Here are more examples of photographs of objects which were drawn in the catalogue of Pitt-Rivers' second collection.

The photographs below mostly come from sale catalogues from auction houses from the 1950s on.

Add.9455vol3_p1079 /3 from Christie's

Add.9455vol3_p1079 /3

Add.9455vol5.p1681 /1


Add.9455vol6_p1821 /1

Add.9455vol6_p1821 /1 sold at Sotheby's 26.11.1979

Note that the final piece's provenance is contested: the original catalogue entry says the object is from Africa, the Sotheby's sale catalogue says it is from the northwest coast of North America.

Add.9455vol5_p1653 drawing

The colour photograph was taken by Robert Sides who owned the head in the 1990s Add_9455vol5_p1653 /1 photo


Tlingit rattle, sold at Sotheby's in 15.11.1965, from sale catalogue


Chalk figure sold at Sothebys 15/11/1965, from sale catalogue

Add.9455vol3_p1114 /3 as shown in the Sotheby's catalogue of 25.6.1984

Add.9455vol3_p1114 /3 as shown in the catalogue


Maori door posts pictured by Sotheby's 15.7.1975


Maori model canoes as shown in Sotheby's catalogue 15.7.1975

Irish silver mug sold by Christie's in 2008


Add.9455vol2_p392 Metal hand

Metal hand sold by Christie's 20.9.2007

Patagonian armour, Smithsonian 24/7495

Crozier Add.9455vol2_p630 /1

Add.9455vol2_p630 /1 Crozier sold 2010

Egyptian grave portrait

Add.9455vol2_p573 /3

Further examples here.

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