sic] – Nothing known

Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford (1900-1998) Archaeologist, studied modern history at Exeter College from 1918. See here

Mr A. Rau – Nothing known

Mr G.J. Rees – Nothing known

Kathleen Rishbeth – (1888-1961) nee Kathleen Haddon, zoologist, photographer and author of Artists in String and other books, daughter of A.C. Haddon. Expert in string figures. Wife of OHT Rishbeth [qv]

Mr O.H.T. Rishbeth – From South Australia, studied classics at Merton College, Oxford, taught geography at Aberystwyth and [Reader] Southampton

Guy Colborn Robson – (1888-1945) Obtained a classical scholarship at New College Oxford from 1906, he changed to science after Mods. Worked at the OUMNH until 1911 when he moved to the British Museum (Natural History). Assistant in the Department of Zoology, studying mollusca. According to records he was one of two people (the other was Marett) who proposed starting the society, Robson wanted to do so to encourage fieldwork in Oxfordshire. Suffered shellshock during his service in the war from which he never recovered [Nature 156, 75-75 (21 July 1945)]

Miss Robson – Nothing known (possibly a relative of the above)

Michael Ivanovich Rostovtzeff (1870-1952) Professor at Yale from 1925-1944 Expert on Hellenistic and Roman History and history of South Russia and Ukraine. He left Russia in 1918 and spent two years in Oxford before moving to the USA. See here and here and here

Nina Margaret Ruffer – Diploma Student – See here

Isabel Marjorie Russell – Diploma Student – See here

Mr E.A. Seaton – Nothing known

Mrs E.A. Seaton – Nothing known

Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller (1864-1937) Philosopher, Tutorial Fellow at Corpus Christi College from 1897 to 1926, professor at University of southern California from 1929. [I assume this is the right person though he got his professorship outside Oxford, and late, and doesn’t appear to have a doctorate – he is referred to as Dr or Professor Schiller in records]

Mr B.G. Segar – Nothing known

Brenda Zara Seligman (1882-1965) Wife of CG Seligman [qv] Anthropologist

Charles Gabriel Seligman (1873-1940) Lecturer in Ethnology, LSE

Mr Sherwood – Nothing known

Miss Marjorie Sherwyn – Nothing known

Mrs Derwent Simmonds – she gave several objects to the Pitt Rivers Museum in 1936 from Jamaica, nothing further known.

Marcus Simmons – Nothing known

Miss C.A. Simpson – Nothing known

Mr Owen Slater – Nothing known

John Alexander Smith - (1863-1939) Philosopher and classical scholar see here. Jowett Lecturer in philosophy from 1896 and Waynflete professor of moral and metaphysical philosophy from 1910.

George Nuttall Nuttall-Smith (1866-1952) Clergyman and author.

Percy Spencer Spokes (1893-1976) worked for the National Buildings Record during the Second World War making a photographic record of properties. He went on to list buildings of architectural and historic merit in Oxford for the Ministry of Town and Country Planning. He later became a member of the extra staff at the Bodleian Library, where he remained for the rest of his life. From 1951 to 1973 Spokes worked as an Oxford City Councillor, holding the offices of Sheriff, Lord Mayor and Alderman and serving on various committees. Further details can be found in Ann Spokes Symonds, The Life of Peter Spencer Spokes (Oxford: Ann Spokes Symonds, 1996). [Bodleian papers] He obviously studied at Oxford.

Janet Spens – (1876-1963) First woman to be awarded a DLitt by Glasgow University (in 1910). IN 1911 she was appointed tutor in English Literature at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, she stayed 25 years retiring in 1936.

Mr A. Stacpole – Nothing known

Mr Stampe – Nothing known

John George Stevenson – Diploma Student – See here

Margaret Stevenson – Diploma Student – See here

Robert de Jersey Fleming-Struthers – Diploma Student – See here

Miss Stratton – Nothing known

Mrs Stuart – Nothing known

Miss Stubbs – Nothing known

Dragutin Subotic – Diploma Student – See here

Lt. W. Tatham – Nothing known

Miss Templer – Nothing known

Arthur Thomson – See here

Gladys Scott Thomson – FRHS, Author

Mr H.M. Tin – Nothing known

Mr A. Tingly – Nothing known

Miss Tout – Nothing known

Mr R.B. Townsend [possibly Richard Baxter Townshend (1846-1923) inspiration of Elgar’s Enigma Variations

Hon. R. Trefusis – Nothing known

Edward Burnett Tylor – See here

Miss Vaughan – There is a Miss Dorothy M. Vaughan of Warnborough Road, Oxford who donated objects in 1957 who may be the same person

Mr H.B. Veajic – Nothing known

Thomas Humfrey Vines – Diploma Student – See here

Mr Vintner – Nothing known

Mr C.H. Ward [see below same person?] – Nothing known

Charles Sanford Ward – Diploma Student – See here

Mr Webster – Nothing known

Margaret Agnes Westlake – Diploma Student – See here

Lady Westland [assoc.] –donated objects through Francis Llewellyn Griffiths in 1925 lived on Woodstock Road

Waiter Grainge White (1878-?) Missionary, he was made member of the OUAS after he spoke in 1918.

Francis Edgar Williams – Diploma Student – See here

Paul Dominic Wilmot – Diploma Student – See here

John Cook Wilson – (1849-1915) Wykeham Professor of Logic and Fellow of New College, Oxford from 1889 until 1915. Philosopher. See here

Mr J.O. Wilson – Nothing known

Mr Woodward – Nothing known

Mrs Woodward – Nothing known, but presumably wife of the above

Miss Wright – Nothing known

Miss Young – Nothing known


Probable members before 1920, but not mentioned in minute books or meeting accounts

Violet Alford – (1881-1972) Ethnologist and folklorist see here

Miss Bailey – Nothing known

William Warde Fowler – (1847-1921) Historian and ornithologist see here. Tutor at Oriel and Lincoln Colleges retiring in 1910 to Kingham.

Colonel Frey – Nothing known

Bruce Morton Goldie – (1869-1959) MA Christ Church, schoolmaster at St Edwards School, Oxford from 1915 to 1925.

Mr F.A. Hampton – Nothing known

Dr James – Nothing known

Rev C.A. James – Nothing known Note wife is known to have been member

Francis Howe Seymour Knowles – Diploma Student – See here and see here

Edwin Ray Lankester – See here

Violet Mason – Nothing known except she gave a paper on Oxfordshire folklore Society in 1934

Mr P.A. Methven [Methuen?] – Nothing known

Mr Mullins – Nothing known

Harold John Edward Peake – (1867-1946) Archaeologist, honorary curator of Newbury Museum. See here

Arthur E. Peake – (1871?-?) possibly younger brother of Harold Peake [see above], surgeon who lived at Peppard Common, Henley.

Thomas Kenneth Penniman – See here

John Rhys (1840-1915) Celtic scholar, from 1877 he was first Jesus professor of Celtic, principal of Jesus College from 1895. See here

Possibly Frederick John Richards – Diploma Student – See here

Robert Walter Campbell Shelford – (1872-1912) Assistant Curator of Hope Dept of Zoology, OUMNH from 1905

Melville William Hilton Simpson – Diploma Student – See here and see here

Charles Joseph Singer – (1876-1960) Historian of medicine and science. Student of pathology at Oxford from 1914, served as pathologist with RAMC during war, returned as lecturer in history of biological sciences. See here

Jessie Payne Smith – (1856-1933) Syriac scholar see here

William Johnson Sollas – (1849-1936) Geologist and anthropologist. From 1897 Professor of Geology at Oxford see here


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