Welcome to the exhibition at the Pitt Rivers Museum

25 March 2000 - 8 September2002

'Introduction' gives an overview of the exhibition content and opening times.
'Virtual exhibition' contains photographs and captions for a selection of artefacts and art works on display.
'Book' has sample pages and ordering information on the book that accompanies the exhibition.
'Education' introduces the teachers pack related schools projects.
'Artists list' is a contact list for the British artists exhibiting.
'Events' gives details of related events.
'Sponsors' lists the grants and sponsorship received.
'The Sound of Recycling'
'Recycled Images' an artist's intervention by Joachim Schmid

Transformations: the art of recycling | introduction | virtual exhibition | book | education | artists list | events | sponsors | sounds of recycling

Web text: Julia Nicholson, Jeremy Coote and Christopher Morton, Pitt Rivers Museum
Poster and book design: z3
Web design: Haas Ezzet
Photography: Malcolm Osman
Exhibition design: Robert Race with John Todd
With special thanks to all the artists represented in the exhibition and to all contributors to the catalogue.
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