Thesiger's Companions

Wilfred Thesiger travelled with many different companions on his journeys around the Arabian peninsula, taking photographs of many of them. To view further information about some of these people, and the photographs that were taken of them, please click on the portraits below.

Abdullah bin MaiqalAbdullah bin MaiqalAbdullah bin MisadAbdullah bin MisadAhmedAhmedAli bin Said bin RashidAli bin Said bin RashidAmair bin OmarAmair bin OmarBil GhaithBil GhaithHaji MansurHaji MansurHamad bin SaadnaHamad bin SaadnaHuaishilHuaishilMabarakMabarakMabkhaut bin ArbainMabkhaut bin ArbainMuhammad al AufMuhammad al AufMuhammad bin KalutMuhammad bin KalutMusallim bin Al KamamMusallim bin Al KamamMusallim bin TaflMusallim bin TaflSahail bin TahiSahail bin TahiSaid bin KabinaSaid bin KabinaSalim bin GhabaishaSalim bin GhabaishaSalim bin KabinaSalim bin KabinaSalim bin KalutSalim bin KalutSalim bin TamtaimSalim bin TamtaimSheikh HazaaSheikh HazaaSheikh ShakhbutSheikh ShakhbutSheikh ZayedSheikh ZayedSultan bin AhmadSultan bin Ahmad