Tylor to Balfour 12 June 1890

Transcription of part of a letter from Tylor to Balfour on 12 June 1890 regarding Balfour's long term employment. The letter is part of the PRM ms collections (PRM foundation volume):

'I am leaving at 5 this afternoon and am sorry to do so under the impression that the arrangements for you at the Pitt Rivers Museum are breaking down, much in consequence of your letter to Professor Price. Had I known of that letter beforehand I should have advised against sending it. It not only turned the transaction rather wrong side up, but its meaning was misapprehended (by myself as well as I believe the Committee) inasmuch as it seemed to say that you did not wish to work through 1891 except if made the permanent curator. I wish you would go to Professor Price again and make it quite clear what you would be satisfied with. Otherwise it seems to me that there is a great probability that nothing whatever will be done, and the arrangements will be stranded at Christmas. This is written in a hurry but it is I hope intelligible and I shall very much repel the collapse likely to happen.'

Transcribed by Frances Larson for Relational Museum project 2002-2006

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