Pitt-Rivers lived at 19 Penywern Road until 1880 when he moved to Grosvenor Gardens. A small number of objects (6) are noted as having been transferred from that residence, to Grosvenor Gardens. They include:

  • a small Etruscan bronze head moved to Rushmore on 25 October 1887 [Add.9455vol1_p15 /12]
  • a bronze Roman axe moved to Rushmore  on 25 October 1887 [Add.9455vol1_p15 /13]
  • a bronze dagger and bracelet from Florence moved to Rushmore  on 25 October 1887 Add.9455vol1_p15 /14-15]
  • a bronze sword from Paris moved to Rushmore  on 25 October 1887 [Add.9455vol1_p15 /16]
  • and a hafted axe, moved to the drawing room in Grosvenor Gardens and later to a case in the drawing room at Rushmore [Add.9455vol1_p15 /17]

All these items are listed in a paper loosely enclosed in volume 2 of the Cambridge University Library. The date does suggest that perhaps Pitt-Rivers retained ownership of Penywern Road after he moved (assuming he owned it in the first place, which is not known)


AP, 1 June 2010

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