Progress Reports

Six-monthly progress reports for the project:

Find out about the 'Rethinking Pitt-Rivers' project

The six-monthly reports about the progress of the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers' research were created for the benefit of the website visitors. Separate reports were submitted annually in October to The Leverhulme Trust who generously funded the project.

Progress report 1: September 2009 - end February 2010

Progress report 2: March to end August 2010

Progress report 3: September 2010 - end March 2011

Progress report 4: April to end August 2011

Progress report 5: September 2011 to end March 2012

Progress report 6: April 2012 to end August 2012 [end of project]

News and Events:

As part of its research the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers' project team ran a series of events about aspects of the project.

'Rethinking Pitt-Rivers' first workshop

MEG 2011 conference: Words and Objects: Writing on, around and about things

AP August 2012.

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